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Hi! I'm Shabana. I live in Bahrain. I'm a businesswoman by day and a fitness instructor by night. I believe that dressing up is the easiest way of loving yourself, and this blog is where I journal my outfits and my life. If you'd like to know more, click on the About Me tab on top. I hope you enjoy my blog!
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Turquoise and Tan & Birthday Plans

Turquoise and Tan & Birthday Plans

Sweater dresses are so great because they look elegant, really comfortable, and you can wear layers under them. I got this knit dress last year when I had to travel to Europe for a holiday in March and it was freezing there. It was super useful there and I wore it multiple times as I could layer thermal wear under it, and also wear a big coat on top.

For the laughable cold temperatures of Bahrain winters, this dress can be worn with a thin shirt inside or just as a dress itself. I paired it with stockings and tall boots in this look. I've been wanting to wear this dress with these boots ever since I got it, but it's such a waste of space to take tall boots with you on holiday. Especially when you know you can't walk long distances in them. 

These are the only pair of boots I have now. The main reason I stopped buying boots or don't have others is that Bahrain's year-long summer hardly gives me a chance to wear them, no matter how much I love them. It's the same with my winter wear. It's pared down to very few sweaters, coats and scarves, and I don't buy new ones anymore unless I have to travel to a very cold place. I don't know if I'll ever get rid of these boots, though. They make me happy just looking at them standing in a corner of my room. They're a favourite because of their tan colour, the material, and of course, the 5-inch heels.

They're great to pair with dresses and I'm hoping I can do one more shoot with these babies paired with a pencil skirt before it becomes too hot to wear them again.

What I love the most about this sweater dress is that it's knitted with shiny threads, so it glitters. I'd never pick this dress out for myself, but my mother picked it out and insisted I try it on and once I did, I was in love. Other than the gorgeous turquoise colour and the shimmer, I love that it's a thick knit and it doesn't hug the body too closely. It has a straight fit similar to a pencil dress which looks so elegant. But what I'm really crazy about in this dress is the sleeves. My obsession with bishop sleeves and long cuffs is nothing new. Although this dress does not have a cuff, it's tight at the wrist going almost all the way up till the elbow, and it's a wide sleeve above that. The thick knit material gives these kinds of sleeves a different structure and look. 

I really wish I could wear more of this dress but I'm sure I won't be able to because 1), global warming means Bahrain's winters get shorter and shorter every year until finally one year it'll be just summer and we'll all roast and die, and 2), the knit gets snagged easily and bobbles turn up everywhere on the dress. With such dresses and other knitted clothes, you have to be very careful to not wear any jewellery or accessories that snag the fabric and cause a thread to pop out of the knit. 

Since the dress is of one colour but still has some shimmer, I chose big earrings and a big ring. I paired an envelope clutch in a matt silver metallic finish that brings out the shine in the dress.

My cousin got me these huge earrings from Rajasthan, India and I love them! I love the teardrop shape and that they have a jhumka and mirror in them. They're deceptively light and I love how massive they are.

I'm loving the trend of big statement earrings. I'm so old now that I remember when trends first came and went, and marvel at when they come a second time around. And of course, that's just me noticing that in my lifetime. Trends keep coming and going and then coming back again since forever. But I do love big, big earrings. As always, I resist a trend when it begins because usually, it begins with bizarre designs and styles. Then when more the trend looks like it's going to stay, all the fashion houses, high street chains and even the street shops start to get in on it. That's when you start to see more designs made with different materials. And that's when I actually start to like some pieces.

So maybe a year or more into the statement earring trend, I started loving it. I got myself lots of long and big earrings from India last year and I'm really enjoying incorporating them into my style quotient. I like that I don't have to worry about wearing a necklace with the outfit now. The annoying thing with the statement necklace trend was that I always had to find earrings that 1), matched the necklace, and 2), were of an appropriate size that would not compete with the necklace. 

Having said that, I'd definitely try wearing a big necklace with this sweater dress. It would break the solid colour and something in a rose gold finish would stand out beautifully against the deep turquoise colour. A longer mala-type necklace or a scarf would also look good on this dress. In winter, it's perfect to wrap a really long scarf twice or thrice around your neck and let the end falls all the way down the length of the dress for a clean, minimal look.

