Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Of crop tops, natural highs and passion

Top: H&M, Skirt: Own design, Booties: New Look, Earrings: Accessorize, Necklace and Handbag: Gifted, Ring: Koton. Photos: Arif Feroze

I've just finished teaching two classes this afternoon and it's amazing how uplifted I feel after. Taking a packed class through a workout and seeing the members push through it while enjoying themselves just gives you such a natural high!

Anyhoo. On to outfit talk. A crop top is a great way to cover up and feel warm when you're tired of coats and sweaters. Me having a short torso means I can't wear a crop top with jeans, but I CAN wear it over skirts and dresses. {Hurrah!} Here I layered it over a three-quarter sleeved black T-shirt, which is tucked into the skirt. The grayness of the top against the  punchy red of the skirt contrasts well. My necklace, earrings and ring are from different brands but all look like they're part of a set. {I like matching my jewelry!} Black booties and my giant handbag complete the look. 

The neck of the T-shirt is visible but it looks like a part of the crop top's neck. If you don't want the neck to be seen or if it doesn't look good, you can always cover it up with a scarf. And of course, warmth aside, layering a crop top over an outfit or dress helps you switch up the look and get more out of your dresses and skirts, which is what every girl wants!

Side note: Yes, I know my last outfit also had punchy red in it. What can I say? I'm feeling passionate and strong! Haha!

Until next time, stay happy. xoxo


Sunday, 1 March 2015

Red, teal, and a new bag obsession


Coat: Zara, Top: New Look, Jeans: Bershka, Gloves: Marks & Spencer, Necklace: c/o I Am, Boots: Miss Selfridge, Bag: Gifted. Photos: Arif Feroze 

So the weather the past few days got insanely cold. I'm talking about stinging cold winds, with biting cold hanging in the air. I don't know if that made any sense but it was COLD. And all I could think was- Yay! I can FINALLY wear my leather gloves. {Ok, I lied. That's not all that I could think. I also thought WTF MOTHER NATURE? WTF IS *%*$@#%^# WRONG WITH YOU?!} So, I got my gorgeous warm leather gloves out. They've got a faux fur lining inside which keeps my hands nice and frost-free. {Yes I know there's no frost but my hands turn to ice in this weather.} And you can obviously see from this outfit how cold I was- the only thing uncovered is my head! 

To break down the outfit, I wore a full-sleeved tee on the inside, with a big coat on top. The teal of the top contrasts well with the red of the coat. I kept the bottom half neutral with black skinny jeans and black boots. I accessorized with a gold statement necklace as the gold stands out beautifully against the teal. I finished the look with my new huge bag. I love that it's in marsala, the color of the year, and it's got that beautiful filigree cut-out on the front. It was a birthday gift and now I'm obsessed with these bags. Where have they been all my life?! They're structured, roomy enough for me to fit my cat {no, I don't take my cat around in it. Though the thought IS tempting} they look uber-luxurious, and take an outfit up several notches. I'm so obsessed that after a week after getting this bag I went and bought another similar to it. Hey, I didn't want this one to feel lonely. 

How has your winter been so far? Are you loving this super-cold weather or are you happy it's finally getting over? Let me know by leaving a comment on this post!

Until next time, xoxo

- Shabana

Monday, 23 February 2015

Rosemin Manji: Beautiful inside and out

Fashion Director of leading luxury fashion consultancy RR&Co. Bespoke Luxury Management, Style Presenter on Dubai One TV's weekly lifestyle show Studio One, Contributing Fashion Editor to Signature Middle East magazine, and muse of Christian Louboutin {heck, he has a shoe named after her!}, constantly featured on Best Dressed and Most Influential People lists, and advocate for Breast Cancer Awareness, Rosemin Manji is the woman who's done it all, while making it look effortless. 

I've been following this Style Goddess Extraordinaire even before I started this blog, stalking her in Hello! and other magazines. In every picture I saw she was always well turned-out, looked insanely beautiful, and had {has} the kindest eyes. So when I got a chance to meet her at the Saks Fifth Avenue Amanda Navai event, I was thrilled. True to form, she was super-sweet. And looked like a million dinars. {I swear this woman doesn't age!}

Rosemin and me at the Amanda Navai event in Saks.
She graciously agreed to an interview for my little blog. So, here she is!

