All my new stuff from Clarins!

As you know, I'm crazy about Clarins. All my make-up is from there. And recently I got lots of new stuff! Yay! Recently I had gotten my make-up done by Hanan, the very clever make-up artist for Clarins in Bahrain. As soon as she touched my face she told me my skin is very dry and recommended the products I needed to rejuvenate my skin. So I got whatever she recommended and started using them. I thought I'd let you know what I got and what I think of them.

Clarins Extra-Firming Lip & Contour Balm
For my constantly dry lips Hanan suggested the Extra-Firming Lip & Contour Balm. This balm nourishes and softens lips and is made with plant extracts. So far I love the texture of it and my lips really do feel softer and much smoother. I'm so getting addicted to this!

Clarins Extra-Firming Lip & Contour Gentle Exfoliator
Another recommended lip product was the Extra-Firming Lip & Contour Gentle Exfoliator (try saying that fast!). This is a sugar-based exfoliator which helps to brush away dead skin cells. You're supposed to apply it on your lips and the lip contour area and then wash it off. I did and WOW! My lips felt super-smooth, plumper and the skin on my chin and around my lips felt unbelievably smooth! I was very tempted to put it all over my face.

Clarins Multi-Active Day Early Wrinkle Correcting Lotion

Clarins HydraQuench Cooling Cream-gel

Clarins Multi-Active Night Cream
For my skin, I got these three creams: the Multi-Active Day Early Wrinkle Correcting Lotionthe HydraQuench Cooling Cream-gel and the Multi-Active Night Cream. These are ah-maa-zing. They REALLY feel blissful and luxurious on your face and the fragrance...mmm. And my skin immediately feels softer after I apply them. But I'll tell you more about the results of these creams on my skin after a few weeks of using them.

Clarins White Plus HP All Spots Whitening Corrector
 She also recommended the White Plus HP All Spots Whitening Corrector. It's a serum that has Sea Lily and Meadowsweet extract to help fade away blemishes and dark spots. I love how portable and easy-to-use it is with it's roller-ball applicator. I've only just started using it so I'll tell you how well it works as soon as I see the results.

Clarins Gloss Appeal in Grape and lip liner in nude
 And of course, I got me some make-up. How could I resist? I'd never tried their glosses, so I got this one in Grape. I love the shimmer and colour! I also got a new lip liner, this time in nude, no. 03. I wear lip liner all over my lips, kind of like a base as my upper lip is darker than the lower one. It also keeps the lipstick on longer. This nude lip liner is perfect for neutralizing my lip colour and is a great base for any lipstick's original colour to show.

Clarins Everlasting foundation in cappuccino

Lastly, I got a new foundation. Yay! (A new foundation always gets me excited). I was quite happy with my old Clarins foundation and I told Hanan which one it is. However, she knew better and tried this one. And it was love-at-first-application. It matched my skin colour perfectly. It's quite light on the skin yet covers up any blemishes and brightens my face. And true to it's name, it's everlasting. I've been wearing it today for over 15 hours and my skin still looks all glowy.

And that's all! I know, I'm such a Clarins junkie!

A huge thank you to my brother Arif for taking these photos and teaching me how to take close-up shots. (I'm a lousy photog).

P.S: If you want any information on how to get a makeover by Hanan or where to get these products, please contact me on Thanks for stopping by!
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