Dress: H&M, Earrings: Gifted, Ring: Gold Souq, Stockings: Marks & Spencer, Bag: from India, Boots, Sunnies: Aldo.

What are your favourite winter pieces? How do you like to style them? Leave me a comment after the post!

On a Personal Note

It's my birthday soon {tomorrow!} and like every year, I like to celebrate allllll month long. And when I say celebrate, I don't mean go to a birthday party every day, but that I treat myself with more gentleness, love and kindness that I usually do. Or at least, I try to. I hate the fact that February is the shortest month of the year. More days! More celebrations! More feeling special! 

I also do things such as set personal goals, dreams and wishes for myself. Yes, wishes. Because wishes are cuter forms of dreams. All these things are so much fun to do and even though it doesn't have quite the same feel, I DO try and do them the entire year long. 

Until next time

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Shabana Feroze
Abandoned Battle Scenes and Pretty Beachfronts

Abandoned Battle Scenes and Pretty Beachfronts

My visit to Dubai for the new year was so much fun. While I'm always visiting Dubai, it was a lot of fun this time because I explored a few new places that were so unique and visually striking. Here are a few photos from the places I visited and some info on them.

Click on photos to enlarge them.

A Post-Apocalyptic World

Last Exit, Jebel Ali North was highly entertaining with its post-apocalyptic setting, complete with monster trucks, abandoned cars, and chills-running-down-your-spine eerie feels.

I love the finesse that went into making the place look and feel like a post-war wasteland. All the way from the weaponized cars to even the bathrooms. So much detail! I half-expected to find zombies walking around. I loved how all the food trucks were also war trucks. And of course, there was some great food, too. 

It was just so much fun walking all over and marvelling at the scenes and things. Even though I was there for a couple of hours, I feel like I still didn't see everything. And there are so many other Last Exits with different themes that I want to check out! 

A Rustic and Colourful Beachfront

La Mer, the beachfront in Jumeirah, was beautiful with gorgeous colours of the sea, colourful and fun street art everywhere, the unique architecture of cafes and restaurants, rustic lights and just the lively atmosphere as people milled around. My friend and I sat in Murjan Cafe and enjoyed watching the sky with its changing colours as the sun set, and a Lotus and Kunafa Caramel Cheesecake that I think may just be the best cheesecake I've ever had. 

I also visited a Japanese cafe and bakery in Ibn Battuta Mall, which had beautifully presented cuisine and amazing Ramen noodles made fresh in-house. 

Since my visit was very short, {only 4 days}, I think I packed a lot into it by at least visiting two new places, as opposed to spending my entire time reading in the hotel room. Great food, amazing weather and stunning skies made this short trip a memorable one.

What are some of your favourite places to visit in Dubai? What places are unmissable when it comes to eating out in Dubai?

Until next time

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Shabana Feroze
15 Life Lessons I Learned in 2018

15 Life Lessons I Learned in 2018

I know that we're almost at the end of the first month of 2019, but I still wanted to share this as life lessons I learned from 2018. Because 2018 was such a big year of growth for me. I went through loss, achieved huge milestones at work, read a few life-changing books, made heaps of changes in my thinking patterns, and made new friends. And for the most part, all of this happened at the same time. So here are a few lessons 2018 taught me:

1. As you grow older and your life evolves, make friends with those who made the same life choices as you. They'll understand you like no one else does because their life followed the same path as yours and your future goals will be common, too.

2. Nothing will make you feel more powerful than being in command of your own body and health. So do whatever it takes to maintain a fit body and mind.

3. Becoming more mature means that success, intelligence and good looks stop being as attractive as kindness does. Your entire goal in life becomes to be kinder and to be around people who are kind.

4. Learn to say no. Even to the little things. When your friends are all going out and you don't want to, say no. Don't eat something you don't like just to finish it. Respect yourself so much that you start to say no to every little thing that doesn't make you happy.

5. Read books on personal growth. Read books on organizing. Read feel-good fiction that just makes you happy. But please, read. It's one of the best ways of discovering how other human minds function and makes you self-aware of how your mind does, too.

6. You are so much more resilient than you think. A tragic incident or a difficulty makes you face your biggest fears and when you come through it, you realize you're so much stronger than you thought.

7. Don't overthink things. Don't overanalyze. It's such a waste of your brain. Sometimes letting go of the need to control the outcome takes you to an even better result.

