Sunday, 8 January 2012

Checks and lots of free time

Shirt: Dad's, Jeans: H&M, Boots: Payless, Earrings: Gifted.
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I quit my job on Thursday. I couldn't take the pressure anymore so I left. Now I've got lots of free time to read chick-lit, watch rom-coms and spend time with friends and family. And of course, SLEEP. After 4 years of work, this is a big change for me and I'm completely enjoying it! It's a lovely feeling to be able to do absolutely nothing on a Sunday. (Sundays are the first days of the week here as our weekend is Friday and Saturday.) I really don't know what I'm going to do next and where life takes me, but I know it'll be someplace better. Who thought my 2012 would start like this?
On a style note, I was in a hurry and the weather's getting colder so my dad's shirt was perfect. I usually avoid checks because they always remind me of carpenters, but I think the red peep-toe boots ensure I don't resemble one! 

Hope you're having a happy week!


  1. Sorry for being so irritating.I´m going through a bad patch since my ex-relationship, although I know...that´s not an look really beaufiul and those red boots are..amazing...Hope things improve soon..and again..forgive me..sometimes I hate myself...


  2. You're not irritating. Thank you!!

  3. BTW...This is the first time I see a boots opened in his front, for the little fingers and all the other part we said in Spain.."molonas"

    Armynion, the black big cat...:)

  4. Hope you find something way better than what you left.. :) ohh and why is your blog names Silver Kick Diaries?

  5. Thank you immortal, I've promised myself I WILL!
    My blog's named Silver Kick diaries because Silver Kick is the name of my alter ego who's an evil superhero. I love doing Combat class and so a friend told me I should fight villains! I've written about it in my About Me page. Check it out! :)

  6. Haha David, there are many boots like that! Stay tuned to the blog and you'll see more!

  7. Enjoy your free time and hope you get something much better! Good luck with everything and that shirt, is something I could wear everywhere. Nicely put together...the boots, fade, the shirt...

  8. Hey Anne! Thanks so much! :)