   You were picked to work with Tom Ford straight after graduating. What was your designation and role?
It was an amazing time to work with him as he was VP of Gucci Group and Creative Director of Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci. My role was his assistant in his personal office. At 22 I was exposed to everything from brand management, watching him design, style, people management etc. I swear I learned more from him then I did in university!

What are some of the key beliefs that guide you through life?
My mom always taught me “put yourself in other peoples shoes”. My personal beliefs are work hard, have integrity, and be loyal.

You have an amazing career and are very successful. Yet you’re one of the sweetest, most grounded, famous people I know. How do you stay that way?
You are so sweet! It was such a pleasure to meet you in beautiful Bahrain at the Saks event.
I just want to stay true to myself.  I am blessed to have an amazing family who are my support system.

 What are your top style tips?
  • Dress for your body shape.
  • Dress for your personal lifestyle. 
  • Invest in good under garments (i.e: bras that fit, seamless). This changes your posture and the             way clothes fall on your body.
  • Invest in key basics. My recommend list: dark blue jeans (find a cut that works for your shape), white blouse or button down shirt, good classic heels (I love Manolo Blahnik BB Pumps or Christian Louboutin Decollette), blazer to layer, and ballet flats (my favourite are Chanel quilted flats).

What are some of the qualities that helped you grow in your career?
Work hard-  I am not a 9 – 5 girl at all. Most of the clients we consult for are in Europe or America so I am often on conference calls at 9 or 10 pm at night. 
I am very loyal to my friends and business partners. I like that most of my clients I have worked with, have been with me for several years. Most designers I have worked with I have known for over 15 years. We have all grown together.

How do you juggle your career, family life, and me-time?
In my downtime I love watching TV. My favourite shows are The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Modern Family and my crush McDreamy in Grey's Anatomy.
I do my best to take Saturdays off to spend time with family, relax and go to the spa.
I often go for walks in the evening because I hate exercising! I try and go in the evenings so with the time difference I can speak to my family in North America. I can easily chat with my brother and sister for an hour so I am sure burn double the calories by walking and talking!! Haha.

 You are renowned for personal style. What advice would you give anyone looking to create their own?
Thank you so much for the kind compliment! Just be comfortable! 

So there you have it. Rosemin Manji. Living proof that you can achieve your dreams, look fantastic while doing so, and be down-to-earth!

Until next time, xoxo.


Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Forgive yourself

As I sat and reflected on the past year, my mind kept focusing on the mistakes I made. Mistakes concerning friendships and relationships, which, frustratingly, I had made earlier and promised never to, again. 

But I did. 

I berated myself. I scolded myself. I hated myself. 

Then I thought- you know what? I'm going to forgive myself. For being an idiot. For trusting the wrong people. For everything. Because I'm only human, and I'm figuring this out as I go along. So I sat down and made a list of ALL the things I want to forgive myself for. Maybe these resonate with you as well. 

So forgive yourself:
  1. For making the wrong friends.
  2. For not doing the things that make you happy, sooner. 
  3. For thinking money will get you lasting happiness. 
  4. For thinking that external beauty has any relation to internal beauty.
  5. For not opening yourself up to love.
  6. For making life decisions based on the opinions of other people.
  7. For not being kind enough to yourself.
  8. For not realizing you're one heck of an amazing person.{If you still haven't realized this, I hope you do.}
  9. For ignoring your intuition.
  10. For feeling guilty for relaxing.
  11. For being emotionally manipulated without even realizing you were.
  12. For feeling as if you haven't done enough, or are not enough.
  13. For giving the best parts of yourself to people who never deserved it.
  14. For punishing yourself for what others did to you.
  15. For trying to live up to other people's standards.
  16. For not standing up for yourself enough.
  17. For making the same mistakes again and again.
  18. For trying to prove yourself to anyone but yourself.
  19. For loving those who hurt you and hurting those who love you. 
  20. For putting people on a pedestal.
  21. For not taking control of your life sooner.
  22. For letting people take advantage of your kindness.
  23. And lastly, for not forgiving yourself sooner.

