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Hi! I'm Shabana. I live in Bahrain. I'm a businesswoman by day and a fitness instructor by night. I believe that dressing up is the easiest way of loving yourself, and this blog is where I journal my outfits and my life. If you'd like to know more, click on the About Me tab on top. I hope you enjoy my blog!
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Nice, Monaco and Cannes- A Travel Log in Pictures

Nice, Monaco and Cannes- A Travel Log in Pictures

Click on photos to enlarge

I recently toured Europe and visited quite a few cities. These included Rome, Pisa and Venice in Italy, which I have been to before, but also Nice, Monte-Carlo and Cannes, which I had never been to before. 

This post is about what I did and saw in my short time in Nice, Monaco and Cannes. In that order. 
I landed in Rome, stayed one night and the next morning I took a flight via EasyJet to Nice. I must say, the airline was very comfortable. A thousand times comfortable than my horrible Economy class seat in Etihad. 

Moving on.  

It was very, very cold which is why you'll see me swathed in layers and layers. Let's begin with Nice.


Nice is a small city located at the foot of the Alps, on the south-east coast of  France. I was given a ride from the airport to my hotel by a kind Argentinian lady and her daughter, in their Uber. She kept telling me that the main area of Nice is very small, and I can easily walk around the entire area. She was right. My hotel, Hotel 64, was located on the lane leading up to the Promenade des Anglais, and just a few minutes away from Nice-Ville Train Station. I loved the hotel as the lady at the reception was super helpful and the room was lovely. Spacious and decorated simplistically, with windows looking out onto the street. 

I was in Nice only for 2 days, but I managed to see quite a bit. 

The most important square in the city is Place Masséna. This is a colourful, historic and large square. It's a crossroads for the main boulevards and has lots of art and architecture that's very different from the usual historic places in Europe. The checkered floors, the men sitting and standing in different positions on top of the lam-posts, the coral facades of the buildings and their blue shutters. All these things make this square a visual treat like you've never seen before. 

In the middle of the square is a marble statue of Apollo in the middle of a huge fountain, called Fontaine du Soleil. The statue is 7 metres high and has other bronze statues around, on the fountain. With the #ILoveNice sign here, it's the perfect photo op!

On the way to the square, I passed by a beautiful, gothic cathedral with square towers. The Basilica of Notre-Dame de Nice, on Avenue Jean-Medécin.

Having a love for all old Roman Catholic churches, I had to take a look inside. It was magnificent on the inside, filled with rows of lofty arches and high stained glass windows. 

Just a short walk away from Place Masséna is the Promenade des Anglais, or 'The English Walkway' built overlooking la Baie des Anges or the Bay of Angels. This is where you can really witness the Cote d'Azur or the azure coast. There are many seats along the promenade, and the Nicoise come here for strolling, cycling, skateboarding, spending time with family or sunbathing on the beachfront. Indeed, there were people in bathing suits on the beach in this freezing weather... while I was wearing all the contents of my suitcase!

Behind me, in the distance is Castle Hill or Colline du Chateau. It's more of a hill than a castle. You can walk up the hundreds of steps for a breathtaking panoramic view of the Baie des Anges. Thankfully, there's also an elevator. Once you reach the top, on the hill's summit, you're greeted by a vast green park.

From all around the park, you can see stunning views of the bay, the boats and the hills. 

On a lower floor is a terrace on the castle hill is a terrace from where you can see a panoramic view of the promenade and the pretty town of Nice.

What I loved the most about Nice were its buildings. Everywhere you look, there are colourful buildings in pastel colours with contrasting shutters and pretty wrought-iron balconies. 

Monte-Carlo in Monaco

Monaco is a short train ride away from Nice, so I decided to do a day trip to this little country From Nice-Ville Train Station I took a train to Monte-Carlo. The train journey is only 45 minutes and on the way, you pass by some beautiful French towns on the Mediterranean Coast.

Monaco is one of the smallest countries in the world, with Monte-Carlo as its capital. The city is exactly as it's shown in Bond movies - all hills and shimmering waters, expensive cars and yachts. The entire city feels rich.

One of the places that is a must-visit in Monaco is Le Casino Monte-Carlo. The building is absolutely stunning with its pale yellow facade and intricate sculptures.

