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Hi! I'm Shabana. I live in Bahrain. I'm a businesswoman by day and a fitness instructor by night. I believe that dressing up is the easiest way of loving yourself, and this blog is where I journal my outfits and my life. If you'd like to know more, click on the About Me tab on top. I hope you enjoy my blog!
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How To Not Let Social Media Ruin Your Life

How To Not Let Social Media Ruin Your Life

I'm on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Bloglovin'. On top of that, I run an advertising agency that specializes in social media management. Which means I'm looking after social media accounts of clients. So if there's someone who can advise you on how to not let social media ruin their life, it's me.

Social media has taken over our world. We're constantly updating our lives on Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram. Our phones are full of social apps. And now we all know that spending too much time looking at our phones checking out glitzy photos of bloggers and celebs on Instagram or looking at Facebook photos of our friends enjoying their travel holidays is detrimental to our mental health.

But we can't not be on these platforms. There are too many advantages to these social media that we can't deny. WhatsApp lets us talk to loved ones for free. We can keep up with what's happening with long-distance family and reunite with long lost friends on Facebook.

But these apps also drive us crazy. So here are a few tips and tricks to not let these social media apps get to you, and how to keep your sanity while still being up-to-date with technology and staying connected. I'm breaking these ideas down according to each app, so you know exactly what to do for each.

How To Not Let Social Media Ruin Your Life


WhatsApp can sometimes drive you mental with continuous incoming text messages and voice notes. While you can't completely switch off notifications, here's a few things you CAN do to not let WhatsApp make you feel like throwing your phone at the wall:
  • Change your notification tone to something short. A notification tone that's long will irritate you {and others around you} when you're being flooded with messages. A short tone like a short beep or a pop is a subtle reminder that you have messages.
  • Customize your tones for different people. I have different tones for close friends and friend groups that I always love hearing from. This way when they send a message, I know it's them and I know that I'll want to read it, or that it can wait.
  • Mute group notifications or from people that send you a lot of forwards. Thankfully now, WhatsApp doesn't show you the red notification number from those you mute. Only when you open WhatsApp you can see that you have a message from them. You can also mute notifications of all groups. 
  • Get👏 Out👏 Of👏 Groups👏 You👏 Don't👏 Like. 
  • Use the block feature. If someone sends me a lot of forwards constantly, I block them. Even after asking some people to remove you from their list or not send you forwards, they still do. Also, you know that your aunt will get really offended if you tell her to stop sending you all those sexist jokes and scandalous fake news. Just go ahead and block them. They won't know. If they need to talk to you, they can call you.
  • Make shortcuts of the people you message the most. Every phone allows you to make shortcuts of WhatsApp. Put all your most frequently messaged family and friends as shortcuts on your phone so you can message them directly without going into Whatsapp and getting distracted by all the other messages.


  • Turn off notifications on your Facebook app. Go to- Settings & Privacy - Settings - Notifications- Notifications settings- scroll down to "Where you receive notifications" - Push - switch off: Vibrate, Phone LED, Sounds and Logged-out notifications. you can also customize the rest of the notifications for comments, tags, etc. Turn off the one that says "Email and SMS notifications" so you don't get annoying emails. Doing this means that only when you open Facebook, you'll see the little red notifications. 
  • Don't accept friend requests from people you don't know. You'd think this is an obvious one but it's not. Accepting friend requests from anyone and everyone doesn't make you popular. It just gives you more mental clutter when a person you don't know starts messaging you or comments weird or nonsensical stuff on your posts. Plus, Facebook is the more personal of all social media. You don't want strangers and coworkers you don't know that well peeking into your private life.
  • Use the Unsubscribe button freely. Facebook has an amazing feature which lets you unfollow/ unsubscribe people without unfriending them. This just means you won't see their posts on your feed. Just click the three dots next to their post on your feed and click Unfollow. You can also click on their profile and Unfollow there. You can also do this for Facebook pages that you have 'like'd but don't want to unlike as they might belong to a friend and you want to support them. Just unfollow their posts. Customize your feed so it shows you only what you want to see.
  • Report and block nasty people. Just because they're on your friends' list, doesn't mean you have to take their shit. It's YOUR account. People can be really mean sometimes. Delete their nasty comments from their post. If someone is being consistently mean or sleazy or bullying you, report them and block them. 
  • Unfriend people you don't like or whose behaviour you don't like on Facebook. You can still be friends in real life.

