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Feeling Lethargic? Here's How To Perk Up Fast

Feeling Lethargic? Here's How To Perk Up Fast

Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom from Pexels
 Feeling lethargic can negatively impact your whole life if it’s a problem you’re having to deal with most days. After a night of interrupted sleep, you might feel lethargic, but if it’s a problem that you can’t seem to find an explanation for, you may need to try a number of solutions before you land on something that really seems to help you perk up. Whether you’ve got a packed to-do list that you’re tired of falling behind on, or you simply want to have the energy you need to enjoy life, the ideas here can help you to perk up quickly and avoid lethargy in the long run. 

Work On Sleep Quality 
You might think you’re getting 8 hours sleep, but if your sleep quality is off then no amount of sleep will feel like enough. Sleep quality can suffer due to a number of lifestyle factors that you’ll need to work on if you’re going to get better. For example, drinking caffeine is fine, but if you drink it too close to bedtime then you will likely struggle to drift off and toss and turn. You can also improve your sleep quality by:
  • Removing technology from the bedroom.
  • Investing in blackout blinds or curtains. 
  • Having a wind-down routine that is at least one hour before you sleep. 
  • Exercising earlier on in the day to get rid of excess energy.
  • Writing out a to-do list for the next day so that everything is out of your head.
Make Sure You’re Eating A Balanced Diet 
Balanced diets require protein, fats, and carbs. Carbs are not the enemy - we need them to have the energy to function! If you’re unsure of how to go about this, have a portion of protein, fats, and carbs with each meal. Make sure you’re also eating plenty of fruit and vegetables. You can use an app to track what you’re eating if you’re worried you’re still not getting the balance right. 

Visit Your Doctor For Tests 
Sometimes, lethargy could be due to a much deeper problem. You may have an iron deficiency, in which case iron deficiency tablets will give you the energy boost you need. Even a potassium deficiency could negatively impact your energy levels. Your doctor will be able to tell you more, so make an appointment. 

Take A Cold Shower 
A cold shower might not be the most pleasurable way to spend your time, but staying under the cold water for just 30 seconds could shock your body and give you a massive cognitive boost! 

Try A New Beverage 
Many people rely on coffee to get them through the day, but if it’s not working for you, you may want to try something else. Yerba mate is a drink that can give you great energy without the highs and lows. 

Take A Walk Outside 
I know it's COVID times, but if possible, get outside for some fresh air and exercise, even if it’s only for a short time. And yes, even in Bahrain's humidity.

Do More Of The Things You Love 
We can sometimes feel lethargic because we aren't doing enough of the things that excite us. Make sure you’re putting time aside for whatever it is you love to do. 

To summarize, being aware of how you're feeling and doing heaps of self-care goes a long way in feeling energetic and happy. Good sleep, fresh air, exercise, being aware of what you're eating and drinking, good nutrition and doing the things you love should help you get out of that slump you recently find yourself in.

Until next time,


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Shabana Feroze
How To Exude Confidence Every Day Of The Month

How To Exude Confidence Every Day Of The Month

Confidence is difficult to achieve. We all know that it comes from within, and it's always in our grasp. Yet overcoming fears and brushing aside the views of others is notoriously difficult. After all, we’re social animals.

Exuding confidence, however, comes with a host of advantages for your wellbeing. You feel better in your day-to-day life. You don’t worry about what other people think. And you can focus on the things that matter to you the most. 

People who exude confidence tend to go far in life. They get the partners they want, the promotions they seek, and the fulfilment of a life well-lived. If you can just be confident in yourself, you’ve won half that battle. 

But how can you exude confidence every day? What techniques should you use? 

Create A Strong, Powerful Body

The way our bodies look on the outside is so often an outgrowth of how we feel on the inside. Happiness, determination, and perseverance all have a habit of showing up in your complexion and waistline. If you feel good about yourself and your situation, your body will eventually reflect that. 

Presenting yourself as physically powerful, therefore, can have a knock-on effect on your confidence levels. Toned muscles and a slim waist are a daily reminder of who you are and what matters to you. 

