Thursday, 23 June 2016

Cath Kidston Travel Essentials

I'm always on the lookout for user-friendly travel items that will make a trip easier and more organized. I found a few such items at Cath Kidston, which will make my trips much more comfortable {not to mention prettier!}.

The Travel Wallet

Travel wallets are made, to state the obvious, specifically for travel. I've seen many travel wallets before but I love this one for its simplicity of design, and compartments to hold your passport, boarding pass, currency, cards, and a pen. I love that it has 'Passport' and 'Boarding Pass' printed inside. No more rushing through an airport wondering which pocket you've kept your travel documents in!

The Weekend Bag: 

I have wanted a weekend bag for ages now, but I wasn't able to find one anywhere in Bahrain. What I mean by a weekend bag {or an overnight bag} is that it has a compartment on the bottom for keeping shoes {or anything else for that matter}. This is the perfect bag for weekend trips to Dubai or just as an add-on your luggage on longer trips.

Travel Backpack:

I am SO glad that backpacks are back, and so many brands have feminine, pretty ones. Backpacks are a MUST for travelling, especially when you're going on long walks exploring new cities. A handbag will always leave you with one achy shoulder, but a backpack distributes the weight and leaves your hands free. I already have one, as seen in this post, but soon enough I realized one major flaw in it- no pocket for a bottle. When you're walking around you don't want to remove your backpack again and again to drink water. This white floral one has a bottle holder on each side {YAY!}, and another great feature- it folds up to look like the pouch I'm holding. In fact both the weekend bag as well as the backpack fold up into smaller pouches-

The backpack and the weekend bag, as seen open full. Also pictured are my business card holder and travel wallet. 

Both bags folded up into their pouches. This is great as you can carry them in your handbag or travel luggage and open them when you need to.

In addition to these they also have bigger carry-on bags, trolley bags and other travel bags. They have many more bags that fold up into smaller bags. Right now they have a buy one get one free offer on many items, going on until the end of Ramadan. {They're located in City Centre, on the first floor.}

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Thank you Cath Kidston for partnering on this post.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

White, Burgundy and Silver, and Mid-Ramadan Chaos

Top: Gifted
Jeans: c/o Pull & Bear
Emerald ring: Vintage
Silver ring: Debenhams
Bag: Aldo
Shoes: c/o Dune
Photos: Nada Qamber

This slouchy white shirt is soon becoming a favorite of mine. You probably saw it in this Instagram post. It's super soft, easy-to-wear, and it goes with everything. In this ensemble I wore it half-tucked into burgundy skinnies for a simple business casual look. {If your workplace does not allow jeans you can pair such shirts with colored formal pants}. Since the outfit is quite simple I accessorized with a beautiful statement cameo pendant. I love the Victorian vibe of the necklace. I finished the outfit with a large bag and silver metallic courts for a touch of glam. It's amazing how a glamorous pair of heels pulls an entire outfit together, isn't it? 

In other news, half of Ramadan has flown away already. I can't believe how busy I've become this month. So much for thinking that I would have more time on my hands and I'd get more rest! Work has increased in every area- blogging, more meetings and presentations with work, and more fitness classes. And the upside down Ramadan timings don't help. {I have dinner at 1 am. Don't ask}. I'm getting 4 hours of sleep in a day! Arrrgggh! I am SO looking forward to Eid.

What's new with you? Have you been enjoying Ramadan? Or whatever season it is where you are? Let me know in the comments below!

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Sunday, 19 June 2016

Why I was hugely disappointed with Bali

I recently holidayed in Bali for a few days. And I must say, I was HUGELY disappointed. Don't get me wrong, Bali has its beautiful spots. It has amazing temples, beautiful rice fields and fun monkey forests. But it was the other things that let me down. Like how narrow the roads are, how almost everyone is out to rip you off, and the mosquitoes! What really, really bothers me is that how the internet and travel bloggers have over-romanticized and over-glamorized the place. As a travel blogger, it's your responsibility to be honest in your travelogues and reviews. But when I was doing online research before my trip, NONE of the bad stuff was there. When I reached Bali I realized things were very different from what was shown on the world wide web. I was seriously annoyed. Which is why I promised myself that once I got back from holiday, I'd write a post telling the truth. 

Here are my main complaints that I wish I knew about before going, so I could have done things better {or prepared for them in advance}:

1. It was frikkin' hot. Like, frikkin', frikkin', hot. When I was there, the temperature was 33 C but RealFeel was 42 C. Gaaah! It was so hot that I couldn't walk outside during daylight. Maybe the Westerners and Europeans enjoy this kind of heat since they come from cold climates, but for someone coming from a hot desert island, it was unbearable. And it's a poor country. Most places are not air-conditioned, including shopping centres and malls. So even walking through a mall was not pleasant. Plus the heat, humidity and throngs of people didn't help.