Is there anything you would add to this list?


Sunday, 15 February 2015

Easy guide to fashion colour combinations

Here's an image from All Day Chic that's an excellent guide to color combinations . It shows all the possible shades that will look good with the color being worn by the model on the right. 

Click HERE for the original post. 

Until next time, stay stylish! xoxo

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Make Up Review- Wow by Wojooh Valentine's Day Reds

I was recently sent a gorgeous red lipstick and red nail polish from Wow by Wojooh's latest Valentine's collection for review:

Wow by Wojooh Lip Master Long Wear Lipstick in 452 Tooti Frooti: 
Let me start by saying I LOVE the color! It's a gorgeous shade of red that's not too bright, and not too deep. It's just right. Here's what it looks like on me:

Perfect to go with the LBD for the Dream Date on V Day! The texture is creamy, and the lippie goes on smooth with a satin finish. It's fabulously moisturizing and it lasts the entire day. What else could you want from a lipstick? Bonus- it's got a delicious litchi scent. Price: BD 8.7

Wow by Wojooh Color Ritual – Breathe-in Nail Polish
I love breathable nail polishes and this one is uniquely formulated to allow water and air to pass through, allowing your nails to breathe. There's also a UV filter in the formula that stops nails from yellowing. The formula is very smooth and goes on beautifully. As for the color- this is your quintessential red:

A must-have color for in any nail polish collection, and great for V Day! {Are you getting sick of me harping on about V Day? Cuz I am! Ok, no more!} The nail polish is available in 28 pearly, metallic and sparkling shades, with 2 anti-chip top coats: glossy and matte. Price: BD 5.6

Available at all Wojooh {Faces} outlets. 

Monday, 9 February 2015

A real flower on my neck, butterflies on my hand, and... earrings on my shoes!

Top: New Look, Skirt: Own Design, Necklace: from Thailand, Ring: Posh, Shoes: Steve Madden + old earrings. Photos: Arif Feroze

I fell in love with this blue floral cotton material when I first saw it in a shop in Bangkok. I bought it immediately, to make a skirt from it. And finally I have the skirt ready! {To be fair the skirt was ready quite some time back, but I didn't get the chance or the weather to wear it.} I paired it with a long-sleeved purple top, and that finally gave me the perfect outfit to wear my orchid necklace on. The orchid in this necklace is real. I bought it from a shop in Koh Samui, which sells real orchid jewelry. It's made after setting the flower in several coats of resin. Isn't that amazing? And no two necklaces are the same, as the flowers aren't the same. I'd been waiting to wear the perfect outfit that would show off this gorgeous necklace. I thought the orchid would match with the flowers in the skirt, and also look great against the purple of the top. So... skirt from Bangkok, necklace from Koh Samui, you could say I'm very Thailand-y today. Haha!

I wore a butterfly ring in keeping with the theme, and I wore earrings on my shoes. Yup, you read that right. The little gold embellishments on my shoes are clip-on earrings. I don't know about you, but clip-on earrings hurt my ears real bad, so now I use them everywhere but on my ears. I love how they switch up the look of plain shoes. I've taken them off my shoes in the photo below to show you what my shoes look like without them.

You could even put them on your handbag, or clip them on the collars of shirts. Cool idea, non? 

What have you been up to? Enjoying this weather? Or hating it? I'm kinda learning to like it. Kinda.

Friday, 6 February 2015

An LBD look for a Dream Date Night

The Little Black Dress or LBD is a must for every girl's wardrobe. It's slimming, it's versatile, and it's super-classy. And of course, it's the perfect thing for a Dream Date Night. I've got quite a few black dresses in my wardrobe, as you've seen before- this gorgeous maxi dress, this short black shift, this black pencil dress, one of my first LBD's which I still have, and this A-line wrap-around embellished dress. You can never have enough, right? So when DailyLook asked me to choose one from their gorgeous {and huge} line of little black dresses and put an outfit together, I couldn't say no!

Beautysets - LBD

Click HERE to shop all items.

