Monday, 9 July 2012

Monochrome and an inspirational poem

Shirt: Mango, Shorts: Bershka, Heels: Dorothy Perkins, Earrings: F21. Photos: Anceeta Martis.
It's one of those days when your mind just can't seem to focus on one thing. You're thinking about every darned thing under the sun in your life. Which is why I dressed very simply. I put on my favourite structured white button-down, black shorts and finished it off with black pumps. All clean lines and no fuss.
On another note, I was going through my book of poems and found this inspirational one called Beginnings. A bit long, but every line is beautiful and deep. Read it slowly, letting the words sink in. Here it is:

Endings are the seeds to beginnings, tomorrow will come in time.
Even in hopelessness lies a seed of hope, and even small seeds can climb.

But the little seed has to give up its past on the voyage to the sprouting tree
Didn’t you ever transcend in life previous visions of who you could be?

Every cloud opens up to the smiling sun, and the low will soon reach high tide,
Exits and entrances are at the same gate, moving through is your ticket to pride.

Two triangles must surrender themselves to ever become a square.
And every simple discovery in life makes you give up what you thought was there.

Caterpillars are butterflies off the ground, give up your past to be king.
Horses run best when not looking back, let go to reach higher things.

You have to give up your discomforts to ever soar in flight,
But isn’t the end of something that’s wrong, the beginning of something that’s right?

So, you stand at the spot where endings begin, handcuffed by the past or freed.
One path will take you to where you have been, the other will set you free.

So lift yourself up like the rising sun, like the wind lifting the silent sea,
And plant a hope in your heart like a seedling in spring
And step forward to your new destiny.

I hope that uplifted your spirits as much as it did mine. Happy Monday! xxx


  1. Wonderfully inspiring poem ~ is this something you wrote yourself? It is beautiful ~ lovely photos also ~ thanks, ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)

  2. Honestly, I couldn't concentrate on the poem.