Clarins lotions and creams- a review long overdue.

I had posted about all my new stuff from Clarins in December and I had promised to tell you about the results of these skincare items after a few weeks when I saw results. Well it's been a few months, but I've been religiously using these products which means I can tell you that much more about them.  
Clarins Multi-Active Day Early Wrinkle Correcting Lotion
Clarins Multi-Active Night Cream
Clarins Multi-Active Day Early Wrinkle Correcting Lotion and the Multi-Active Night Cream.  Trying very hard not to sound like a commercial, my skin feels tighter, smoother and softer. I have combination skin which means my T-zone is oilier than Saudi Arabia while my cheeks are dry. So I was glad when I realized these creams are very light and non-greasy. The SPF in the Day Cream is enough for me to not catch a tan, and I felt that both products do help in reducing fine lines. 

Clarins HydraQuench Cooling Cream-gel 

The HydraQuench Cooling Cream-gel: this cream does exactly what it says- quenches parched skin.  The air-conditioning tends to make my skin flake and a little bit of this goes a long way in moisturizing it. And like the Multi-Active creams, it's very light and non-greasy. I've even put it on my mom's face when the skin on her cheeks was super-dry. Problem instantly solved. A great buy if you have normal to combination skin.
Clarins White Plus HP All Spots Whitening Corrector
Now this product is magic. It's a serum that has Sea Lily and Meadowsweet extract to help fade away blemishes and dark spots. It works. And fast! I've done away with a lot of acne because of this baby. You can see  results in a few days. Blemishes and dark spots visibly lighten and then completely fade away.

The best part about all these products is that a little really goes a long way. My pots are almost over, but the Multi-Active Day Lotion and the Corrector still have some way to go. So, overall I'm pretty impressed with these products and can't wait to try some of the newly launched creams and lotions. Stay tuned!

Shabana Feroze


  1. I love product reviews. Always good to know what people think of them before making a purchase. Thanks for sharing! xo

  2. I don't really like this brand, i prefer eco bio ones. I enjoyed your review tho, so thanks for sharing =)

  3. I'm always happy to see young ladies taking care of their skin. It's kinda too late when you get to be my age. I wish I had taken better care of mine in my younger years instead of staying in the sun without sunscreen. Big mistake.


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