Sunday, 19 October 2014

Of colored blazers and missed guest posts

If you have a colored blazer, it's a good idea to wear a printed top underneath which has the same color in the print as the blazer. I matched the red in the floral print of this top to the red of the blazer. I kept the rest of the outfit neutral so as not to look too bright. Great for the office, and after work you could replace the blazer with a bright scarf to transform this into a casual evening look. The best part about wide pants is that they're so comfortable, you don't need to change to relax. 

On another note, I realized I had written two posts for Anceeta's blog Being Awesome but forgot to tell you guys about them. So I'm linking them both in this post, lest I forget again.

There's a saying 'No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up.’ One morning I wasn't feeling well. Physically I was fine, but mentally I wasn't ready to face the world. Did I want to show up? At work, or anywhere else I was obliged to? Hell no. Did I have to? Yup. And I hated it.

Everyone has days like these. And according to me, you should NOT get up, dress up and show up "no matter what". According to me, you should take a day off, stay in bed or do whatever it is that relaxes your mind and helps you to go back to being your normal, confident self again.

We are so used to blindly accepting the things that society and famous people or books tell us, that we don't... continue reading.

I used to be the kind of person who would never confront anyone. Anybody could hurt me, make me mad or upset me, and I never had the courage to go up to them and tell them that they made me feel this way. Until I realized that this was damaging all my relationships. I was holding in feelings of... continue reading.

Hope you enjoy those and wish you a great week ahead! 

Thursday, 16 October 2014

5 Tips To Survive This Crazy Life

Anceeta Martis is my bestie and a blogger herself. She occasionally contributes guest posts for my blog. {In other words, I beg and annoy her to write something for me and she finally does.} Here's today's post from her.

I think this is the most frustrated I have been. I have 593 days to finish with my university. That seems so close and yet so bloody far. Every day is spent yearning for when I will be done with studying and get a full time job so I can be in control of my own life. But while I am trying not to feel frustrated, I spend my time doing various things: having a part time job, driving my mum around to run her errands, doing university work and spending time with friends. Yesterday, I was so bloody exhausted, I dropped on my bed and went out like a light. But I digress! Below I have written down 5 tips to keep your sanity intact and get things done no matter where you are in life:

1. Write down everything that needs to be done. Sometimes I just get so very overwhelmed by the things I need to do, I get a headache from keeping track of them in my brain. The moment I write my thoughts down, I relax. At least then I don't have to keep them memorized. After writing, I also prioritise them which further helps me not panic at the last minute.

2. Use the calendar app on your phone. I have forgotten to do so many things and when that happens, I honestly want to kill myself. Forgetting to turn in some work or meet someone is the most excruciating thing for someone like me who arrives 15 minutes earlier than everyone else. Set reminders and keep an online diary of all your appointments.

3. Don't forget 'Me Time'. At the end of the day, I simply have to read my favourite blogs and websites to relax before I sleep. I have read countless articles about how you should not use gadgets before bed but how else will I calm down after hectic days? Either read or write or do whatever it is that you love doing every single day.

4. Don't ignore what your body is telling you. If you have a bad headache, stop working. The work you do with a headache will never be as good. If you have any kind of pain, do some light stretches, have a relaxing bath and go to bed. Drink lots of water throughout the day. Always keep a bottle of water with you. (Avoid popping pills as much as possible.)

5. Don't ever be hangry (angry because you are hungry). Most of the time, I am irritated, annoyed or snappy because I am hungry. This is not fair to people who do not know why I have my panties in a twist. Keep some sort of food with you always. Healthy cereal bars or a piece of fruit is great for when you are on the go. Have at least three meals a day. (I try to do this as much as possible.) Try to reduce eating chemicals and sugars. 

Remember that work will always be there but you do not need to do everything and not everything is "urgent". Pace yourself. Keep your mental and physical health in mind. This is what I have learnt in my 20 years of life experience. Do tell me what keeps you going and what tips you have picked up to hang on to your sanity in this busy life.

Anceeta's blog: Being Awesome

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Green all over

Dress: Karen Millen, Clutch: Gifted, Shoes: Miss Selfridges. Photos: Arif Feroze.

There's just something about a dress that fits well. The something being that you never want to get out of it. Haha. This dress is very easy to dress up but I wanted to keep it a bit casual today. So I added a few bangles, a black clutch and my beloved quirky Mary Janes. I'm not big on ruffles or polka dots, and don't really own anything with those on it, but I love how both the ruffles and the dot print on this dress are very minimal. They don't make the dress too girlie. Just elegant. This is one of the dresses I got just before going on holiday, as I mentioned in the last post. The way it fit me when I tried it on, I was head-over-heels in love. The cut is perfect. Like I always say, quality shows. And lasts. So yes, I'm definitely wearing this again and again and again...

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Okay I WILL say it

Hat: Forever21, Top: from Bangkok, Jeans: Bershka, Bangles: Mango, Shoes: Steve Madden. Photos: Arif Feroze.

I have too many clothes. But WAIT! Before you get all judgy and say that's why I can dress well, let me finish that sentence- I have too many clothes and not enough days to wear them. 