8. If someone doesn't like you or treats you badly, don't assume it's because of you. Most often people do things that serve only themselves, not because they want to deliberately hurt you.

9. One simple thing to look forward to can help you get through a tough time. The thing can be as simple as meeting a friend or going to your favourite cafe for your favourite chocolate cake or a cuddle with your pet. When things look bleak, think about the one good thing coming up or plan one.

10. Don't make yourself lesser out of a sense of guilt that you don't deserve to be this smart/ look this amazing/ be this successful. Or because it makes others uncomfortable. Shine with all the beauty and light you have.

11. Do whatever it takes to reduce stress.

12. Use happiness as the only yardstick to do everything in life and it will take you to amazing places.

13. Don't delay enjoyment. Wear party clothes every day. Open the champagne. Don't wait for an occasion. Every day is a celebration. 

14. Stop stopping yourself from feeling happiness fully. We usually fear that if we feel TOO happy, something bad will happen. This only stops you from living that happiness completely. You're an amazing person who deserves to be unashamedly, completely happy. Start believing that, fully. 

15. Rid your mind of the ridiculous notion that you have to work really hard and sacrifice a lot to achieve your goals. This will only make you feel that just because you got something easily, it's not amazing, and even if there's something that can be achieved very easily and with minimal effort, you will create complications and do too much work to attain it and then feel like your reward didn't live up to all that strenuous hard work. Also, you'll resent people who seemingly get the good things in life much easier than you do. Save yourself all that heartbreak and anguish and just throw the concept out that goals can be achieved only through arduous work and self-sacrifice.

There are probably a lot more lessons that last year taught me, but these are the ones that come to mind the most when I think about it. I always thought of 2018 as a really tough, crappy year, but once I started to focus on what I learned in this year, I realized it was a lot and that I probably didn't grow over the years as much as I grew in this one year alone. Here's to more lessons and more growth in 2019.

Now it's your turn. What are some of the most valuable lessons you took away from 2018? What would you add to this list? I would love to hear your thoughts! Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time,
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Shabana Feroze
2019 Fashion and Style Trend Predictions

2019 Fashion and Style Trend Predictions

Photo by Ana-Maria Nichita on Unsplash
As the fictitious Carrie Bradshaw once said, every new runway season is our chance to leave our old and foolish choices behind, and discover new and hopefully improved trends for the following year. Although the character herself has made some questionable style choices of her own, there’s no denying that at least what she says rings true. Every year is like a clean slate that enables us to fix our past mistakes and adopt something new, perhaps even something outside our comfort zone. Of course, we will not be completely purging our wardrobes and become slaves to all the new trends. The key is balance – finding the new and trendy pieces that will mesh well with our current wardrobe and infuse a touch of trendiness into our already established style. To that end, after closely monitoring the runways, we come to you with the 2019 fashion forecast, so read on carefully and see which trends tickle your fancy the most.

The Markle effect

Photo by Renata Fraga on Unsplash
Apparently, it’s runways and street style trends on one side, and the Markle effect on the other. Reportedly, everything the new Duchess wears, whether it’s high-end fashion, sustainable fashion or even showing support to smaller brands such as Rothy’s and Scanlan Theodore, turns to sold. Literally, whatever she is photographed in becomes sold out in just a matter of days, sometimes even hours, so to say that the Duchess is our new style guru would be an understatement. Given the current developments and the frenzy over her style, it’s safe to assume that she will have a major impact on what people will be wearing in the following year as well, so make sure to check the Meghan Markle Style File regularly and snag the pieces that catch your eye. You would be surprised how many of them are affordable.

Not a trend, but a lifestyle

Photo by Renata Fraga on Unsplash

When asked whether the athleisure trend has staying power, NPD’s chief industry advisor-retail provided a simple and compelling argument: “When you have comfort and function combined with fashion, it’s difficult to go back to anything else on a regular basis.” Now, for all the romantic souls out there, who love their romantic frilly ensembles, poignant hues and feminine cuts, yoga pants, sweatshirts and puffer jackets may not seem as appealing. However, as we said, there is no need to up and change your style simply because one trend reigns supreme. There are always subtle ways to incorporate a trend and still leave your style persona uncompromised. Therefore, if you’re not a fan of the whole full-on athleisure vibe, you can simply opt for an amazing pair of sleek Adidas sneakers for instance, and rock them with your most romantic dress. Your style will be intact, yet infused with a whimsical twist.

