Buying Electronics, Packing and Dancing Around!

Top: Dorothy Perkins, Pants and Belt: Mango, Shoes and Earrings: from India, Cuff: H&M, Watch: Swatch.

I am soooooooooooooo happy! (You can't see it but I'm dancing in my chair.) Last night I went electronics shopping with my older brother. I was SO excited! My first own electronics! I bought a fridge, iron and a microwave oven. (and tried very hard to LEARN how to shop for electronics like a dude). But then this morning, my mom told me to return the iron because she had an extra one. And my brother also told me to refund the microwave because his girlfriend had an extra one in Dubai which she'll send to me. Wow! Am I lucky or what? I am SO touched by my family's generosity, especially my brother's girlfriend's. I'm happy to be surrounded by such loving people. My mom's still not fully convinced by the idea of me moving out, but it's tres cute that she's still helping me.

I'm so excited now because this weekend I'll move in. Which means this is my last week in this house. Eeeeeeeeee! Wow! I feel SO grown up! Haha! I still have SO much to do! I've just packed a few boxes of my stuff. So there's more packing to be done, shopping for a lot more stuff like kitchenware, stock up on food, cleaning products, ask my mom ten million questions about cooking, cleaning, using the washing machine (yep, I prefer to do all of it myself. Major control freak!). Wheeeew. But I'll do it all, no issues. 

On another note, can you believe that these heels are my very first 4 inch stillettos that I bought 6 years ago while in college in Pune, India? I'm totally attached to them. This morning I was in the mood to go all matchy-matchy today. Black earrings, cuff and belt. But I'd definitely NOT wear green shoes. That's taking it a step (pun intended) too far.

Later, lovelies! xxx

Shabana Feroze


  1. YAYYY!! IM super excited for you!! cant wait to see some posey pics in ur new apartment!! get sheer curtains btw :P

  2. Great Shabs!!!! Sounds so exciting n independent n fun.... now u can call over friends without having to bother what Mom wud say..... enjoy girl...

  3. Hey Spirits!
    Yea, I'm already imagining myself posing. Haha! Sheer curtains..hmm..

  4. Good luck on your new phase of life... I guess your brother should have asked around for the items you bought before taking you electronic shopping... Well I guess some guys just don't ask b4 actions... Good Luck

  5. Completely stylish and adorable as always and I'm so excited for you and your big move.

  6. Hey Mark
    Yeah he should've asked, but you shouldn't generalise and put him in a box of 'some guys who just don't ask b4 actions.' Thanks.

  7. Hey Terri!
    Thank you so much, your comments always put a big smile on my face!


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