Instagram & Twitter

  • Turn off all push notifications. This means you won't get a sound, or the little pop-up notification that comes on the top bar of your phone screen saying so many people liked your post, etc. You'll still see all the updates of how many people liked your post, who followed you, etc., when you open the app.
  • Use the mute feature. Twitter had it for some time, but Instagram recently brought in the mute feature. This means that you can still follow someone without seeing their posts on your feed. Same goes for InstaStories. Mute the ones you don't like cluttering your story feed. 
  • Like Facebook, unfollow people you don't like. There's no compulsion for you to follow them back if they follow you, or if you don't like what they post. People follow you because they want to keep up with you or they get some entertainment value from your posts and tweets. Don't feel obligated to follow them back just because they followed you.

Gmail/ Email:

I know this is not a social medium, but it still is something that can absolutely drive you mental. So here's the solution: turn off all your email notifications and unsync all your inboxes. Try your best not to check your email on your phone. There WAS a time when we didn't have our emails on our phones and we had to either go to the office to send one email or do it from the computer at home. And that was amazing. Because you weren't getting constant notifications for every single email you received, your brain was relaxed. So go back to that by putting notifications off and turning sync off. This way, you can check your emails only when you want to. And don't worry. When you open the inbox, all your emails will be there. You can either reply from your phone to urgent emails or choose to do it from a laptop/ desktop computer.

I can't tell you how much peace of mind not having emails constantly pop up on my phone has brought me. Remember, if people need something from you urgently, they can call you.


For all other apps like Pinterest, eBay, Snapchat, even editing apps, turn notifications off and turn the coloured light notifications off. The idea here is that when your phone is sitting idle, there are no notifications that make you pick up the phone and check what's happening on your social media. Your WhatsApp notifications are still on so you know when you get a message. Or a call {unless you like keeping your phone on silent mode the entire time. Many people do, and I admire their resolve}. So you can respond to people who are trying to get in touch with you for some reason. But all the other notifications of who liked your post, who followed you, who sent you a friend request... you don't need to know what's happening on a real-time basis. You can check these later.

Another thing that has really help me switch off and reduce my social media addiction, is to put my phone off and away, two hours before bed. I've been doing this for more than a month now and I can't believe how much it has helped me get better sleep, be more in the present moment, and slow down my frantic thoughts. Now I don't obsessively check my phone when I can't sleep. Or fight sleep by going on my Twitter.

I realize that I become more tired and sleepy before bedtime, and it's easier for me to fall asleep. Before, because of the phone's white light and the information bites from it keeping my brain awake, I wouldn't be able to fall asleep as fast or sleep as deeply. I also realize I don't feel the need to check my phone and what's happening in the world before I sleep. Before I'd check Instagram which would lead me to check Twitter which would lead me to check Facebook, you get the drift. Now I don't feel the need to check them at all. It's astonishing.

And one last point before I conclude how to not let social media ruin your life is to remember that what's happening in someone's online life is not an accurate portrayal of what's going on in their real life. Don't compare your real life to their social media feeds. You being happy in what you do in your life is all that counts. Reality counts. Being with friends. Laughing with family. Looking at the sky. Touching a flower's soft petals. Cuddling with your pet. These are the things that matter.

Is there anything you do that makes you put your phone away or check social media less? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,

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Shabana Feroze
Chikankari Pants and Unapologetic Shopping Deets

Chikankari Pants and Unapologetic Shopping Deets

In this post I had written about what I did on my trip to India. And if you read that, you know that I did a lot of shopping. So you're going to be seeing "from India" a lot in the attributions of my outfits in the next posts. For example, in this outfit, my earrings, pants and bag are all from Pune, India. My ring was gifted to me by a cousin sister in Vashi. I got my Polaroid sunnies from a mall in Hyderabad. See what I mean?

