Thursday, 18 December 2014

Bird houses and wood cactuses

Every year in December, Market 338 takes place. It's a market where stalls are put up and an art gallery displays art all over the market area. This year they had some clever stuff.


Until next time, stay warm! xoxo

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Of meteor showers and long scarves

Dress; Own design, Scarf: Zara, Stockings: Debenhams, Jewelry: Gold souk, Boots: Payless. Photos: Arif Feroze.
My god what a week I've had! I had taken these photos more than a week back. But then my brother got so busy on shoots of his own {flying around in choppers. Tuh!} that I didn't even get to meet him for those days. He'd leave at 5 am, come back at 9 pm, sleep, and then leave at the same time the next morning. So obviously, I couldn't take my photos from him. And I was horribly busy as well, with classes and work. I didn't even get a respite on the weekend. I was in Dubai to attend the quarterly workshops of BodyBalance and BodyCombat {the classes I teach}. I only flew back last night. And even though I was horribly exhausted, when my friends told me there was a meteor shower and they were going to watch it, I said I wanna come I wanna come I wanna come!

So there we were, lying on a mat on the beach, in the middle of a cold night, looking up at the star-filled sky and whooping with delight when we saw a meteor shooting across. And we did see very many. That was quite amazing.

And finally today I got my pictures from Arif and banged out this post. I paired this shift with black stockings and tall boots, and added my enormous Zara scarf. I love that this scarf is really long so I can wrap it round and round or just let it be. The shift is a simple enough design which I highlighted with lace on the sleeves. It's great to accessorize and change looks. Come summer and I'll be wearing it with heels and delicate jewelry.

Oh and one more thing- the location of this shoot was Market 338, which is an open air market that takes place in December. It showcases a lot of art as well. In the next post I'll be showing you some.

So how have you been? Did you miss me? How do you make your dresses warm for the winter? I'd love to know! xox

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

My Extremely Potent Herbal Cold Killer

'Tis the season of the cold and flu. Thus and therefore, I present to you, my strongest weapon against them- My Extremely Potent Herbal Cold Killer. This is a herbal drink which I make whenever I feel a cold coming on. This recipe is completely my own, experimented with and made by me. My mom's a herbalist and years of being her {happy and willing} guinea pig has made me extremely bold in using herbs. It's also made my taste buds used to some very weird combinations {milk with garlic, turmeric and black pepper, anyone?} but that's just an awesome side effect. My Extremely Potent Herbal Cold Killer is one such strong combination of herbs, which I make and drink to nip a cold in the bud. It's a simple brew that can be made at home.


4 cups water
2 tsp clove powder or 6 whole cloves
4 tsp licorice powder- leave this ingredient out if you're diabetic
4 tsp dried ginger powder
4 tsp ground black pepper, or 6 whole pepper kernels
2 tsp turmeric powder
4 tsp coriander powder
2 tsp basil powder or a small bunch of dried basil leaves

Keep water in a pot on slow heat, add all herbs to it. Cover and let it cook, until you see the water visibly reduced. Turn heat off. That's it. Your brew is ready. Sieve into a small cup. The cup you see above is tiny. That's enough for you. Or else, just pour half a cup into a normal sized mug. Add a teaspoon of honey. Let cool to lukewarm. Sip slowly.

I take this whenever I feel a cold or flu coming on, or when a family member already has it, just to be safe. It'll stop your cold in its tracks. You can take it even if you have a full-blown cold. The relief you'll get will have you sending blessings to me.

When you drink it, it's normal to feel your throat and ear canals burning. That's because of the black pepper, ginger and clove. It stops soon enough and it's completely healthy. I add coriander powder in the mix to neutralize the heat of all the other spices. {Coriander is a coolant.}

You can have up to 2 whole cups a day. Drink them at intervals, preferably some time before or after meals.

Do you have a special brew you make to get rid of winter viruses? What do you add? What have you found most effective? Try mine and let me know if you liked it!

Saturday, 6 December 2014

No one can make you feel GOOD without your permission

Girl in the Window. Watercolor on paper. 

We've all heard that no one can make you feel bad without your permission. But have you ever thought, no one can make you feel good without your permission, either? 

How many times have you been complimented but you shook it off? Or someone did something nice for you but you genuinely thought you didn't deserve it? Or the worst- people want to love you but you don't think yourself worthy of either the quality, or the quantity, of their love?

We know that happiness is an inside job. But if we refuse to believe that we're worthy of happiness, or love, or any of the good things in life, then no matter how much we get, we're never going to value them. Unless we give ourselves permission to feel good about ourselves, we never will. 

It all boils down to self-love. When you love yourself truly and completely, you know that you deserve to feel good. You know that you're not perfect, you're a work in progress, but you don't hate yourself for it. You love yourself for trying to be better and for living life in your own imperfect way. You're happy with yourself. And that's when you give yourself permission to feel good. 

So the next time someone compliments you, or does something nice, or shows you love, accept it. Accept to yourself that you're worthy of all that and more. Feel good. Heck, feel FANTASTIC. Without. Feeling. Guilty. Find out where that guilt stems from and tell yourself that you'll work on those parts of you that you're not completely satisfied with, but right now, you're giving yourself permission to feel good for all the other parts of you that you're proud of. 