Drama, drama, drama

Photo by Emma Paillex on Unsplash
Ever since Marc Jacobs unleashed the ruffled beasts onto the runway in his Spring/Summer 2019 collection, the world has gone gaga over the overstated, larger than life ruffles. There is almost no doubt in our mind that red carpets during award season will be overflowing with extravagantly ruffled gowns as well as giant flower-like necklines and belts. We have to admit, it is definitely something new, and something that no other designer has done, at least not to this extent, this season. So, even if you don’t have a red carpet situation in the foreseeable future, you might want to grab something from the incredibly romantic and just a little over the top ruffled/floral department, and channel your ostentatious goddess vibes, even if it’s just someone’s wedding or a New Year’s party.

More romance

Photo by Makenna Entrikin on Unsplash
Judging by the number of puffy sleeves spotted in the street style sections in all the major fashion capitals, we can almost say with certainty, that the puff sleeves will be here with us throughout the entirety of 2019. Expect them on tops, dresses, sweaters, and even coats. Something truly feminine and just slightly extravagant is simply too good to let slip through our fingers, so we have a sneaking suspicion that fashionistas all over the world will fight to keep the puff alive and on point.

Never let me go

Photo by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash
The fashionistas flocking to their favorite fashion shows who weren’t wearing a designer bag could be counted on the fingers of one hand. Everyone has returned to logomania, professing their brand loyalty and love once again. The logo was proclaimed dead, for about a New York minute there, but it seems that it was just taking a power nap and has now returned, larger and better than ever. Everyone was rocking their logo-filled bags, one of the most popular being the Dior saddle bag, although there was a heavy presence of Celine, Chanel and Gucci as well. When you invest in something of this variety and price point, there is no way you will be ready to give it back.
Finally, the one trend that is certain to dominate the streets, Instagram feeds, fashion blogs and virtually everything else is the animal print, so make sure you choose the print you feel most inclined to, because we’re in for another session of the concrete jungle – 2019 edition.

About Claire Hastings

Claire is an Australian designer and style writer with a passion for everything beautiful. She believes in the symbiosis of ethics and fashion and loves to write about it.
Follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

I hope you enjoyed that guest post by Claire!

Until next time,

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Shabana Feroze
I'm Not Sari About 2018

I'm Not Sari About 2018

My mother received a sari as a gift from family friends in India. It was a black sari made from thick cotton, with a beautiful gold and red kanjeevaram border in a paisley design. Neither my mother nor I wear saris so we decided to make good use of this one to make clothes we do wear. And because a sari is a lot of cloth, we could make two items of clothing from it. So we showed it to my friend Sajida who owns Saji's Couture, and she suggested that we make a top for mom, and a maxi skirt for me with the border at the hem. I LOVED the idea. I knew that a maxi skirt from this material would have an amazing fall and flare.

But once stitched, I didn't know it would look this good. The heaviness of the thick cotton gives the skirt a beautiful "A" shape, and the lace border makes the hem defined and gives the whole skirt structure. Although it doesn't flow as much as a thinner fabric would, I love the fall and the skirt is stitched to look big and make a statement. It still moves with you as you walk, and feels very elegant. Even though the cotton creases easily, the shiny silk kanjeevaram lace border makes the whole skirt look glamorous. I'm sure this simple combination of black cotton with the golden border would look stunning when worn as a sari. 

I wore it with a mustard sweater and a green top inside, with the collar peeking through. The mustard shade contrasts against the black and goes with the gold in the border of the skirt. The green is a glimpse of bright colour in all the rich winter colours of black, deep red and mustard. 

The only way I could have worn a sweater with this skirt is because the waistband is adjustable. It's a metal hook with lots of loop pockets at different intervals so you can make the waistband lose or tight. Genius. My gripe with skirts in winter is that I can't tuck sweaters in. I've asked Sajida to make this type of waistband in all my skirts from Saji's Couture from now on. If I had one complaint, it would be that the skirt doesn't have pockets. And Sajida promised me she'll put pockets in all my future SC dresses, skirts and pants. 

I accessorized with pretty gold earrings with mustard and orange colours that were given to me by an aunt in India. A big ring and a golden watch completed my accessories. 

