Karma Chameleon

Today I noticed someone had hit the front of my car, causing the front bumper to stick out from the end. I was so upset. This is the 3rd time some jerk has hit my car while it was parked and drove away.

I always wonder- Don't these people realize that this karma is going to come back and bite them on the nose? Maybe it won't happen soon, it may happen in a month, in a year, in 5 years, but it will definitely, definitely happen in their lifetime. It will almost surely happen on an idle day, when something unsuspected and unanticipated will go very, very wrong. That's when these people will wonder- What did I do to deserve this?

Which makes me think: Did I do something to deserve this stress and subsequent expense of my car being anonymously hit? Maybe I have. Maybe I haven't. I believe that karma makes bad things happen to people for 2 reasons. One, because they had done something bad to someone good, two, because karma knows that this person is wise enough to learn the lesson from whatever bad has happened. So now, I will just console myself by thinking that there is a lesson to be learnt from this, even though now I can't see it. Maybe the Universe is just trying to remind me to always be responsible for my mistakes, and own up to them.
Shabana Feroze

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  1. That really is a dire thing to happen. Needless to say that it wasnt prudent in the slightest bit on the person's behalf to bump into your car and scamper away the scene. Karma will find a way to disrupt the very foundation of his psycological solace at a moment when he would least expect it.

    Which brings me to the topic of karma. Theres this one thing in particular which you mentioned that captivated my gaze and began pondering over it. You said that karma at times tends to do bad things to one coz it knows that they are strong and will learn from it. After I read that my mind instantly went to the mere purpose of karma, which is "what goes around comes around" and thats exactly what am going to talk about.

    The whole purpose of karma is to maintain a flowing cycle of what each people do. We all know the concept, you do bad and karma will do the same to you at some point of time etc etc. So if karma does bad to people who are innocent so that they learn from it, then dont you think its rather unfair on its part to do so. If it really is that, then personally i think that it aint doing a good job in providing a fair bit of justice in the universe. Just cause its an untouchable energy, it doesnt give the right to go about affecting anyone in its free will. What it should be doing instead of affecting the innocent people is affect the people who are guilty. Granted, that it does its job in giving a massive attack on the guilty ones...but why attack the innocent ones as well??

    I, for one wasnt an ardent believer in karma untill a few years ago. Its not like I wasnt aware of its existence, but I used to think of it as a matter of fantasy that used to riddle with people's mind into believing something by blaming it on karma if something bad happened to them. The whole idea of karma in the past to me seemed rather unbeleivable, if thats what you can call it. But up untill a few years ago, I actually began believing in karma cause I have known it to affect people who have caused an emotional scar in my life in some way or the other.

    So personally I dont beleive that you didnt do anything bad for karma to be affecting you with the car bumping fiasco. Yes, its is disheartening when something like that happens no doubt. It was that persons fault who did such a thing and karma will definitly bite him in someway or the other. Dont be questioning yourself for thinking that maybe you did something bad n because of tht karma has done this. Just let it be bcause stressing over it wont help.

    Let karma deal with it


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