2. There are a lot of tourists. Everywhere. Now when I see a beautiful shot on a travel blogger's website of an endless rice field, I'm thinking, "How the hell did she get that photo?". This article sums it up perfectly. 

Tourists at Tanah Lot Temple.

3. MOSQUITOES. They're everywhere. And since it's a hot, tropical island, you're usually in shorts and sleeveless tops. You get bitten. A lot. 

4. Sellers want to rip you off. Case in point- I went to an agro-tourism plantation called Teba Sari Plantation. After a tour I got to sample lots of different types of teas {mangosteen, lemongrass, ginger, ginseng, etc.}, as well as different types of coffees. They tasted fanfrikkintastic. Before leaving, I was shown to the shop to buy their teas/coffees. I bought quite a few. All the teas said 'no sugar added'. After coming back to Bahrain I tried the teas and coffee only to realize that all the teas are 70% sugar, while the coffee is just normal filter coffee. In short, I got ripped off. 

Tea and coffee sampling at Teba Sari.
5. Filthy, unsafe Kuta Beach. I stayed at a hotel 5 minutes away from Kuta Beach because, duh, I wanted to relax on the beach. And even though I had done extensive research about this beach, nowhere does it say that this is a surfing beach only, not for relaxing. Many sites tell you that this is a surfer's hotspot and you can take surfing lessons, but none of them specify that this is NOT a beach to relax. You can't go into the water because the waves will knock you down. There were red flags put all along the beach forbidding swimmers as the current was too strong but surprisingly, no one cares. There are no lifeguards to stop you. And the beach is filthy. Every square inch of it was littered. {It's no surprise I haven't taken a single photo of the beach.}

6. You're charged for everything. Going to public bathrooms, you have to pay. Taking a shower at the public shower stalls at the beach, you have to pay. It gets really annoying.
Bali Belly. Ugh! I got Bali Belly on the second last day I was there. The food and water are not clean everywhere. Getting diarrhea while on holiday is really not pleasant.

7. Lastly, the roads! After looking at the map of Bali before travelling, I imagined big expanses of land and wide roads. But I was wrong. The roads are very narrow, with most places being just one way or two way. Roads in Kuta Beach, Seminyak, Legian, and many roads in Ubud are like this. I felt suffocated being in such narrow roads all the time. 

View of Kuta Beach area from my hotel room. You can see how packed the place is.
These are the reasons why I was disappointed with Bali. There were many beautiful places I visited and enjoyed, but all these other things dampened those experiences. It wouldn't be right if I were to focus only on the pleasant experiences and only rave about the good things. It's important for me to be real, so that after you read my posts and plan your trip, you can avoid being let down.

Stay posted for the next travel posts on Singapore and Bali. 

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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Ramadan/Eid Gifts for the Ladies in Your Life

Ramadan is here and Eid will be here soon. Exchanging gifts is a big part of Ramadan and Eid. If you're looking for pretty gifts for the ladies in your life, Cath Kidston has a variety of options. The best part is that almost everything from this designer is floral. {You know my obsession with florals}. They have beautiful floral prints in different colors on almost everything, which make their items pretty and attractive.

To start, for your Ramadan/Eid gifts, you can choose from their very large selection of bags:


The bags come in all shapes and sizes, and in many, many different floral prints. From cute little bucket bags to mom bags to backpacks to travel bags, they have them all.

They also have a large variety of different pouches, money purses and travel pouches to go inside your bag. These are great to keep your handbag/suitcase organized:

They carry a small line of clothes, as seen in the image above {top left}, mainly focusing on dresses, blouses, skirts and loungewear.

Crockery is another great gift, and they have everything you can think of- tea sets, dessert stands, mugs, plate sets, cans and jars, and even rolling pins with floral print on them. Other kitchenware items like aprons, tea cozies, oven mitts and napkins would also make great gifts for those who like to host parties and gatherings at home.

I love their new Gnorris the Gnome tea cozy below. Super-cute!

Smaller skincare and home items like body lotions, mists and sprays, scented papers and candles, which would make great gifts. These are available individually and in packs. A creative and unique gift would be their knitted doorstoppers {bottom left} in the shape of London guards and gnomes {super-cute!}. They have wrapping paper {bottom right} to pull it all together.

