Slouchy boots, Little Delights Tuesday and a song

Shirt: Jeanswest, Shorts: Bershka, Boots: Steve Madden, Handbag: Lifestyle, Earrings: Aldo, Watch: Swatch. Photos: Arif Feroze.
I haven't done a post on Little Delights Tuesday for so long! For those of you who are new, Little Delights Tuesday is a post where I list all the small things that made me happy recently. I do it on a Tuesday because it's the 'hump day' or the day in the middle of the week {our weekends are Friday and Saturday} when my brain feels like it's going to implode and I need to remind myself of the small joys I'm grateful for. And here's what's been keeping me sane:
  • Wrapping freezing hands around a mug of hot tea.
  • Discovering a great book in my own collection that I've not yet read.
  • My cat sitting on my lap, purring and nuzzling into me after I've come home from a long stressful day.
  • Making people I love laugh.
  • Impressing the right people and smiling all day long remembering the nice words they said.
  • Compliments from strangers.
  • Laughing: with friends, with family, with coworkers, with people I've just met. Just the pure joy of laughing.
  • Happy memories of another time and place triggered only by a scent.
  • Seeing clouds in the sky after months of the desert summer.
  • Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain! Even though it was a slight drizzle, it RAINED.
  • Driving with the top down, enjoying the breeze and being pleasantly surprised by a gentle shower. Ahhhh...Bliss. {And no, I didn't put the top back up.}
  • This song, my current obsession:

I kept today's outfit very simple as I wanted to show the off these scrumptious slouchy suede boots I finally got my hands on after lusting after for almost a year. So a simple white shirt tucked into black shorts, accessorized with green earrings and a bangle, and a belt. And of course, my cute illustrated handbag completed the look.
Shabana Feroze


  1. Lovely boots, Shabana. Delicious colour : warm vanilla fudge with toasted pecans.

  2. Love the 'sane' list & the song!! Amazing!!

  3. I should make a song titled "Your so sexy and you know it" :p

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