Once you step inside, it's even more stunning. The interiors are opulent, with gilded ceilings and walls, decorated with frescoes, paintings and a skylight. When I visited, there was an art installation called The Enchanted Garden, in the atrium area of the casino. The greenery against the muted gold of the decor made for a striking contrast.

Another place I wanted to visit was the Prince's Palace of Monaco, but unfortunately, it was closed on the dates I was there. 

The photo below sums up Monte-Carlo: sleek cars standing in a beautiful, modern, rich city set against the backdrop of the Alps.


A short train ride from Gare de Monaco-Monte-Carlo is the French city of Cannes. It was almost sunset by the time I reached. The only place worth visiting in Cannes is the Palais des Festivals, where the Cannes Film festival takes place in May each year. 

Since Cannes is so close to Monaco, I took the opportunity to visit. In retrospect, I shouldn't have wasted my time as there's nothing else to see in Cannes other than the Palais des Festivals. Even when I visited, I wasn't allowed to go behind the building to the area overlooking the sea. 

Food and Drink in all 3 cities

A word of caution- food in all these cities is expensive. I was constantly appalled at the prices in every cafe and restaurant I went to. I've been to Italy before and I didn't remember the food being so pricey. But this is a very different part of Europe than good old Italia. All these 3 cities are for the elite and the jetsetters. I couldn't even find any street food, or simple cafes to eat in. Every place seemed posh and glamorous. C'est la vie!

If I could do it again, I'd definitely spend more time exploring Nice and its old fishing villages and quaint spots. Maybe even explore a few of the small towns on the coast that I saw on my train ride, which looked idyllic and sleepy. 2 days was not enough in Nice, so if you're planning a trip to this colourful French city, add a day or two more. Monaco can easily be done in a day trip, so you save on hotel cost. Hotels are cheaper in Nice, and there are many to choose from. There are very few hotels in Monaco and they're not easy on the wallet!

Next travel post coming up- the new sights and scenes I visited in Italy. As you know, I love travelling. If you're wondering how I manage to go to so many places while being an ordinary working woman, I've written exactly how in the chapter Money Management, in my book, Loving Yourself In Style.

I hope you found this post helpful. Let me know if you're planning a trip to these places and what you would do differently! 
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Shabana Feroze
A Fashion Show for Charity

A Fashion Show for Charity

Photos: Tara Nofal 

Last week I walked the ramp in a fashion show for a charity event by Helping Hands. The event took place in the ballroom of a 5-star hotel. Every year the event takes place just before Ramadan and includes a sumptuous breakfast buffet and a chance for the attendees to socialise and have a fun morning. The money from the ticket sales and raffles goes to support the security guards at a local school, while sponsors fees go towards local societies for children with cancer, autism or Down syndrome as well as children who are orphans.

There's a different theme every year and this year’s theme included a fashion show featuring traditional Arab clothes from Plus 973 Artisanat Gallery. It also had a Fashion Bazaar with 30 vendors offering fashion, accessories, jewellery and various other items.

All of us models were from non-model backgrounds, and we did the fashion show for free. There were around ten of us from different age groups, cultures and careers. We were coordinated by Esky Girmay, who is the Honorary Consul to Ethiopia in Bahrain, a movie producer and multiple-business-owner.

All of us had a great time wearing the beautiful traditionally Arabic outfits and walking the ramp. 

Here are a few photos:

My lovely friend Valentina Simon who I asked to join the show and she immediately agreed

Helping Hands was started in 2015 when two working mums, Aniseh and Nancy, decided to raise some funds in Ramadan for the security guards at St Christopher’s School, where both their children are pupils. 

Aniseh and Nancy

I wanted to take this jalabiya home!

I really enjoyed the experience. I got to meet lots of lovely ladies, got to wear gorgeous clothes, and got a chance to do the catwalk. And thankfully, I didn't trip and fall on the runway!