For my bag, I grabbed this coral tote, which is also the Pantone Colour of 2019. Obviously, my bag isn't the exact shade, but it IS coral and I lurrrrve it. The colour goes with the border shades and is a softer hue in all the bright and rich colours in the outfit. It's one of the bags I got from India and I love love love it as it has lots of pockets and loads of space. Not to mention the structured shape.

Top and Skirt: Saji's Couture, Sweater: H&M, Watch: Parfois, Earrings: Gifted, Bag: from India

On another note, this year has been stupendous. For me, it has been one of the worst years of my life mainly because our beloved older cat, Snarf, passed away in June. Other than that devastating incident, it has been a good eventful year. Like one of my colleagues said- it was a year where many, many bad things happened, but also many good things happened. And I know that sounds like every year in the history of years, but for it being a personal period for an individual, it's true. For me, usually, every year is good. This year so many things happened. It's been an emotional ride. I've had weeks that have felt three years long. Old routines fell away, leaving behind chaos and worry. New ways of thinking had to be adopted. I had to learn that not everything can be controlled and that sometimes, that's amazing. Because life can then give you a pleasant surprise. And I'd like to think the same way for the next year. 

What about you? How was this year for you?

Until next time

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Shabana Feroze
How To Not Let Social Media Ruin Your Life

How To Not Let Social Media Ruin Your Life

I'm on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Bloglovin'. On top of that, I run an advertising agency that specializes in social media management. Which means I'm looking after social media accounts of clients. So if there's someone who can advise you on how to not let social media ruin their life, it's me.

Social media has taken over our world. We're constantly updating our lives on Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram. Our phones are full of social apps. And now we all know that spending too much time looking at our phones checking out glitzy photos of bloggers and celebs on Instagram or looking at Facebook photos of our friends enjoying their travel holidays is detrimental to our mental health.

But we can't not be on these platforms. There are too many advantages to these social media that we can't deny. WhatsApp lets us talk to loved ones for free. We can keep up with what's happening with long-distance family and reunite with long lost friends on Facebook.

But these apps also drive us crazy. So here are a few tips and tricks to not let these social media apps get to you, and how to keep your sanity while still being up-to-date with technology and staying connected. I'm breaking these ideas down according to each app, so you know exactly what to do for each.

How To Not Let Social Media Ruin Your Life


WhatsApp can sometimes drive you mental with continuous incoming text messages and voice notes. While you can't completely switch off notifications, here's a few things you CAN do to not let WhatsApp make you feel like throwing your phone at the wall:
  • Change your notification tone to something short. A notification tone that's long will irritate you {and others around you} when you're being flooded with messages. A short tone like a short beep or a pop is a subtle reminder that you have messages.
  • Customize your tones for different people. I have different tones for close friends and friend groups that I always love hearing from. This way when they send a message, I know it's them and I know that I'll want to read it, or that it can wait.
  • Mute group notifications or from people that send you a lot of forwards. Thankfully now, WhatsApp doesn't show you the red notification number from those you mute. Only when you open WhatsApp you can see that you have a message from them. You can also mute notifications of all groups. 
  • Get👏 Out👏 Of👏 Groups👏 You👏 Don't👏 Like. 
  • Use the block feature. If someone sends me a lot of forwards constantly, I block them. Even after asking some people to remove you from their list or not send you forwards, they still do. Also, you know that your aunt will get really offended if you tell her to stop sending you all those sexist jokes and scandalous fake news. Just go ahead and block them. They won't know. If they need to talk to you, they can call you.
  • Make shortcuts of the people you message the most. Every phone allows you to make shortcuts of WhatsApp. Put all your most frequently messaged family and friends as shortcuts on your phone so you can message them directly without going into Whatsapp and getting distracted by all the other messages.