Sometimes shopping from a whole other market can feel so liberating because they have such different styles than what you get where you are. Bahrain being such a small place, we have very limited shops and styles. I'm really tired of the fashion we get here and of seeing the same clothes on everyone. I used to go to Dubai before for shopping because they have bigger shops there and more variety. Thankfully now I don't need to do that as I can get unique couture clothes made by Saji's Couture, something I spoke about in my last post as well. And yes, I know you can buy everything online but it's just not the same.

So, finding amazing new fashion and styles {that aligns with your personal style} in different countries is so great. In Pune, I found these chikankari palazzo pants everywhere. I actually found palazzo pants everywhere, in different colours and so, so cheap. We {mom and I} found plain ones in the softest, lightest cotton, which we bought in a few colours, and then we came across these chikankari ones.

Chikankari is a traditional embroidery style that originated in Lucknow, India. The word "chikan" means embroidery. It's usually done with white thread or with the same colour thread on the cloth. I've always loved chikankari embroidery and fabric. Here's a post from a few years back with one of my favourite chikankari tops. 

These pants are made from very soft cotton with chikankari done in a soft, thin thread, on it. What I love is that the embroidery is concentrated on the hem of the pants, and it has the typical holey design. Plus the edge is scalloped, which looks so dainty. 

The pants are extremely soft and the waist is elastic. It's a free size and in typical palazzo style, the pants are wider at the bottom. The thin material makes the pants flow and flare out as you walk, and they are very, very comfortable. I got these pants in grey and black as well, and the embroidery on all three pants is a different design.

I paired the pants with a pussybow top and a black sweater. I've worn this top with a floral skirt before. I adore preppy looks of collared shirts with round neck sweaters, with the collar peeking through. Better still if it's a pussybow top, and I can have the bow dangle prettily over the sweater. The cobalt blue of the top stands out on the black of the sweater, while the black adds depth to the bright red of the pants. 

Keeping the look colourful, I wore a green statement ring. Since the sweater sleeves are long, a big ring pops out and looks glamorous. 

In my ears, I wore small dangly teardrop earrings. Since there's so much going on in the neck area with the collar, sweater and pussybow, small earrings are perfect and the teardrop style adds to the elegance of the look. 

I'm absolutely crazy about teardrop or pear shapes in jewellery. I got loads of jewellery from India and happily enough, I found all the teardrop shapes I could get my hands on. These earrings have zircon diamonds in them. I love zircon jewellery {I'm not a fan of diamonds- overpriced and overrated} as it looks gorgeous, has a brilliant shine and never looks tacky. I usually either get gold-coated or silver jewellery with zircons.

I finished with a structured bag in a soft coral. The colour works well with the other deep shades in the outfit and the shape adds a professional touch. 

Don't even get me started on the handbags I brought back from India. I must have gotten over 15 bags, all from one shop. When it comes to bags, I want them in delicious candy colours, made of durable, thick material and in different shapes. And of course, the stitching, zippers and other details need to be very neat and of exceptional quality. I found exactly that all in one shop and I got all the bags I needed. Travel bags, professional big bags for work, envelope clutches, hard clutches, casual weekend bags. I'm set. 

NB: If you're wondering how I managed to get all this back in my luggage, we had an obscene amount of baggage allowance through our Gulf Air flights. We could have shopped more. Tee hee.

Bags are so important as they pull a look together. You could be wearing something really simple but a great bag and good shoes will make the outfit look effortless and sexy. 

If you want more information on how to choose the right accessories for yourself, I talk about jewellery, sunglasses, bags and how to create your own personal style in my book, Loving Yourself In Style. The book is available in stores in Bahrain and online worldwide and has fashion illustrations in watercolour done by me showing different looks.

Sweater: H&M, Top: Own design, Pants, Earrings, Bag: from India, Sunglasses: Polaroid, Ring: Gifted, Shoes: Payless

Until next time,


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Shabana Feroze
The Last Of The Summer Dresses + Let's Clear Something Up

The Last Of The Summer Dresses + Let's Clear Something Up

This material had been with me for some time. I had planned to give it to a tailor to make a pretty blouse from it. It's a delicate, soft and sheer georgette. I love the baby blue colour and the textured little flowers on it. My mother had bought it a long, long time back. {My mother has a stash of materials since she loves to sew}. 