Until next time

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Shabana Feroze
Red Cape With Flowers + A Success Story

Red Cape With Flowers + A Success Story

You know, when you set out to do something while visualizing a certain outcome in mind, and after years of hard work that outcome materializes, the happiness is immense. I had the same experience with Saji's Couture

Sajida was a regular student of mine in my fitness classes. I got to know her as a beautiful, smart and lovely person. When I launched my book, Loving Yourself In Style in October of last year, she attended the book launch and purchased a copy from me. A month or two down the line, Sajida came up to me after class. She told me that the book had inspired her to start her own fashion line. She always had the passion and interest for it, but being a mom to two young boys had taken up all her time and she had put her dreams on the backburner. 

After reading about my experiences and struggles in my book, and my promise of how chasing your passion will make you immensely happy, her motivation was reignited. She asked me a few practical questions about how to go about setting up her business and after a month and a half, her fashion line was ready! Saji's Couture was born. 

I went to the viewing of her first collection and it was incredible. The materials, the designs, the fits. I could not believe how quickly this girl had turned her words into action and how talented she is! More than anything I was gobsmacked as to how she had kept this talent unleashed for so many years. Of course, I left with one gorgeous top and coat outfit, which I'm yet to show on the blog. 

Since then I have seen Sajida grow and blossom and have enormous fun doing what she loves the most. And that to me, is a huge success story. Both for her and my book. Because my entire goal for writing Loving Yourself In Style and sharing my story was to inspire women to find their passion, do what they love, and love themselves more for it. Watching Sajida {and a few other students who have told me they have started their own business doing something they always wanted to do after reading the book} makes me so incredibly happy.

On to the outfit!

I have no idea how I missed this top and coat combo at Sajida's collection viewing, but I did. It's red, it's floral, it's swishy and it's elegant. It's so completely me! Very soon after I had bought it from Sajida. I was waiting to do a shoot with professional photographers to do this beautiful piece full justice. That's where Ibrahim and Haneen from Mia Shot came in and we finally did this amazing photoshoot. 

Getting back to the outfit. The red coat is a light velvet material, with a gorgeous floral pattern in beige on the hem. I love how the flowers climb up in a triangular shape, giving the illusion of more length. Very slimming! The floral pattern is translucent so it looks fresh and light. Not to mention very feminine. There are small cut-outs in the pattern, adding more interest and depth.

I love the length of the coat. It makes you feel quite regal. The Chinese collar detail adds to its elegance. Simple short sleeves lighten up the density of the velvet. Long sleeves would look too heavy on this and feel super-hot!

The beige top inside is attached to the coat from the inside of the shoulders. The material of the beige top is thin so it keeps you cool and complements the heaviness of the velvet perfectly. I love how the beige of the top is a perfect match to the beige of the flowers, making the flowers pop even more. You'd imagine such a piece to be a bit tricky to wear but surprisingly, it's quite easy. You just slip it over your head, let the cape fall behind you and voila! You feel like Superman. 

You can leave the top button open if you wish. I like it closed as it makes the coat fall in a beautiful A shape all the way down. And it just looks so smart. I paired the top with simple grey trousers for a work-friendly look. I tucked the shirt in, as on these pants the hem of the shirt falls at the wrong place. Tucking it in also smartened up the look for officewear. It can easily be left untucked. A black bag and black pumps completed the look. I wore disc-shaped earrings and no other jewellery. 

I absolutely adore the elegance of this piece. It's perfect for wearing to important work events or a dinner party. I'd think such a piece would make for great Ramadan/ Eid style. I'd love to wear this with black skinny jeans or with other coloured trousers. Or maybe even a skirt. A clutch, some glitzy shoes and big statement earrings... and the look would be transformed.

Top and coat: Saji's Couture, Pants: ASOS, Earrings and bag: Parfois, Shoes: from Canada. Photos: Mia Shot

Until next time,

Keep chasing your dreams

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Shabana Feroze
Pastels in the Desert + Little Things For Lots Of Happy

Pastels in the Desert + Little Things For Lots Of Happy

I'm a little bit obsessed with pastels. Okay. I'm a whole lot obsessed with pastels. But with Bahrain's scorching summers and humidity, you need something soothing to look at. Plus, with the bleakness of desert sands everywhere, {case in point- this location} you have to bring colour with your outfit!

This top is heavenly to wear because of the loose fit and the soft material. It's not just your typical wrap top. It has a subtle collar and a not-so-subtle bow. I love how it has soft but smart cuffs and cute little buttons on the cuff. With the collar and cuff details, it's great for work attire. The powder blue colour is such a work classic, too.