  • Turn off notifications on your Facebook app. Go to- Settings & Privacy - Settings - Notifications- Notifications settings- scroll down to "Where you receive notifications" - Push - switch off: Vibrate, Phone LED, Sounds and Logged-out notifications. you can also customize the rest of the notifications for comments, tags, etc. Turn off the one that says "Email and SMS notifications" so you don't get annoying emails. Doing this means that only when you open Facebook, you'll see the little red notifications. 
  • Don't accept friend requests from people you don't know. You'd think this is an obvious one but it's not. Accepting friend requests from anyone and everyone doesn't make you popular. It just gives you more mental clutter when a person you don't know starts messaging you or comments weird or nonsensical stuff on your posts. Plus, Facebook is the more personal of all social media. You don't want strangers and coworkers you don't know that well peeking into your private life.
  • Use the Unsubscribe button freely. Facebook has an amazing feature which lets you unfollow/ unsubscribe people without unfriending them. This just means you won't see their posts on your feed. Just click the three dots next to their post on your feed and click Unfollow. You can also click on their profile and Unfollow there. You can also do this for Facebook pages that you have 'like'd but don't want to unlike as they might belong to a friend and you want to support them. Just unfollow their posts. Customize your feed so it shows you only what you want to see.
  • Report and block nasty people. Just because they're on your friends' list, doesn't mean you have to take their shit. It's YOUR account. People can be really mean sometimes. Delete their nasty comments from their post. If someone is being consistently mean or sleazy or bullying you, report them and block them. 
  • Unfriend people you don't like or whose behaviour you don't like on Facebook. You can still be friends in real life.

Instagram & Twitter

  • Turn off all push notifications. This means you won't get a sound, or the little pop-up notification that comes on the top bar of your phone screen saying so many people liked your post, etc. You'll still see all the updates of how many people liked your post, who followed you, etc., when you open the app.
  • Use the mute feature. Twitter had it for some time, but Instagram recently brought in the mute feature. This means that you can still follow someone without seeing their posts on your feed. Same goes for InstaStories. Mute the ones you don't like cluttering your story feed. 
  • Like Facebook, unfollow people you don't like. There's no compulsion for you to follow them back if they follow you, or if you don't like what they post. People follow you because they want to keep up with you or they get some entertainment value from your posts and tweets. Don't feel obligated to follow them back just because they followed you.

Gmail/ Email:

I know this is not a social medium, but it still is something that can absolutely drive you mental. So here's the solution: turn off all your email notifications and unsync all your inboxes. Try your best not to check your email on your phone. There WAS a time when we didn't have our emails on our phones and we had to either go to the office to send one email or do it from the computer at home. And that was amazing. Because you weren't getting constant notifications for every single email you received, your brain was relaxed. So go back to that by putting notifications off and turning sync off. This way, you can check your emails only when you want to. And don't worry. When you open the inbox, all your emails will be there. You can either reply from your phone to urgent emails or choose to do it from a laptop/ desktop computer.

I can't tell you how much peace of mind not having emails constantly pop up on my phone has brought me. Remember, if people need something from you urgently, they can call you.


For all other apps like Pinterest, eBay, Snapchat, even editing apps, turn notifications off and turn the coloured light notifications off. The idea here is that when your phone is sitting idle, there are no notifications that make you pick up the phone and check what's happening on your social media. Your WhatsApp notifications are still on so you know when you get a message. Or a call {unless you like keeping your phone on silent mode the entire time. Many people do, and I admire their resolve}. So you can respond to people who are trying to get in touch with you for some reason. But all the other notifications of who liked your post, who followed you, who sent you a friend request... you don't need to know what's happening on a real-time basis. You can check these later.

Another thing that has really help me switch off and reduce my social media addiction, is to put my phone off and away, two hours before bed. I've been doing this for more than a month now and I can't believe how much it has helped me get better sleep, be more in the present moment, and slow down my frantic thoughts. Now I don't obsessively check my phone when I can't sleep. Or fight sleep by going on my Twitter.

I realize that I become more tired and sleepy before bedtime, and it's easier for me to fall asleep. Before, because of the phone's white light and the information bites from it keeping my brain awake, I wouldn't be able to fall asleep as fast or sleep as deeply. I also realize I don't feel the need to check my phone and what's happening in the world before I sleep. Before I'd check Instagram which would lead me to check Twitter which would lead me to check Facebook, you get the drift. Now I don't feel the need to check them at all. It's astonishing.

And one last point before I conclude how to not let social media ruin your life is to remember that what's happening in someone's online life is not an accurate portrayal of what's going on in their real life. Don't compare your real life to their social media feeds. You being happy in what you do in your life is all that counts. Reality counts. Being with friends. Laughing with family. Looking at the sky. Touching a flower's soft petals. Cuddling with your pet. These are the things that matter.