Sort Your Teeth

You can have the best physique in the world, but if you’re unhappy with your teeth, you’ll never feel confident when you smile. Whenever you meet somebody new, you’re worried about them judging you. 

Practices like Bowral Street Dental Practice, however, point out that all dental problems can be fixed. Crooked teeth, stains, or bad breath are all amenable to intervention. 

Modern dentistry is capable of performing minor miracles. Even if you don’t have any teeth at all, you can get two rows of perfect pearly whites with full-mouth reconstruction. 

When you have great teeth, you immediately exude confidence. You feel uninhibited smiling. And that’s when the magic happens. 

Focus On Fulfilling Your Own Standards

Mentally strong people don’t hinge their happiness on the opinions of others. Instead, they focus exclusively on meeting their own standards. 

Think about what matters to you. Judge yourself according to your goals and aspirations. If somebody makes a comment intended to be hurtful, that’s a reflection of their character, not yours. 

Stop Being So Polite

Being overly polite is the sign of somebody who lacks the confidence to take risks in social situations. Being well-mannered around other people is great. But sometimes you need to show a little edge so that other people know where they stand with you. You’re not a perfect human being, so why pretend to be one? Get comfortable with airing your thoughts. You fear that people will judge and condemn you. But more often than not, the opposite happens. They like the fact that you’re open about your impulses and opinions. It builds trust. 

These are just a few techniques and ideas that will help you exude more confidence. Give them a try! 

Until next time,

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Shabana Feroze
How To Improve Your Diet & Eating Habits

How To Improve Your Diet & Eating Habits


Eating healthy is going to make you feel better overall, and you’ll likely find you have fewer health issues. If you’re sick and tired of your poor eating habits and are ready for a change, then you’ve come to the right place. It starts by you being motivated and dedicated to making wiser choices so that you can avoid the adverse side effects that come from eating poorly.
There are a few ways, in particular, that will help improve your diet and eating habits so that you can get your wellness back on track. Changing your behaviour isn’t always easy and may take some trial and error, so be kind to yourself as you adjust and make changes to your daily routine.

Keep A Food Journal

You can improve your diet and eating habits by keeping a food journal and documenting what you’re putting into your body all day. It won’t take you very long to do and will be an excellent way for you to turn your eating habits around quickly. You may realize that you’re eating the wrong foods or are overeating at mealtime. I’ll also help you not cheat yourself and be honest about what you’re choosing to put in your body when you write it down. It’s a great reality check that creates awareness around your eating habits and food choices so you can make better decisions in the future.

Read Nutrition Labels

Another way to improve your diet and eating habits is to read nutrition labels. There’s a lot you can learn by taking a quick look at this information and these details. Stay away from saturated fats and focus on consuming foods that are high in fibre and protein. The writing and labels can be small, so make sure you invest in a good pair of glasses if you have bad eyes. You can check out some options here and save yourself time and money by ordering a new pair of eyewear online.

Cook at Home

Buy a healthy-recipe book and cook for yourself to improve your diet and eating habits. Eating out is not only more expensive, but you’re likely consuming more calories and fat than what is healthy for you. You have control over what ingredients you put in your body and portion sizes when you make your own food and meals at home. It can also be an enjoyable and relaxing activity for you if you get the hang of it. You may want to challenge yourself to difficult recipes as you get better at cooking and want to put your skills to the test.

Clean out Your Fridge & Pantry

You’re setting yourself up for struggle right from the start if your house is full of unhealthy foods and snacks. Therefore, improve your diet and eating habits by taking the time to clean out your fridge and pantry and stock and organize your kitchen with nutritious options. You won’t feel enticed to grab cookies or chips if all you have are other healthy alternatives in your fridge and pantry that provide more nutritional value for you. You may miss these treats initially, but eventually, you’ll notice that you feel better when you eat healthily throughout the day.

