Saturday, 14 April 2012

Teal top and white shorts

Top: New Look, Shorts and Cuff: H&M, Necklace: ?, Watch: Vintage, Boots: Piazza Italia

Today has been a wonderfully girly day. I'm actually listening to five girls giggling away asking me to hurry up and join in their giggle-fest as I type this. I've been out shopping with two of them earlier today (with them doing the shopping and me eating my heart out because I promised myself I won't shop until I get my first pay when I get a job... it's torture! Why do all the shops have to have amazing clothes when I can't buy them?! Sigh.) So these shorts and teal top were perfect for the day. They're super-comfortable for walking and lounging around. I accessorized with my bead-bling necklace, a black cuff and finished it with  my stiletto tan boots. Hope you had a great day! xxx


  1. what a flirty and fun outfit :) love it! definitely portrays the kind of day you must be having!