Is there anything you do that makes you put your phone away or check social media less? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,

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Shabana Feroze
Chikankari Pants and Unapologetic Shopping Deets

Chikankari Pants and Unapologetic Shopping Deets

In this post I had written about what I did on my trip to India. And if you read that, you know that I did a lot of shopping. So you're going to be seeing "from India" a lot in the attributions of my outfits in the next posts. For example, in this outfit, my earrings, pants and bag are all from Pune, India. My ring was gifted to me by a cousin sister in Vashi. I got my Polaroid sunnies from a mall in Hyderabad. See what I mean?

Sometimes shopping from a whole other market can feel so liberating because they have such different styles than what you get where you are. Bahrain being such a small place, we have very limited shops and styles. I'm really tired of the fashion we get here and of seeing the same clothes on everyone. I used to go to Dubai before for shopping because they have bigger shops there and more variety. Thankfully now I don't need to do that as I can get unique couture clothes made by Saji's Couture, something I spoke about in my last post as well. And yes, I know you can buy everything online but it's just not the same.

So, finding amazing new fashion and styles {that aligns with your personal style} in different countries is so great. In Pune, I found these chikankari palazzo pants everywhere. I actually found palazzo pants everywhere, in different colours and so, so cheap. We {mom and I} found plain ones in the softest, lightest cotton, which we bought in a few colours, and then we came across these chikankari ones.

Chikankari is a traditional embroidery style that originated in Lucknow, India. The word "chikan" means embroidery. It's usually done with white thread or with the same colour thread on the cloth. I've always loved chikankari embroidery and fabric. Here's a post from a few years back with one of my favourite chikankari tops. 

These pants are made from very soft cotton with chikankari done in a soft, thin thread, on it. What I love is that the embroidery is concentrated on the hem of the pants, and it has the typical holey design. Plus the edge is scalloped, which looks so dainty. 

The pants are extremely soft and the waist is elastic. It's a free size and in typical palazzo style, the pants are wider at the bottom. The thin material makes the pants flow and flare out as you walk, and they are very, very comfortable. I got these pants in grey and black as well, and the embroidery on all three pants is a different design.

I paired the pants with a pussybow top and a black sweater. I've worn this top with a floral skirt before. I adore preppy looks of collared shirts with round neck sweaters, with the collar peeking through. Better still if it's a pussybow top, and I can have the bow dangle prettily over the sweater. The cobalt blue of the top stands out on the black of the sweater, while the black adds depth to the bright red of the pants. 

Keeping the look colourful, I wore a green statement ring. Since the sweater sleeves are long, a big ring pops out and looks glamorous. 

In my ears, I wore small dangly teardrop earrings. Since there's so much going on in the neck area with the collar, sweater and pussybow, small earrings are perfect and the teardrop style adds to the elegance of the look. 

I'm absolutely crazy about teardrop or pear shapes in jewellery. I got loads of jewellery from India and happily enough, I found all the teardrop shapes I could get my hands on. These earrings have zircon diamonds in them. I love zircon jewellery {I'm not a fan of diamonds- overpriced and overrated} as it looks gorgeous, has a brilliant shine and never looks tacky. I usually either get gold-coated or silver jewellery with zircons.

I finished with a structured bag in a soft coral. The colour works well with the other deep shades in the outfit and the shape adds a professional touch. 

Don't even get me started on the handbags I brought back from India. I must have gotten over 15 bags, all from one shop. When it comes to bags, I want them in delicious candy colours, made of durable, thick material and in different shapes. And of course, the stitching, zippers and other details need to be very neat and of exceptional quality. I found exactly that all in one shop and I got all the bags I needed. Travel bags, professional big bags for work, envelope clutches, hard clutches, casual weekend bags. I'm set. 

NB: If you're wondering how I managed to get all this back in my luggage, we had an obscene amount of baggage allowance through our Gulf Air flights. We could have shopped more. Tee hee.

Bags are so important as they pull a look together. You could be wearing something really simple but a great bag and good shoes will make the outfit look effortless and sexy. 

If you want more information on how to choose the right accessories for yourself, I talk about jewellery, sunglasses, bags and how to create your own personal style in my book, Loving Yourself In Style. The book is available in stores in Bahrain and online worldwide and has fashion illustrations in watercolour done by me showing different looks.

Sweater: H&M, Top: Own design, Pants, Earrings, Bag: from India, Sunglasses: Polaroid, Ring: Gifted, Shoes: Payless

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