If you want to go even smaller, stationery items are available. These would make great gifts for young girls and students, although even at my age I love collecting pretty notebooks and stationery. I love their pens, pencils, notebooks and especially their floral sticky notes. They also have Scrapbook Kits if you know someone who likes scrapbooking.

For those who love sewing, they have lots of sewing items {upper left} such as thread boxes, pin cushions, sewing machine covers, and my favorite- a giant sewing box shaped like a house {upper right}. 

So there you have it- a plethora of gifts for you to choose from this Ramadan/Eid. Right now they have a buy 1 get 1 free offer on many items. 

{Cath Kidston is located in City Centre, Seef, on the 1st floor.}

 After my gift shopping, I bought myself a few awesome travel items from here, which I'll share in a later post.

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Sunday, 12 June 2016

How To Stop Makeup From Sweating Off

By Adonia Dennis

Summer is here, and it brings fun, joy, pool parties, and vacation. What we don’t like about summer is all the sweat due to the scorching heat. This sweat is the number one reason why many girls and women find it frustrating to apply makeup during summer. But, you also want to look groomed, elegant and sophisticated at the same time. If you belong to the group of women who’d like to apply makeup during summer but don’t know what to do due to all that heat, you came to the right place. This article will show you easy tips and tricks you can use to sweat-proof your makeup. Thank me later!

1. Don’t overdo it

The first and most important role of sweat-proofing your makeup is not to overdo it. Too much makeup can make you look unnatural, which isn’t something you should go for. Since you can’t stop applying makeup just because it’s summer, you should stick to essentials. It is possible to look sophisticated and beautiful without applying too many products. In fact, sweat-proofing your makeup is all about making wise decisions. It’s needless to mention summer is the time you should switch to lighter moisturizer, and applying sunscreen is a must.

2. Use primer or BB cream

Primer is your best friend during summer. Why? The reason is simple; its primary purpose is to help makeup cling to the skin longer than it would usually last. Primer can also cut down the shine during the day. Another benefit of primers is that applying it as a makeup base is crucial for softening facial wrinkles. Ideally, you should apply primer before foundation, but after moisturizer.

Primer and moisturizer are of particular importance if you’re going to apply waterproof makeup which can be drying. However, if you have no time for such products or don’t want to apply various products one after another, you can easily opt for BB cream which is, basically, all these products combined in one tube.

3. Your eyes need primer too

If you’re applying eye shadow, sweat can make it disappear quite fast. And who’s got enough time to reapply it? To prevent this scenario, you should apply primer onto your eyelids as well. That way, your eye shadow will last longer.

But, you should bear in mind that during the day you don’t really need eye shadow (unless you’re attending some highly important event).

4. Cool off before application

Do you have a habit of applying makeup immediately after you’re done with shower? If so, then you should definitely avoid it during summer. Why? It’s because when you apply makeup onto warm skin, it absorbs ingredients from makeup at a faster rate. This can cause breakouts, help sweat ruin your makeup, and it’s needless to mention it will tarnish your polished appearance. That’s why it’s better to wait for 10 to 15 minutes and let your body cool down. You can also splash your face with cool water, pat dry and start applying makeup.

You can also keep some makeup items in the fridge during summer. This way, they’ll keep their solid appearance and won’t seem messy. In turn, you won’t risk over applying makeup.

5. Avoid dark colors

Daytime isn’t the ideal time to have smoky eyes or wear dark colors. In fact, dark colors should be reserved for the nighttime as well as smoky eyes, dark blushes, etc. During the day, you should keep your makeup neutral. There are numerous benefits of subtle makeup during the day; keeping your makeup fresh and neutral you’re drawing the attention away from dark circles under the eyes. Also, sweat can make dark eye makeup look messy, while neutral and natural colors will make it less noticeable and allow you to look polished throughout the day.

6. Opt for waterproof eye makeup

In order to avoid frustrations that come with drippy eye makeup, you should opt for waterproof alternatives. This way, you won’t have to worry whether your eyeliner or mascara smudged or when to reapply it. Plus, you’ll be more confident, and confidence is always attractive.

7. Go for a wet lip look

One of the best ways to sweat-proof your makeup is to go with the flow. For example, scorching heat and sweat can make your lips as messy as eye makeup when the lipstick becomes messy. But, you can prevent this and always be one step ahead by using lip gloss instead. That way, your lips will look wet anyway, and it’s needless to mention this look is very sensual.

8. Be careful with powder

Ideally, you should set your makeup with mineral powder which will keep it in place, smooth out the skin, and absorb oil. You can carry the powder in your bag for emergency cases when you notice sweat making your makeup drip. However, make sure you don’t apply too much. Always tap the sponge with your index finger to shake the excess powder off and remember, you don’t need much powder to keep your makeup in place.