I paired it with one of my most worn and most loved pair of pants, these rose coloured ones from ASOS. Speaking of pants, someone recently asked me how to purchase pants online without getting the dreaded camel toe. I told them that the best way is to not get pants that are tight and stretchy. If the fabric has too much lycra in it, it's going to cling to all the wrong places. 

This pant is made from a very soft and light linen-like material. The tapered leg makes it super comfy and the ankle length gives it an effortless feel. The material and the looseness of the pants make it perfect summer office wear. 

I accessorized with a pretty necklace in white gold, that I had bought from the gold souk many years back. I love the unique twisted shape of the blue stone in the pendant. A thin bracelet and a ring completed the accessories. 

Wearing colours both on top and bottom, it was best to go with neutral shoes. These pointed nude low block heels became a favourite of mine very quickly. They go with everything and are super comfy. As I had mentioned before, I have stopped buying shoes from brands in Bahrain as I never get my size. Now I buy directly from manufacturers in China who have the shoes I want, in the size I need. Unless Bahrain starts getting shoes in size 43 and 44, I'll be buying them online. It's always a risk, but I'm left with no options. Sigh. 

I wore this outfit on a hot day, and I pulled my hair back into a half bun. So chic and so practical when you want your hair away from your face on a busy day! 

Top: Koton, Pants: ASOS, Shoes: Online. 

On a personal note

The past few weeks have been an exciting ride getting to know new colleagues and meeting new people. I love meeting new people. Getting to know their story, their background and their passions is so intriguing. 

I've been doubly busy because my parents have been away all this time, leaving the management of the house to me and my brother. It's incredible how much you suddenly have to do when your family goes from four to two. {Yay, I rhymed.} The washing, the cooking, taking care of the cats, the cleaning of the house, making sure all the bills are paid, whew! I have never eaten out so much in my life! 

Lately I've found myself focusing on making myself happy. Even with work being crazy, I'm making the time to relax. I've gotten back to reading psychology and self-help books. I had signed up for a program when I was in college, in which I used to receive one self-help book every month. I went through lots of self-help books. Some were fantastic, but the rest were mostly cringe-y. I stopped reading those kinds of books for a while, but I've gotten into them again recently. Because of my college reading experience, I've learned how to weed out the truly amazing self-help books from the cliched, cheesy stuff. And there are some fab books out there. Don't let the 'self-help' tag put you off. There's nothing to be ashamed of in helping yourself. 

All that self-help reading eventually led me to start this blog inspiring women to dress up and love themselves, and 7 years later, my own inspirational blog book, Loving Yourself In Style

Getting back to making yourself happy. These are a few little things that I've been doing, and you can, too:

  • Massaging my mother's secret hair oil into my scalp before every shower.
  • Getting a haircut. 
  • Getting a mani-pedi.
  • Finding ways to spend more time with friends.
  • Bullet journaling.
  • Saying no to things and people I don't like.
  • Cooking.
  • Getting the house in order.
  • Filling in a page of a colouring book.
  • Spending quality time with my pets.
  • Buying new bedsheets and changing my bedsheet to one I love.
  • Throwing away everything that doesn't spark joy.
  • Buying fake flowers and arranging them in pretty boxes and baskets.
  • Purchasing stationery.
  • Getting small, inexpensive gifts for the ones I love.
  • Walking out onto my balcony every morning after I wake up.
  • Watching movies with family, at home.
Those are just a few of the things I've been doing lately that I find make me relaxed and happy. What are some of yours?

Until next time

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Shabana Feroze
[name=Shabana Feroze] [img=] [description=Shabana Feroze is the owner of advertising agency The Silver Kick Company, and co-owner of Lace Love, a lace business that she started with her mother. She is a Les Mills fitness instructor, teaching BodyCombat and BodyBalance classes. She is also a published author with her first book Loving Yourself In Style. She enjoys dressing up, chasing her passions, traveling the world, staying fit and encouraging people to do the same. She lives in Bahrain with her family of humans and cats.] (facebook= (instagram= (twitter= (bloglovin= (pinterest=

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