Since now I get everything stitched from Saji's Couture, I showed it to Sajida, owner of Saji's Coutur, and she recommended a dress instead of a top. Her reasoning was that the material was a lot and making a blouse would waste the rest. Plus this texture and type of fabric would look great as a dress. Sajida showed me the kind of pattern she had in mind, I yes'd it, and a few days later I had it. 

The only problem was that it was a bit short in the front. So mom and I decided to add lace from our shop, Lace Love, to make it longer, but just in the front. This blue cotton lace with the gorgeous flower motifs went perfectly with it and is just the perfect width to make the front hem of the dress long enough to just skim my knees. 

The finished dress looks stunning. I love the unusual pattern of the dress with its crop-top like top half. It shows off the sheerness of the material perfectly. The sleeves are not actual sleeves, but the top half falling over the arms. It adds more whimsy to the dress. The high-low hem keeps it playful, while the lace adds elegance. I like that the belt is of the same cloth and it cinches the waist. It can be tied in front or the back as it's attached to the sides. The dress is the ideal pattern for this fabric as the cloth is light and in this shape, it flows and moves with you. I took these photos on a windy day and I loved how the skirt blew around my legs and flared out at the back. It's a great dress for summer, with the softness of the cloth and comfort level. 

I accessorized with intricate gold earring studs, a simple bracelet and a bracelet watch. I kept with the pastel colours and grabbed this pink bag. I love that this bag is made entirely of foam, but still has some structure to it. I finished with these coral pink heels that have become a firm favourite because of how comfortable they are, and of course, I love the colour. It's a deeper shade than the dress and the bag and pulls the look together.

However, this is probably going to be the last of my summer dresses this year as the temperatures are already cooling down. Now you have to wear at least a light jacket as it becomes cooler in the evenings. 
Dress: Saji's Couture, Lace: Lace Love, Earrings: Al Jasra Jewellery, Watch, Bracelet: Parfois, Bag: Save My Bag, Shoes: New Look

Let's Just Clear This Up

If you've been reading my blog for the past few months, you've seen that I've been wearing a lot of pieces from Saji's Couture. I've heard someone {who's clearly jealous of Sajida's success} say that Sajida has been paying me to wear them, or that I'm getting them for free. This is not true. If I'm getting something for free and posting about it, I'll mention it clearly and the blog post will be labelled "Sponsored Post". 

I pay for all the clothes that I get from Saji's Couture. And this is because I genuinely love them. I love that the clothes are unique and that it's couture, meaning that it's tailored to my fit and shape. Sajida offers excellent customer service and makes sure that I'm satisfied with a piece, even if that means it goes back to her for ten alterations. Lots of times a few pieces have been scrapped completely as they were made for me but didn't fit properly, and she's had to make a new piece from scratch, with no extra charge to me. Also, her designing is really creative and the finished piece is stitched well. For all these reasons, I wear a lot of Saji's Couture. 

I have said this before and I'll say it again- I only promote things I genuinely love. I turn down freebies and events that are not relevant to my blog niche, and those whose quality I don't like. I'll only endorse what I absolutely, truly love, so that you as a reader can get the same experience. So even at the risk of making you get tired of seeing the same brand on me, I'll still wear it. Also, it's really sad that people can't be happy for someone like Sajida who's following their passion and being successful at it. 

Rant over.

Until next time,

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Shabana Feroze
Fuchsia and Green + Change Inside And Outside

Fuchsia and Green + Change Inside And Outside

Cooler weather may be here, but I'm not ready to wear winter shades yet. I'm still hung up on bright summer colours {as always}. In any case, Bahrain's weather means that even when it becomes really cold, the sun's always bright. So I will be, too. In this outfit, I mixed two colours, a bright and a pastel, and balanced them with neutral black.

