Dress up. You're worth the effort.

Dress: from Rome, Shoes: Payless, Bangles: Mango & Parfois, Ring: New Look, Watch: Swatch
Many of my readers have told me that I have inspired them to go out and buy new clothes; and they have started experimenting with what clothes and accessories suit them. Basically, they're taking more of an effort in their dressing. (I'm very grateful to those readers for letting me know this. You know who you are!)

This makes me very, very happy. Because that is the whole purpose of my blog. To get women to take an effort in getting dressed up.

Appearance matters. If you say it doesn't, you know you're only fooling yourself. Can you think of any famous actresses who are NOT attractive? What's inside counts, I know, but why not be beautiful inside AND out?

So dress up. Wake up just half an hour earlier, do your hair, make up and put together a nice outfit. Even if you're only staying home. The most important thing is that this will make you feel better about yourself. When you know you're looking good, confidence radiates from you. And it tells other people that this is not a woman to be trifled with. This is a woman to be respected and taken seriously. Because she takes herself seriously.

On a style note, I decided to go all matchy-matchy today. But I swear, this dress is the perfect summer dress. So cool and light when it's bloody hot outside!

Enjoy your weekend!
Shabana Feroze


  1. I love this dress! It looks so light and comfy for the heat this summer!

    As a "mostly" stay at home mom, I find myself in the same stuff each day. And, my boyfriend really doesn't like the whole "hair & makeup" thing. But, I've managed to at least keep myself pulled together every day. I may be in yoga pants or shorts, but I try to wear a different shirt each day that matches and I always do "something" with my hair. My guy likes pigtails and braids...so I do that quite often and I put on some moisturizer, a dab of powder and mascara. And I never go without at least simple silver hoops in my ears.

    Even if you aren't "dolling up" to go to a party, you can still put an effort into it!

    Thanks for showing us great choices and reminding us every day!


  2. Hey KT!
    Yes, exactly, you're doing SOMETHING to look fresher and appealing. You're making an effort.

    You are very welcome, and thank you!

  3. As I sat reading your post, my faded black balloon like tee and black tracks felt comfy and lifeless. I wonder what I save the pretty clothes for anyway!?
    You look lovely as always! I have memories of furnace like heat in those parts of the world. The dress most certainly is perfect!

  4. C'mon Anne, prettify yourself! Your pretty clothes are calling out to you from the recesses of your wardrobe. Go put them on! And put on some mascara and pink lippie also while you're at it. ;)

    Thank you! Yes, it's getting HAWT!

  5. I really love your style girl. But this particular outfit is a tad disappointing because I feel the shoes are not matching with the dress at all. I would have worn pretty strappy sandals or ballerinas with this lovely floral dress. What say? =)

  6. Hey Anon!
    Hey, style is all about your own personal likes and dislikes. I liked these shoes with this dress, but yes, strappy sandals would've also looked nice. As for ballerina flats, I hate flats, so I don't wear them. :)


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