Plan Ahead for Work & Travel

It’s easy to make excuses and fall off track when you don’t prepare in advance. Plan ahead for when you’re not at home, such as for work and travel. Improve your diet and eating habits by packing a lunch and healthy snacks for the office, so you’re not tempted to eat out. Also, when you travel, make sure you fill your plate with nutritious options and stay away from sweets and caffeine. Commit to your new eating habits no matter where you are so that you don’t let all the hard work you’re doing at home go to waste.


You should now feel empowered and knowledgeable about how you can improve your diet and eating habits. It’s an excellent first step in helping you live a healthier lifestyle so that you can have more natural energy and improve your mood. The foods you eat have a significant impact on your physical and mental health and wellness. Any positive changes you can start making now will set you up for a brighter future where you experience better health and happiness. Be willing to experiment and give these ideas a try so that you can see for yourself what a difference they make in your life. 
Until next time,

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Feeling Trapped? Motivate Yourself by Making Life Easier

Feeling Trapped? Motivate Yourself by Making Life Easier

It’s not uncommon to feel like you’re stuck in a rut. You may be doing things as usual but find that you’re not going anywhere. Additionally, some of the things that you found enjoyable may start to feel less exciting. When you’re stuck in a rut, you will remain stagnant instead of working to achieve your goals. Such feelings can be frustrating, but you can easily motivate yourself by making life easier and doing simple self-care.

Simple Things You Can do to Make Life Easier

Go for a walk

A walk around your neighbourhood is one of the best low-intensity exercises. While it won’t leave you sweaty, it will get your blood moving and increase your heart rate a bit. The increase in blood flow, the fresh air outside, sunshine, and the ability to explore your neighbourhood makes a short walk a great way to take a little break from your normal routines. Remember, a break is as good as a rest.

Go to bed early

Have you stopped to ask yourself which is the easiest way to make life easier? Resting! According to Medical News Today, getting enough sleep is vital for your wellbeing. However, getting the recommended eight hours of sleep every night may be impossible for most people. But you can try to get enough sleep for at least one day every week. Choose a specific night when you’ll be going to bed early, even if it means leaving the dishes in the sink.

Appreciate what you already have

When you’re stuck in a rut and feeling less motivated, you can easily start seeing life through a negative lens. However, when you pause to think about what you have and stop worrying yourself about what you don’t have, you will be able to change your perspective for the better.

Read a section of a book

Are you curious about a certain topic? Visit the library and get a book about the topic, and read it in bits. Read a section of the book to avoid reading for an extended period. Reading is one of the best ways to enjoy life on a daily basis. However, it’s important that you make sure that you’re not harming your eyes by wearing the right Eye Contacts. By reading a thoughtful book, you will most likely have a few interesting ideas occupying your head as you go about your daily activities.

Take a longer shower

Taking a shower is a daily hygiene routine, but most of the time, it’s an automatic and quick task that you do before and after the day. However, rather than just taking a quick bath, you may want to take a long and luxurious shower. Let your body soak in the water and scrub every inch carefully. When you finally leave your bathroom, you will feel refreshed.

Bottom Line

We humans, tend to complicate things. Complexities bring along unnecessary stress, conflict, and difficulty. When you find yourself complaining about being tired, stressed, and unfulfilled, you’re most likely falling into a rut. However, even when you don’t want to do anything, simplifying life will help motivate you. 

Until next time,

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Shabana Feroze
5 Ways to Properly Wind Down after a Workout

5 Ways to Properly Wind Down after a Workout

Image by Nico H. from Pixabay
If you prefer exercising in the afternoon or evening, or that’s just simply when you have free time after work, it’s important to wind down before bed. Fitness experts usually recommend doing exercise a few hours before your bedtime as optimum, because then you’ll have time to relax. 

Doing any kind of sport gets your heart pumping and gives you an energy boost. It’s important to make sure you do a proper cool down afterwards to bring your heart rate back down. In addition to stretching and relaxing the muscles, this also helps to soothe your mind.

Here are five relaxing ways to wind down after a workout.