The Outfit Breakdown 

There's nothing like a pop of nice, strong pink when you need it. This coat fulfils all my fuchsia cravings without being overwhelming. I've always said that Zara does blazers and coats well, and this jacket is a great example of it. The cut is really simple so the bold colour can take centre stage. The two main things that attracted me to this piece were the colour and the sleeves. Bell sleeves look amazing on blazers and coats, and on this jacket, it adds effortless flair. I love that the rest of the coat is extremely simple- a round neck, no lapels, and very simple pockets. 

The material is a viscose mix, so it's not too warm or heavy. You can wear it in summer or fall. I love wearing this coat while travelling as it's not too bulky, it looks great, and it has pockets at the right length. Perfect to pull your travel docs out of quickly when you need them at the airport. 

I wore the jacket over seafoam green trousers and a black shirt. I love the combination of green and pink. The bright fuchsia stands out on the soft green, as well as against the deep black of the shirt. The shirt is a textured, lined cotton because of which it has a stiff structure that looks really sharp and professional. A black button down is such a work wardrobe essential because it looks smart, goes with everything, and exudes power and confidence. I love that the black of this shirt is really deep and inky. Washed out black just doesn't cut it.

The soft material of the pants contrasts with the stiff shirt and adds some fluidity to the look. The bow at the waist gives it the ensemble a feminine and effortless touch. I love how the bow on the pants and the bell sleeves on the jacket are the two points of detail that add some playfulness to what would otherwise be simple pieces. I also like that the jacket's sleeves are slightly higher so your shirt sleeves peek through. 

I accessorized the look with colourful hoop earrings to bring out the outfit's shades and a simple watch. 

I wore black pumps to match the shirt and tie the whole look together. I finished with an emerald green bag that adds more structure with its boxy shape.


Coat: Zara, Shirt: Koton, Pants: ASOS, Earrings, Watch, Bag: Gifted, Shoes: from Canada. 

On A Personal Note

There are two things I'm really happy about right now. How my house is starting to look like on the inside, and how the weather is changing outside. 

We've been in this home for just over a year now, and we're still furnishing it. We knew we would wait for Ikea to open and then do it. Recently, we finished turning our balcony into a lush garden and I couldn't be happier. This gorgeous weather stays for such a short period of time that you have to make full use of it if you have any outdoor space. If you're following me on Instagram, you'll see all my home improvement jobs in the stories. It's just so interesting to transform a space. Like a friend said, makeovers and home improvement jobs are just so much fun.

Talking about the weather, I feel like we finally have weather in Bahrain this year. Last year was very dull. It's fun when there are storms and thunder and lightning instead of the same sunshine all year round. I was in India when the worst of the storms hit, and I was really regretting it. So I'm especially glad we have {or let's say had} rainstorms this week. Although they do disappoint sometimes. I say this because the last one built up so much drama... with black clouds rolling in, lots of continuous thunder, heavy rain, and lightning that flashed through the house... and I got so excited. But it was all over in ten minutes. And the sun was out again. Sigh. I'd really like to see it pour down for a few hours and enjoy the soothing sounds with a nice book and a cup of coffee. 

P.S: Have you picked up a copy of my book yet? It makes for great reading on rainy days. ;)

P.P.S: How gorgeous is this house with the vines and flowers draping the roof and hanging all the way down? This is all just one man's work. We met the gardener/ caretaker who told us he did this. Beautiful, right?

Until next time

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Shabana Feroze
White And Red Wine + What I Did In India

White And Red Wine + What I Did In India

Nothing beats the elegance of a simple white blouse. Especially when it's made from a rich, soft fabric. Add blouson or bishop sleeves on that, and it just makes it look so much more sophisticated. I specifically asked for this white blouse to be made at Saji's Couture. I had seen it somewhere and loved the simplicity of it. The key to getting it right was the fabric. Sajida showed me this white material in Japanese satin, and I immediately showed her the design I had in mind for quite some time for a simple white blouse. 

I love that the satin is slightly thick but very soft, and is completely opaque. My biggest peeve with white shirts and blouses is that they're usually slightly see-through. It has a very simple high and round neckline which makes it look very prim and proper, and blouson sleeves with a slightly wide cuff and two cloth buttons.