And the side effect? Your relationships will improve because you're finally letting others make you happy, without rejecting it or feeling a need to repay them. People like making people happy. Today let that person be you.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

THIS is how you make spending money on Christmas a good deed

My friends Kate and Karen are always doing some selfless thing or the other to raise money for charity. This time they came up with a unique idea- they made Christmas trees and other decorations, for sale. Yes you read that right. They made them. 

Like these Christmas trees. 

They both spent time and made these out of old crates. They painstakingly got the wood cut in the perfect shapes, painted and decorated them, and got them all put together to make the tree. 

The one on the left is sold, but the one below is still up for sale. 

I love how kitsch and unique they look! I was at Kate's home today for a Coffee Fest and I heard the lady who bought the one say that she's going to use it as a jewelry tree to hang her necklaces and other things. I thought that's such a great idea! Can you imagine how gorgeous that would look with chunky statement necklaces and maybe some scarves draped all over it? And it would be displayed year round! Bonus! 

These decorative blocks are also for sale. I love the cute white buttons on them.

And the last item: these wreaths. Again. Let me emphasize. Kate and Karen made these. 

 And yup, ALL the money goes to charity. They don't keep a penny. 

The charities they're donating to are Women V Cancer which includes help for Breast Cancer, Ovarian Cancer and Cervical Cancer. Isn't that great? You hear of walks and marathons being done for these cancers but this is just so much more real and effective. 

And here are the two ladies-

Prices for the items:

Christmas Tree: BD 30. Takes around 8 days to make.
Christmas Wreaths: BD 10. Takes about two days to make.
Decorative Blocks: BD 6. Only two pieces left.

To order or purchase any of the items, email Karen. Perfect way to get yourself some really unique Christmas decorations and also be in Santa's good list!

P.S: This is not a sponsored post. Kate and Karen didn't pay me to write this for them. I did it because I think they're brilliant and this is such a great thing to do. 

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Navy blue monochrome and just get me all the knuckle rings in the world, okay?

Cropped Top, Dress, Rings: H&M, Handbag: Vintage, Boots: Payless. Photos: Anceeta Martis
Just now while typing the credits for each item I realized I'm almost a model for H&M! I didn't realized while dressing up today that everything except my bag and boots are from there. Haha!

I love the idea of wearing a cropped top over a dress. A great way to change the look of your dress plus somehow the looseness of a cropped top just makes the outfit fun and uber casual. This is what the dress looks like without the cropped top. I love the high neck of the top. I think high necks look very elegant if done right. I realized that the navy blue of the top is the same as that of the dress' print, which is why I paired it with the dress, to get a great monochromatic color tone. I decided to keep my hand accessories simple with lots of thin knuckle rings. {I'm absolutely obsessed with knuckle rings. I want ALL the knuckle rings in the world! They make my long witchy fingers look better and they're great for full-sleeved tops or dresses where a bracelet would get hidden.} And obviously, I didn't want to freeze to death so I wore my knee-length boots. {When you can't wear jeans, tall boots to the rescue!} The black of the boots and tan of my handbag break the monochrome of the clothes and add interest. Imagine how funny I'd look if I wore navy blue shoes and carried a blue handbag!

Monday, 1 December 2014

Another pair of dark wash jeans? Yes, please!

Jacket: Zara, Top: Own design, Jeans: Pull & Bear, Earrings and Necklace set: Pierre Cardin, Handbag: Vintage, Shoes: Steve Madden. Photos: Anceeta Martis.

Oh yes. It's officially cold. The light thunderstorm a few days back ushered winter in. And you know me, I'm a typical desert dweller. I freeze at 20° C. So of course, all I can think about wearing nowadays are jeans, jeans, jeans. {The thought of wearing skirts or dresses petrifies me. But I'll be brave and try to wear them, too, to show you different looks. Ah the things I do for you, Gorgeous Reader!} I recently got these lovely dark wash ones from Pull & Bear. The texture is amazingly soft and it's got the perfect amount of lycra in it so it stretches and sits beautifully. I lurrrrve that the dark blue is completely consistent throughout and makes the jeans look so clean. {This is my third pair of dark wash jeans but hey, you can never have enough!}

Since I had to attend meetings all day, I wore this red pussybow blouse {it has full sleeves, so kept me snug} and wore this fierce white jacket on top. I really like a look where the bow of the blouse peeks through the blazer/ jacket. Great for a formal look, but warm too. Neutral heels, neutral bag and delicate silver jewelry completed the look. And yes, you can tell I'm already feeling festive. Are you?

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Wow by Wojooh Make Up Set Winner!

So finally today's the day I pick the winner for this giveaway. And here it is:

Nada Qamber! You lucky girl you! Congrats! Send me an email and collect your make- up set!

And the rest, don't worry, I have many more giveaways lined up! xoxo

Friday, 28 November 2014

From Candle Holder to Jewelry Tree

I just did a cool re-use thing in my room and thought I'd share it. So I have this candle holder that was gifted to me on my last birthday. It has four cute little glasses to put candles in. 

Unfortunately, one glass broke. And when the candles melted in the glasses, they became messy and difficult to remove. So I stopped using it. And it was just there, on my wall, looking bored. 

So I decided to convert it into a jewelry tree. 

I figured that all those intricate wires would be great to hang earrings, and I could place jewelry like rings or bracelets in the cute glasses. 

At least the pretty candle-holder isn't wasted and bonus, it makes my room more interesting. Jewelry hung on anything just makes it look prettier, doesn't it?

What do you think? Would you try this? If yes, look for things in your home that you can convert into a jewelry tree and go crazy! Have fuuuun! xxx