Don't lie

Top, Belt: Mango, Pants: Zara, Shoes: Dorothy Perkins, Earrings: Gifted, Ring: Gold Souk, Bangle: ?
I don't lie, unless it's really needed and will get me out of serious trouble and I know there will be no repercussions. I've always been upfront about anything and everything. To many people, this is refreshing, to others, very annoying.

Last night a friend and I were talking about precisely this: honesty and lies. We both agreed that it's always better to tell the truth, even if you risk upsetting the other person, than whitewashing it and then later risking the other person's trust in you.

For example, once when my mom was on vacation, she called me and told me to get a carpenter to look at an old cupboard in the house, to use the wood to make a new one. My dad and I were in the car when she called. Now I hated this cupboard and wanted to just get rid of it as it was quite old. So I told my mom, "No, I'm not asking the carpenter to come over, because I'm getting rid of the cupboard." My mom being a typical Gemini went on trying to convince me. I being a typical Aquarius kept on saying no.

My dad, seeing me arguing over the phone, said, "Just tell her, ok, yes, fine, we'll get the carpenter to have a look. Then later we'll tell her that the carpenter said the wood was too bad." I said "No. That's lying. I'm not going to lie." And I ended the argument still saying I was throwing the cupboard away.

My dad didn't agree it was 'lying'. But yes, it is lying. And the main thing is, why should I not make my intentions clear to my mom that I will not keep the cupboard? What if I lied like my dad said, then later my mom said the same thing for some other piece of furniture? I'd have 2 options then- Lie again, or come clean about the earlier lie. Both options not good because at some point the lie WILL be exposed, no matter how small, and my mom will lose at least a little bit of trust in me.

This is a small example. I'm sure you can relate this to other such sitches in life. So, don't lie.
And a lie is a lie is a lie.

On a style note, I recently got this top. I love the neckline and the lightness of it.
Enjoy your weekend!
Shabana Feroze


  1. Gorgeous top and belt! As my son used to say..."Gimme it!!" LOL!

    I see it as becoming a slave to falsehood. Sort of letting falsehood run a situation. I don't lie because I distort reality for the other person too. That's a big responsibility!

    I like your point too :-)

  2. Love the top! Sometimes it's better to say nothing at all. My best friend thought her husband was cheating on her and I knew he was because he kept asking me and another girl I know out (of course we both said no!). After many, many months of her crying about this I finally told her what he was doing. She doesn't talk to me anymore and it's been almost 15 years. I miss her but it's too painful for her to talk to me. I should have never said anything.

  3. Hi Carli!
    Now that's a debate. Should we say something or not when something like that happens. In my opinion, you did the right thing. Because if I was that friend, and you hadn't told me anything, I'd be really, really hurt that you never said anything. And I say this from experience. What kind of friend would you be then?
    Again, I think you did the right thing.

  4. Hi Anne!
    Lol. Thanks!

    Yes, very true!! Distorting reality, I completely agree!

  5. After seeing all your pics, they are great but I only have one question.. Who clicks all these pics for you all the time? :S

  6. Dear Anon
    Thank you for the compliment! As for the clicking, I have a personal assistant just for that. She also combs my hair and feeds me strawberries from time to time.

    Ok, just kidding, I click them myself. :)

  7. Badd joke :P


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