I love how incredibly fresh it looks. A white blouse like this is a no-brainer when you're in a rush to get dressed but need to look elegant and smart. Because something like this will pair with absolutely anything and everything. Jeans, A-line skirts, trousers, block colours, prints, you-name-it. 

In this look, I decided to pair it against this wrap skirt in bold burgundy, to really bring out both the freshness of the blouse and the rich hue of the skirt. I do realize I look like a mish-mash of white and red wine, though. The skirt's material is also Japanese satin, and it flows just like wine around your legs because of it. The satin is double-sided, with one side shiny and the other matt. The shiny side is on the outside for both the blouse and the skirt, but in the skirt you get peeks of the matt side as the material moves. I love that it has that element of interest to it which makes it unique. The wrapping mechanism is really simple, with a button and a tie at the waist. So you can make it really tight, or tie it slightly loosely after a big dinner. 

What I really love about the skirt is that the outline of the wrap can be clearly seen falling delicately and in waves which gives the skirt so much character and such a pretty shape. I also love that it's asymmetrical at the hem and the tie at the waist is visible, making it look cutesy and feminine. The length is great, just about skimming my ankles. 

The skirt is a complete product of Saji's Couture. Which means that I didn't ask Sajida to make it. She made it herself and asked me to try it on. I wasn't so sure the first time but loved it the second time when Sajida brought it with her again during a fitting session for other clothes. She's pretty tenacious. 

For accessories, I wore silver tear-drop earrings and a watch. With such a skirt drawing all the attention to my legs, I had to wear really pretty heels. These mary-jane coral pink ones enhance the flamenco vibes that the skirt has going for it and add a nice pop of colour to the outfit. I grabbed my white floral bag to go with the white blouse, and add structure to a flowy ensemble. The floral print on the bag is a good contrast for a colour-block look like this one. 

Top and Skirt: Saji's Couture, Earrings: ?, Bag: Parfois, Shoes: New Look

The Family & Friends India Trip

In the last post, I had mentioned that I was going to India for a holiday. I'm back now and this is the bit where I tell you about my trip. It was hectic {which explains why I haven't been posting} but altogether wonderful. It was a really simple, relaxing vacation filled with meeting friends and family. I usually despise going to India with my parents, especially to the towns my relatives are in, as my parents drag me around to meet relations that I have no interest in meeting. This time was different as I went with mom but laid down strict rules that I wasn't going to see anyone I wasn't interested in seeing. 

This was a short trip, and I wanted to meet the family and friends I really loved. And that's just what I did. We went to Bombay, Pune, Hyderabad and Vashi. In all the cities I spent time doing the two things I loved most- spending time with people I love, and shopping! Mom and I had an amazing time shopping our hearts out everywhere. Pune especially is amazing for shopping, and with the value of the Indian rupee being so low, everything was super cheap!

Pune is also my college city so it was lovely catching up with a college friend and also meeting one of my favourite professors again.  Of course, I had gone to attend the wedding of an old school friend and even though I managed to escape fairly quickly from the wedding, it was a nice experience and the venue was stunning as the reception was held at a golf resort set in the hills on the outskirts of Pune. It was great meeting some very old school friends at the wedding, too.

Thankfully, this holiday changed the way I think about India and changed visiting relatives from a chore to something pleasant. It's amazing what you can change from negative to positive when you decide to do only what makes you happy.

Until next time

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Shabana Feroze
Royal Blue with Peach + Travel Dilemmas, India and Weddings

Royal Blue with Peach + Travel Dilemmas, India and Weddings

The outfit post this week comes a day early {I usually post outfit posts on Mondays} as I'll be travelling the entire day tomorrow. I'm going to a few cities in India for a few days, which should be fun and a nice cheap break. 

Moving on to the outfit. I got this skirt on AliExpress thinking that it would be the same swimsuit/ neoprene material that I love so much for A-line skirts. I already have two skirts in that material {see them here and here} and I love them so much that if I had to wear just two skirts, it would be those two. This isn't the same material though. This material is a thick, stretchy material. And while it's great on its own, it doesn't have the stiffness of neoprene which makes an A-line very pronounced and doll-like on skirts. 

