Be Selfish And Shine

Tee and Blazer: Zara, Jeans and Shoes: Dorothy Perkins, Ring: Gold Souk, Earrings: F21
I was just reading a friend's blog post about being selfish. I loved it. It's a topic that's I love yakking about anytime. I've always believed that if you put yourself first, make yourself happy, then and only then can you keep others around you happy. And as humans we're innately selfish. Every single thing we do is for our self. There is no such thing as an unselfish good deed, as Joey put it so poetically. So why not accept the fact that we're selfish, then learn to use it in a way to benefit ourselves and others? We're all usually scared of being selfish. We're scared of our inner light. I say, let yourself shine. Don't be afraid to let your awesomeness come through (Just don't do it in a pompous, arrogant way). Once you show you're not afraid of your inner light, it'll give others around you also the confidence to shine.

Ok, that's enough yakking about it for today.
Shabana Feroze

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