9. Blotting tissue is a must

Blotting tissue is a perfect solution for removing oil or sweat without having to apply makeup all over again. Ideally, you should always make sure you have a pack of these tissues in your bag. It’s the easiest way to remove sweat and still keep makeup intact.

10.  Carry a facial mist

Facial mists are excellent for more reasons than one. They can make you feel refreshed, and the cooling effect will help your makeup last longer. These products are available everywhere, and you can make your own with rosewater.

11.  Avoid heavy foundations

Summer is all about lighter formulas and foundation isn’t an exception. Ideally, you should opt for oil-free foundation that isn’t too heavy on your skin. Heavy foundations are more likely to melt and slip, and you want to avoid that.


It’s impossible to prevent sweating during summer, but their numerous things you can do to keep it from ruining your makeup. To sweat-proof your makeup, you don’t need expensive products or some complicated actions, all you need to do is to make wise choices. This article listed 11 useful ways you can do so.


Also Watch: Top 5 Makeup Tips for Oily Skin

Author Bio
Adonia Dennis (@adoniadennis), by profession is a Health, Beauty and Skin Care adviser. She provides solutions related to health and beauty problems. She is a passionate blogger who loves to write and share her views on various topics. She recently got an opportunity to work as a content coordinator for Glozine latest lifestyle news. To know more about Adonia, follow her on LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Pink and Floral, and the Ramadan Circadian Rhythm

Shirt, Skirt: TSKD Designs
Necklace and earrings set, Watch: Gifted
Rings: Forever21
Bag: Aldo
Shoes: c/o New Look
Photos: Nada Qamber

It's getting hotter and hotter by the minute and there's only one thing that beats the heat- cotton. I'm all for wearing cotton and natural fabrics in summers. Both the shirt and skirt I have on are cotton, although different textures. The shirt is a softer, slightly thicker material than the skirt. When I was taking these photos I realized both my top and bottom have been designed by me. Haha. I fell in love with the color of this shirt while shopping for textiles in Manama. It was also, of course, the perfect cotton blend I was looking for. I wanted more button-downs and I love them in a flowy, soft material so they have a more feminine feel. The skirt's material was bought while I was holidaying in Bangkok a couple of years back. I fell in love with the print and knew I was going to make a skirt from it. The funny thing is, after I bought the material, I started seeing floral print on a baby blue background everywhere. I guess the fashion industry loved it as much as I did. 

I paired the shirt with this skirt to bring out the pink accents in the print. I love the overall uber-soft, uber-spring and uber-pastel effect of the ensemble. Calming for the body as well as the mind, don't you think? I accessorized with a delicate gold bar necklace and earring set, statement watch and delicate little midi rings. I finished with black chunky-heeled pumps and a neutral bag. With all the colors going on in the clothes, the bag and shoes had to be neutral. 

On another note, Ramadan has started and my body {and mind!} is taking time to adjust to the new timings. I mean, everything happens after sunset! I have classes that finish at 11 pm! My circadian rhythm is all out of whack. But I'm loving the extra time I have. At least I get to finish lots of small projects and things I've been putting off for ages.

How about you? How's Ramadan going for you this far? Or just June for that matter? Let me know in the comments below!

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Sunday, 5 June 2016

Queen of Hearts

Dress. Earrings: Gifted
Bangle: Thrifted
Watch: Fossil
Booties: New Look
Photos: Nada Qamber

I know, I know, you're probably thinking- "You? And heart print? Really?!". But sometimes it's good to break out of your routine and try something new. I love this dress. I think the heart print is cute and a nice break from the usual formal and business ensembles that I wear. I love the fit and light material, but mainly, I love it because it was gifted to me by a mother-daughter duo who attend my fitness classes. That makes it so much more special to me. {I can't believe how accurate they were with the size!}. 

I decided to pair it with low-cut booties and a studded bag in this look. I like how the studs and booties toughen up the girliness of the dress. For accessories I wore a statement watch, pearl earrings and a pearl bangle. It's a simple, minimal look that's perfect for a day out with your girlfriends. 

In other news, I'm just trying to balance work, blogging and classes. Lately it seems like I've been juggling all three very fast and I was in danger of dropping something. I still haven't finished editing my holiday pictures to write posts but I just can't seem to find the time! Thankfully Ramadan starts soon and I'll have fewer classes. I'm looking forward to the rest and the free time.

What about you? What do you think about this heart print? What plans do you have for the coming summer months?

Until next time



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