The problem with buying clothes online is that it always looks different and so much better on the model. This skirt looked great on the site, but when I got it, it was a bit shorter than expected. So of course, I lengthened it using a bit of lace from my mother's awesome lace shop, Lace Love.  Mom and I decided to use a lace that's in a contrasting colour to the royal blue of the skirt. So we chose a peachy one with tiny pearl beads on it that make it look so charming and old worlde. I love scalloped lace for edges, be it on a skirt hem or a dress. It looks so pretty as the scallops fall prettily and can be seen so clearly on the edging. Adding the lace made the skirt extend until my knee, making it just the length I like.

The skirt is high-waisted, with a wide waistband and a zipper at the back. I love the bright blue colour and even though the material is not what I wanted, it still is a very soft and comfortable fabric. 

I wore a soft pink tee with the skirt, and for daytime, I wore a sharp white blazer on top. I've had this blazer from Zara for ages now. I love everything about it- the thickness of the material, the sharpness of the structure, the lapel-less collar, the zipper details on the sleeves and on the faux pockets, and that it zips up completely. I love how it gives you a nipped-in waist and flares out just slightly at the ends. It's a great length as well to wear on skirts, pants and dresses. Not all jackets go with skirts as some are too long and make you look dowdy. And of course, I love that its white. There's something just so classy about a white jacket or a white tuxedo-style blazer. It just pulls everything together and looks gorgeous and fresh.

The pink of the tee is soft and dusty against the bright jewel tone of the skirt. It's so handy to have a small collection of thin t-shirts and camis that you can wear under a jacket and not feel stuffy. Also, I love the combination of dusty pink with white. It looks so chic and demure. 

I wore a tear-drop silver set of necklace and earrings to accessorize. This set is one of my absolute faves that my mom got me from India. I love anything in a tear-drop shape. The crystals in this look glam while the design around the stone add more detail. I always get compliments when I wear this set. And yes, I plan on getting more jewellery like this from India. 

I wore grey Mary-Jane heels on my feet. I love how the strap on the top makes them look preppy but the pointed toe makes them look professional and sophisticated. 

For the evening, I swapped the structured blazer for a thinner white jacket. You could also get rid of the jacket completely for the evening and stay with just the t-shirt and skirt. Swapping the heels with flats or sneakers will make the look more casual. 

Jacket: Zara, Top: H&M, Skirt: AliExpress + lace from Lace Love, Jewellery: Gifted, Sunglasses: from Italy, Watch and Bag: Parfois, Shoes: New Look 

On a personal note

I wasn't really planning on travelling anywhere this year after my trip to France and Italy in March. But I have been hankering to go to my college city for a couple of years now, so when an old school friend insisted I come to his wedding which is taking place in Pune, I jumped at the opportunity. Even though I'm originally from India, I don't feel the pull or a sense of belonging to the place, so I don't visit every year or more frequently. The last time I went was in December last year, but that was to attend another friend's wedding. But that was in Kerala, which isn't where we're from. { It's funny how that's two weddings in a short space of time for a wedding-hater like me.} Although I do have sweet memories of my college years spent in Pune and so I always yearn to return and spend some time there. 

Also, this should {hopefully} be a trip where I can relax as there's nothing else on my agenda than meeting friends and family.  After the Europe trip this year, I've come to the conclusion that I need one break in the year which is completely non-touristy. I'm an organizer and planner by nature and have a hyperactive personality. So when I plan a holiday, I commit myself to waaaaay too many things. I want to visit every temple, museum, monument and palace. I always come back more tired than I was before I went and needing a vacation from my vacation! 

Although I've told myself to not pack so much into my next travel itinerary, I get the feeling I'll forget all that when the next trip comes round and again I'll want to see and do evvvvvverrrrything. So maybe the solution for me is to take a break where I've already seen the country and don't have much to do, so I'm forced to relax. Maybe. 

I write about travelling and money management in my book, Loving Yourself In Style, if you ever wonder how I travel so much and how I manage my expenses. In the book, I also talk about chasing your dreams and becoming the Authentic You you were always supposed to be. It's an easy-to-read, straightforward book filled with pretty illustrations done by me. Because it's always nice to read a book with pictures, isn't it?

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