This is Goodbye. No, I'm Not Dying From Corona Virus

Genius is about knowing when to stop.

And it's time for me to stop this blog.

There are many reasons why I decided to do this.

The blog has run its course. This year it'll be 10 years since I first started writing this blog in 2010. 10 whole years. Wow. An entire decade. That's a really long time. After 10 years of doing this,  I can happily say that I've fulfilled my need for doing it. I feel super satisfied that I wanted to write a blog, and I did it. For 10 years.
Now life has become very full with me running my creative agency, {which is named after this blog}, giving fitness classes, volunteering with Sahiyo and writing my second book {here's my first one if you've been living under a rock}.

If you've been following me regularly, you may have noticed that my posts have thinned out over the last few months. I'm struggling to find the time to write posts and also coming up with the content to write them. I realize I don't even have the same enthusiasm to take outfit photos as I did before.

I'm just the type of person who likes to do a lot of things and sometimes I take on too much and overwhelm myself. I have to then take a step back and think about closing one project so that I have more me-time.

More than the time factor, I've come to the end of the road with The Silver Kick Diaries. I'm not passionate about it anymore. And that's the main reason I want to stop. Everything I do in life, I'm ardent about it. If that passion dwindles out, I have to give it up because there's no point in doing it anymore. Putting an end to this only means I have more time and energy to lavish on other passion projects.

This blog was supposed to be a stepping stone for me to write a book, which I did with Loving Yourself In Style. I can tick that off my list as well. Not writing blog posts any more gives me more time and energy to focus on writing my second book.

I'll be closing down my Facebook page, but you can always follow me on my Instagram - @shabanasilverkick. I started this blog to inspire women to dress up more and take pride in their appearance. Which is why I did so many outfit posts over the years. I still want to inspire women to love themselves and dress up, but I don't need to write an outfit post for it. I post outfits on my Instagram and anyone who needs it, can take inspiration from there. Or just keep up with me. :)

I won't be pulling this blog out of the webosphere. It'll still be there, floating around cyberspace, sending positive energy to anything it touches. You're spoiled for choice with 700+ {!!!} posts, ranging from outfit posts to travel to life musings to various tutorials to health & fitness, for you to browse anytime. The blog will also still be on Bloglovin'.

Until I see you on Instagram,

Shabana Feroze

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