It frustrates me so much that right now I have clothes and accessories that I haven't either worn yet, or not worn enough. I keep promising myself that I mustn't buy anything else before I've worn ALL my clothes and accessories at least once, but who can resist an absolutely gorgeous item at a great price? Sigh. Obviously not me.

For instance, just before going to Thailand I bought a couple of beautiful dresses and a top, and then, of course, I bought a few things in Thailand. But don't get me wrong! I'm not regretting buying anything. All I'm saying is I can't wait to wear everything.

And I'm only bringing this point up because sometimes it may feel like I'm always wearing new things on the blog and inadvertently sending a message to you to constantly get new stuff too, to stay well-dressed. But NO. That's absolutely wrong. I definitely don't spend ALL my money {or even a majority of it} on clothes nor do I buy clothes only to show them on this blog. {That would be completely contradictory to why I write this blog in the first place}. I have a wardrobe with the basics, and I occasionally add pieces to it, always making sure the new pieces go with everything else. That's also why you see me repeat many pieces.

For instance, in today's outfit, only my top is new. Everything else is years old. I needed loose t-shirts that I can throw over skinnies and just GO, so when I saw this top, I knew it would be a great addition to my wardrobe. And I don't buy something unless I love it. I'm absolutely in love with this t-shirt. And the jeans. And the hat. And the bangles. And the shoes. And I'm going to probably be wearing all those things until I get completely sick of them, or until they fall apart. Whichever comes first.

So don't go crazy trying to build your wardrobe. There's no need to hoard tons of clothes nor is there any joy in it. Buy pieces you love and then wear the hell out of them. As I plan to do with the beautiful things in my wardrobe. And if time and my photographer permits, wear and show them to you too.


Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Tips for travelling to Thailand

So if you've been following my posts recently, you know I was recently holidaying in Thailand. I visited Pattaya, Koh Samui and Bangkok.

I had a brilliant time, but now I know many things that I want to do more of the next time I visit, and many things I wish I hadn't wasted my time on. And if you're planning on visiting soon, these are the tips I'd give you:


Pattaya is a sin city. It's known for its cavalier attitude to everything considered taboo. Which is a great reason to visit. Although I'd advise not more than 3 nights, as that's plenty to see and do everything.

  • Go to the Tiffany's Show. Performed entirely by ladyboys and men, it's well worth the money and time. 
  • Take a walk at Walking Street, the strip of road that has all the bars and strip clubs.
  • Visit a few bars in Walking Street that have live bands. Some have singers that are exceptionally good.
  • Visit the Sanctuary of Truth. Take a guide to show you around.
  • Get lots of massages! They're cheap and great in this city!
  • Eat at local Thai joints. They have amazingly tasty local cuisine.
  • Take a hot air balloon ride in the Ripley's balloon. They just take you up and then bring you down again! I wouldn't do that for free, let alone the 1000+THB they charge for it.

Koh Samui

'Koh' means island in Thai. I was here for 3 nights, and belatedly realized that that wasn't enough. There aren't many things to see and do here, but there are gorgeous beaches and waters to just relax in, as well as many other islands around that you can visit just for looking at their natural beauty.

  • Stay at a resort that has a beach front. It was such a convenience that I had a personal strip of beach, where the resort provided chairs to relax in. 
  • Go snorkelling to Koh Nang Yuang and Koh Tao. Do it in this order since they start you off on a small beach at Koh Nang Yuang, so you get a feel of the snorkel on your face, and life under water. Then they take you to Koh Tao, where you're snorkelling in the deep ocean, which can be overwhelming if you started off with the ocean first.
  • Get a massage on the beach. Such a novel experience!
  • Go on the island safari. It cost me 1500 THB and it was a terrible waste of time and money. Everything they took me to see and do wasn't amazing or unique, except for the Hin Ta and Hin Yai rocks, which I could have visited myself. 


Bangkok is a busy city, known for its shopping. I found it to be very similar to Dubai, just with more buildings per square meter. I was here for 3 nights and trust me, if I were there longer, I would have emptied my bank account!

  • Check out the local shopping malls like MBK, Pratuwan and Platinum.
  • Bargain! 
  • Visit any roof-top bar in a high-rise. The view of the city at night is stunning.
  • Buy too many Thai products. The quality isn't great. 
  • Keep a check on how much you're spending in the malls, or you'll finish your money. I kept a check by making a note in my phone of how much I spent and on what, so I always knew how much money I spent in total.

General DO'S and DON'Ts:

  • Wear a LOT of sunscreen. SPF 50. Waterproof. And carry a hat.
  • Eat at Sizzler. This franchise lets you order a steak and then gives you unlimited access to its huge salad and soup bar. The food is out of this world, and very cheap! Don't forget to order the carafe of iced lemon tea. It's the best I have ever tasted. 
  • Share food. Thai food comes in large quantities. If there are two of you, I'd advise ordering one dish and sharing it. For example, order one soup, and one main course, and then see if you want to order more. I ended up wasting a lot of delicious food because I was greedy and couldn't finish it all.