If you can afford the luxury, massage is ideal. For any sports injures, aches or pains look into physiotherapy as well. If you’re stuck at home alone, or your partner isn’t heavy-handed enough, get creative. A tennis ball makes a good massage prop. Take a look at this video tutorial

Breathing exercises

Some people prefer meditation and mindful activities after a workout. For a beginner, a good way to start is with some breathing exercises. Cross your arms over your stomach and try to breathe deeply in and out through your diagram. Proper breathing is also an important part of yoga. Try out these yoga breathing exercises and accompanying poses. 

Proper stretches

Stretching needs to be controlled, careful, and take time. Speak to a personal trainer about how to stretch properly after your particular choice of sport. Your online and app workout routines should have stretches built into them, whatever the sport.

Stretching is a fundamental part of your workout and prevents you from feeling stiff the next day. It also enhances performance, strength and flexibility. Stretching is great for stress and relieves physical and psychological tension. Have look at this Stretching 101 for complete guidelines.


Give your senses a soothing treat after a workout with aromatherapy. Herbal remedies such as lavender, mint, and rosemary stimulate your olfactory and tell your brain to relax. You can also try essential oils on your aching muscles. Eucalyptus and chamomile are a couple of examples of natural muscle relaxants

Take a hot bath and read a book after you finish your exercise. It’s important to destress and take some time for yourself. Light some candles or incense. You could even try a relaxing milk bath. Have a look at these recipes for making your own milk bath at home.

Eat and Rehydrate

You will need to rehydrate after a workout so drink plenty of water or a sports drink. Choose a small snack as well such as yoghurt or banana. If you workout before dinner, then don’t eat too close to your bedtime as it might disrupt your sleep. 

After a workout, your body will need to replenish nutrients and refuel your muscles. What to eat and how much can depend on the type and length of the workout. Here is a guide to food choices after exercise. Find out what healthy foods work best for you and your workout.

All of the above should help you choose the ideal way in which you should cool down after exercising, or just as a way to relax before your bedtime.
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Shabana Feroze
"You've Put On Weight"

"You've Put On Weight"

A friend of mine is getting married. She has a wonderful figure. However, she’s being told by close friends and family that she has ‘put on weight’. She has been told this so many times that she’s started to feel insecure and panicky. She’s getting obsessed about how to lose the weight.

I don’t know why women do this to women. All the people who told my friend she’s put on weight, yep, they’re women. My friend doesn’t feel fat. Or as if she’s put on weight. She certainly doesn’t look out of shape or ugly. But she feels ugly because other women have started scrutinizing her body because she’ll be wearing a wedding dress soon.

My friend is a highly intelligent, talented and kind person. She has better things to obsess about than a few pounds of flab she might have put on because she’s happy and in love. It makes my blood boil when women start to make other women feel insecure about their bodies. We already have impossible beauty standards to reach up to. We don’t need to be pulled down by each other.

I’m here to tell you that if you’re one of these women who tells other women ‘you’ve put on weight’, STOP IT. Stop telling other women how their bodies need to look. All of us come in different shapes and sizes. There is no one shape or size that’s beautiful. Also, it’s really not nice to judge another woman {or person’s} body. Focus on your own shape and body, and what you want to look like, instead of telling others what they need to be doing. 

If you’re one of those women who feel insecure about your body, STOP IT. Your body is your home. It enables you to move, run, jump and enjoy life. Why hate the home you’re in? I agree you want to see a few changes in your body. We all do. That’s okay. You can love your body and go about making the changes you want to make instead of hating it and trying to change it. 

When you love your body, what you’re trying to do to make changes will be more effective. So your fitness regime, healthy routines and change in diet will all yield results faster. Because now you’re doing them because you love your body so much that you want to treat it right. Not because you hate the way you look and you want to punish yourself. You’ll also be happier!

As a fitness instructor, I see this all the time with the ladies who come to my classes. A lot of them are highly insecure about their shape and they ask me what they can be doing more to become thinner/ lose the flab on their belly/ get thinner arms. Some even consider lipo and gastric surgery. 

