My Pink Nails! And My Secret.

Shirt: Zara, Pants: Mango, Shoes: New Look, Necklace: H&M
Nail polish. I've always loved it, but was just too lazy to wear it. Now I have to because I've gotten into a bad habit of chewing on my nails when I'm stressed out. And I'm sooooooo happy that I put it (Wore it? Applied it? What's the right word? Whatever). I've a mental age of 5, and I was just so excited to finally have pink nails! The best part is, my nails match my phone colour! (My hands, not toes, which I did in a darker pink. Woohoo!) I just want to sit and stare at my fingers and toes all day. I drove my friend crazy yesterday squealing over my oh-so-cute nails. I know I should've taken a close-up of my nails, but nope, juuuuust too lazy.

On a serious note, my 'secret project' is shaping up quite well, and I should be ready to reveal it by this weekend. Or the next. Remember, patience is a virtue (I'm so glad no one can hit me through the internet).
Shabana Feroze


  1. OMG, how can you survive in full clothes??

  2. With a nice invention called the air conditioner.

  3. You are positively stunning, and you wear the cutest clothes and shoes!! I think your nails are darling. I can't wait to see what your secret project is.

  4. Thanks a lot Terri. My secret project will be revealed soon, watch this space!


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