For the dress, I chose this Classic BodyCon Midi Dress. I LOVE how structured it is, without being too clingy. The length is great too. Not too short, not too long. The V-neck shows just enough collarbone {collarbone is the new cleavage, as I say}, and the three-fourth sleeves make it classier. The wide and deep V-neck gives you a good space to wear some gorgeous necklaces. You could wear a statement one or keep it simple. I chose one that's in between- a sparkling chandelier necklace. The sleeve length also gives you a lot of room to wear arm candy. So for this look I chose an elegant floral stone bracelet. I'd wear this double pearl ring on the other hand, keeping the look classy, and matching the rest of the jewelry. 

Since the outfit is all black, you have an opportunity to add color with shoes. So I chose these pointy burgundy heels. Screaming class, and sexiness, they'd elongate the legs as well. A rhinestone clutch finishes the look. 

So there you have it. A subdued, elegant black dress that suits your figure, with sparkly accessories that catch the eye. A slick of red lippie, pink or purple nail polish, and you're good to go! I'd wear this outfit for a date on Valentine's Day {perfect to stand out from all the red and pink!}, and I'd also wear it for a glitzy evening event. 

What do you think of this dress? Would you wear it? How do you like styling your LBDs? Let me know in the comments below!

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Wardrobe Editing- Should I Keep It? Decision Tree

I'm always editing my wardrobe. 

Just two days back I got rid of quite a few clothes. I think it's the best way to have clothes that you love, and it reduces frustration when selecting an outfit. But sometimes it's hard to decide what to throw out and what to keep. That dress which you never wear but you can't throw because it was just so goddammed expensive. Or that skirt that has sentimental value because your grandmother gave it to you. Which is why I was delighted to come across this Wardrobe Editing Should I Keep It? Decision Tree by Modern Eve which makes it easy. Check it out! 

I think Katie's a genius to make this tree. Check out her original post here. And yes, I have her express written consent to republish the infographic.

Until next time, stay stylish. xoxo

P.S: If you're in Bahrain and want some gorgeous new make up, enter my Inglot giveaway!

Monday, 2 February 2015


Sweater: Zara, Jeans: Pull & Bear, Boots: Aldo, Clutch and Necklace: Gifted.
Photos: Arif Feroze.

We're in February. Yay! How was January for you? For me it was one bloody long month that didn't seem to end. Is it me or is January like that every year? It goes on and on and on and on. And February will go by in a flash. I love February. I hate that it's so short. And it's my birthday month too. Whoever made the calendar did injustice to this month. Tell me, would it kill them to take a few days from January and add them to February? Hmpff.

Ranting about the calendar aside, the weather is still up and down. Today is cold. Yesterday was hot. When I took these photos it was coooolllld. I had to attend an outdoor event in the evening that day, so my warmest, fluffiest sweater was the best choice. Since the sweater is blush pink, I paired it with my burgundy jeans, and wore my tan knee boots on top. The bulkiness of the sweater allowed me to pair it with a chunky necklace. I finished the look with a black clutch. 

Come to think of it, this is the ONLY {pullover} sweater I have. And it's the first one in many years. I bought it recently when I was in Kuwait, where it was &*$%#@&% freezing. I was wondering whether I should get a nice soft sweater {I only have pea coats and a few front-opening sweaters}, but then I thought- I'm in Kuwait only for three days and it's not worth it. Then a friend told me it was 16° C in Bahrain and I said- That's it. I'm buying a sweater. And off I went the next day to Marina Mall with my friend and got this one. And I'm so glad I did! Because it's still cold, and a sweater is just so easy to throw on when all you want to do is stay warm.

I didn't get a sweater for myself for so long because I always thought it looked a bit grandma. But the fashion industry has given sweaters a revamp- now you've got different kind of knits and fabrics, in oversized/narrow/thick/thin/long/cropped, and they're being worn in so many different ways- tucked into A-line skirts, over dresses, tucked into jeans, over a maxi skirt, and more. But honestly, looks and outfit potential aside, I wanted one just for the main plebeian reason - they're so deliciously warm.

Mine is a bit on the long side so I can't do much other than wear it with skinny jeans to balance the bulkiness out. I was tempted to buy a shorter, thinner sweater to do all those looks but I know that Murphy's Law will ensure that as soon as I've bought it, the next day winter will be over. And of course, I also can't find one that I like. Arrgh.

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