And it makes me so mad because these women are beautiful, inside and out. They’re lovely, kind and generous human beings. I don’t see a single flaw in their bodies. Yes, some have bigger hips and some have big arms and some are taller, shorter, bigger, skinnier than others. SO WHAT. It doesn’t make them ugly. It makes them who they are. 

One of the women who come to my classes is curvy and stunning. What makes her even more stunning is that she’s completely secure in her body. She often says that she’s not coming to my classes to lose weight, but because working out makes her feel good. I love that attitude! Because she’s so secure in the way her shape is, she’s always got her hair and makeup done well and she wears clothes that flatter her figure. She never moans about being fat or hating her body or how much she has to lose. That’s so attractive and affirming. 

Surround yourself with women who don’t care about these things. I have a fitness instructor friend who I moan to when I put on weight. This gorgeous human being NEVER makes me feel bad about it. She always tells me that I look incredible. She agrees that I’ve put on some weight, but that I look stronger because of it. I love that! Because of that, I stop obsessing about my weight and I relax. 

Lastly, if you’re getting married, don’t go crazy trying to lose weight. If you put on weight before the wedding, you know what you have to do, right? Alter your dress to fit you better. That’s all.

Dress: Saji's Couture, Watch: Olivia Burton, Sunglasses: Aldo, Cuff & Bag: Parfois, Heels: Matalan, Photos: Ancita Sherel

If you liked this post, I talk about body positivity, health and fitness, and loving yourself in my book, Loving Yourself In Style. Available on Kindle, Kobo, Apple Books, and more. Get your copy today!

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Until next time

Stay happy!
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Concealers And Powders I'm Currently In Love With And How I Use Them

Concealers And Powders I'm Currently In Love With And How I Use Them

If there's one thing I'm obsessed with in my makeup routine, it's concealer. Like most brown girls, I have shadows under my eyes. It's compounded by the fact that my facial bone structure makes my eyes sink in, adding to the shadowy look under my eyes. While I can't change my face's bone structure {and I don't want to get fillers under my eyes}, the best I can do is use concealer.
I love that I can put on concealer any time and it instantly changes my appearance. It makes me look fresher. My under eye shadows always make me look tired. Concealer changes that and makes me look awake and fresh. Which is why I almost never step out of the house without concealer. And in a bid to find the best one, I have tried thousands over the years. Okay, not thousands, but several. 
One of my friends asked me to write a post on my favourite concealers, so here we are. Currently, I have a lot of concealers. And honestly, I think it's okay to have a few because again as a brown girl, your skin colour changes from time to time. I go to Thailand and boom! My skin is a few shades darker. Forget Thailand. The Bahrain summer months of July and August never fail to give my face a tan. This is despite religious use of sunscreen. 
So it makes sense that I have a few different concealers in different shades. Not just that, but of different consistency and coverage. I have some concealers that are very thick and provide full coverage. I have some that are thinner and are great for when my under eye area feels particularly dry. I have some that I put on when I'm in a rush. Sometimes my shadows are really dark and I just layer on ALL the concealers in a bid to cover up the purple-y grey crescents under my eyes.
 Note: this does not work. But does that stop me from doing it? Nooooo.
So enough of my babbling, here are the concealers I'm currently using and in love with:
The Concealers

MAC Cosmetics Pro Conceal And Correct Palette in Medium Deep is my number one favourite concealer palette right now. I can't live without it. I was introduced to it last year when I went to a MAC store in Bahrain. One of the makeup artists, Abeer, showed me how to use this palette and I loved it! What I love the most about this palette is that it has 2 correctors and 4 shades. This makes it very travel-friendly and lets me customize my concealer needs whenever my skin tone changes. 
Before this palette, I used to have a separate corrector and many concealers in different shades. Now I don't need to. Everything is in one palette and that's so practical. I had taken this with me when I went on holiday to Thailand and it was the best thing ever! When I got tanned, I simply used the darkest shade in the palette and it was perfect! Such a relief!
The consistency of these concealers is very thick, offering full coverage. A little goes a long way. I hadn't realized that the corrector I needed wasn't orange, it's yellow! The yellow corrector in this palette is perfect to take away the greyness under my eyes. I also realized that if you mix the yellow and orange correctors, you can get any shade of concealer you need. 
My MAC concealer shade is NC 42, and this concealer has NC 42 as well as NC 40. I also found it very reasonable at BD 15 for the entire palette since you get 6 shades. And hey, after all, it's MAC.