  • Visit any animal shows, especially if you're an animal lover. The animals are drugged and made to do unnatural things. Such a disgrace. Read more HERE.
  • Finish all your money in tips! Everyone expects a tip here, but don't be too generous or you'll have emptied your pockets.

That's all! Enjoy your holiday, and come back and let me know what Do's and Don'ts you'd add to my list. xxx

Monday, 6 October 2014

I was in Bangkok!

Continuing my travel blogs on my recent trip to Thailand- after Pattaya and Samui, I flew to Bangkok, from the gorgeous Samui airport, of course. 

In Bangkok all I did was, you guessed it, shopped, shopped and shopped some more! Well, I didn't go crazy buying too many things, {you know I'm an ex-shopaholic}, but yes, since this is a shopper's haven, I did visit a lot of malls. Thankfully, window shopping doesn't hurt your purse!

I was staying at Grand Centara Hotel, which is inside a mall- Central World. This area is packed with malls everywhere- from the ones that carry all the branded shops like Zara to Armani and the other local Thai malls like Platinum and Pratunam which are bursting with local products.

One thing common in all the malls, though, is that they're bleeping huge! 7-8 floors of merchandise! 

Anyway, I'll shut up now and let the pictures do the talking.

Cherry blossoms in Central Festival

Car showrooms! On the second floor! In a mall!

Met this cutie while shopping!

Other than mall-hopping, I walked around the city and caught some pretty sights. I think that's the best part of going on a solo vacation- walking around alone, in a new city, observing and absorbing the culture, and getting lost in all the smells, sights and sounds.

Ferries on the canal.
View from the 57th floor of my hotel.

The thriving, bustling city, as seen from my hotel window.
The cute little temple nestled within green, a part of my beautiful view.

A bustling metro outside, quiet serenity within.

The weather was amazing- it rained all the time! Which also explains why I spent so much time inside the malls, haha! Of course, all my shopping wasn't window shopping, I did buy some really gorgeous stuff, which you'll see in my style posts, coming up soon! I can't wait to wear everything and show you the things I bought!


Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The most beautiful airport in the world

I thought Koh Samui with all its beaches and turquoise waters was beautiful. Until I got to the airport. Hands down, this is the most beautiful airport I have seen. It's ridiculously tiny, but ohmigawwwwd is it gorgeous! I'll let these pictures speak for themselves. 

{Click on the images to enlarge.}

Duty free shops
The waiting area or lounge. Free snacks, beverages and wifi available.
Yes, that's the runway strip!

Isn't that gorgeous?


Monday, 29 September 2014

I was in Koh Samui, Thailand

After Pattaya, I flew to Koh Samui. This tiny but enormously gorgeous island is renowned for its white sandy beaches and natural beauty. It didn't disappoint. I was here only for 3 nights, but I spent them well. 

Day 1
I went on an island safari where they took us to a few temples, an elephant trek, a waterfall, the highest point in Samui, and the Hin Ta and Hin Yai {Thai for Grandfather and Grandmother} rocks. These are natural rock formations in the shape of male and female genitalia. Mother Nature has a sense of humor!

{Click on the pictures to enlarge.}

Baby elephant hugs at the Safari.

Highest point in Samui

Grandmother Rock

Grandfather Rock

Day 2

I went snorkeling! I signed up with a tour agency who take you to Koh Nang Yuan and Koh Tao, two islands close to Koh Samui, where you can sightsee and snorkel. We went in a speedboat. The ride itself was one of the most beatific experiences I've had. It takes one and a half hour to reach Nang Yuan, and I spent that time just drinking in the sights of turquoise waters, green hilly islands and the vast blue sky painted with white clouds, all around us.

Koh Nang Yuan

We had a brilliant guide called Wai. When we reached Koh Nang Yuang, he informed us that it belongs to a private businessman {!!!} and that we had a certain amount of time in which he recommended us to first walk up to the highest point of Nang Yuan, then come down and go snorkeling into the water by the beach. 
I did just that. 

On the way to the highest point, on top of a hill.

Finally there!

View from the top
Koh Tao
Next, they took us to Koh Tao, where we had lunch and were told we could jump into the waters here and snorkel. This was awe-inspiring {and more than a little overwhelming} as we were in the middle of the ocean and you see great big coral reefs and the scary depth of the waters when you put your head in. 

After the first location {top}, they took us to another location just two minutes away, on the same island, where we were given a bigger chunk of ocean and more time {an hour!} to snorkel. 

All that snorkeling is exhausting, I tell you! Anyhoo. That was it. Another blissful 90 minute speed boat ride back to the pier and then back to the resort and beach for a massage!

Day 3

Since I was leaving this beautiful island {sob, sob} in the afternoon, I spent time at the beach and in the island's only mall, Central Festival.

The beach strip in front of my resort.
Central Festival Mall

And that was the end of my stay in Koh Samui. Next: The most beautiful airport in the world, and Bangkok.
 I'll be doing a post with tips on Thailand, so look out for that!