Thursday, 12 July 2012

Dressing up for the 70s

My cousin brother Zafar and his beautiful wife Frieda had to go to a 70s themed party and they asked me to help them dress up. They didn't want to purchase anything new just for the party, so everything I used is from their own wardrobe. Frieda had this colourful striped kaftan top that screamed boho hippie.  I paired it with a flowy maxi skirt and accessorized with a medallion necklace, cuffs and big rings. Winged eyeliner was the last touch to her Bohemian Chic look. For Zafar I picked out a polka-dotted shirt, paired it with white jeans and added this kick-ass leather bomber jacket he had hidden away in a suitcase. {Seriously, people don't realize the fashion treasures they have!} I turned up his shirt cuffs, asked him to loosen a few buttons than normal on his shirt {with very bemused smiles from him} and hung Aviator Raybans  as an extra touch. And he was done. Rockstar meets Bohemian Chic. I like!
The best part is that 70s is in again and both these outfits can be carried off for normal everyday wear simply by toning them down. Frieda's look could  lose the big jewelry and exaggerated winged eyeliner and Zafar could do without the upturned cuffs. And button up the shirt of course. :)

Happy Thursday! xxx

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