L.A Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer in GC 976 Pure Beige is an evergreen {everbeige?} favourite. I don't think I can ever stop buying this. It's a creamy formula and this shade always suits my skin. Because the formula is creamy and light, I use it to cover the darkness around my mouth. It blends really easily into my skin and feels light. Sometimes if I feel the MAC concealer feels too heavy and matte under my eyes, I add a little bit of this concealer on top to make my skin look more dewy and natural.

I love the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark circles Concealer + Treatment because of its texture. It's super hydrating and has good coverage. The consistency is thinner than the LA Girl concealer, but because it's really moisturizing, like the LA Girl concealer, sometimes I put it as the last thing before I set my concealer with powder. The sponge applicator feels great on the skin and it makes the application really easy. I really like that it has goji berry in it. 

The Application
I’ve tried a lot of concealer brushes and I have come to this conclusion- my fingers are the best tools. The warmth from my fingers melts the product and makes it easier to apply. It's also really easy for me to get into the tricky corners of my eyes using my fingers. For the Maybelline and LA Girl concealers, I put it on my skin directly then spread or pat it in with my fingers. 

The Powders
I like to set my concealers with powder. I wish I could leave this step out because I really like the dewy look of just concealer, but living in a terribly humid country like Bahrain means that your concealer will slip off if you don't set it with powder. 
Here are the ones I love the best and am currently using:

MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix Perfecting Powder, BD 15

The MAC Studio Fix Perfecting Powder in Medium Dark was a game-changer for me. Because finally, FINALLY, I found a powder that actually matched my exact skin tone! Before this, I was always recommended powders that were too light for me. Because this powder matches my skin colour so well, even if my concealer isn't the perfect match, a little bit of this powder makes everything look seamless. This is a fine powder that sets concealer beautifully. It doesn't cake and looks very natural on the skin. I like to apply this powder with a wedge-shaped sponge because the thin part of the sponge gets into my sunken under eye area perfectly. A beauty blender never does.
The Australis Ready Set Go Finishing Powder in True Translucent is one of my favourite finishing powders. I've tried a lot of finishing powders but I really like this one because 1. it's really translucent, 2. it's super, super fine, and 3. it feels very light on the skin. It doesn't feel like you're wearing any powder on your skin at all. This powder is usually the last step in my makeup routine. I don't wear foundation, only concealer, so I need powder to set the concealer and also mattify my oily face. Under the eyes I use the MAC Studio Fix Perfecting Powder, then I use a big fluffy brush to pick up very little of the Australis Finishing Powder and do a quick sweep of it all over my face.
And that's it! Those are all my favourite concealers and the powders with which I set them. I don't like the result of foundation which can look heavy and cakey, plus I believe in letting the skin breathe. Also, Bahrain with its super humid climate is not really the best place to put too much makeup on your face. Especially foundation. So I just use concealers and powders in places that need concealing.  
To end this post I'll say this- it's OKAY to be flawed. It's OKAY to have acne and rosacea and freckles and blemishes. Love the skin you're in. Don't obsess so much about covering it up or about looking a certain way. Don't think that you need to match a certain beauty standard. If you're a positive, kind person, you'll always look beautiful. Wear makeup for yourself, to look fresher and the way YOU want to look. Because it helps you feel better about yourself. And again, don't go crazy trying to completely cover those undereye circles or hyperpigmentation. It's alright if it shows. There are better things in life to obsess about than covering up your perceived flaws. 
Until next time,
Feel beautiful.
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