My Clothes and Shoes Are Crying Out To Me

Dress: Playlife, Bolero: Chica, Shoes: Dorothy Perkins, Bag: from Rome, Earrings: F21, Bracelets: various, Ring: Accessorize, Watch: Swatch
I finally cooked dinner at my place last night. I had forgotten how much I like cooking! I also rearranged the furniture, moved the bed, cupboards, carpet, etc around and got a splinter in my thumb in the process. Which meant I slept very late.

I just realized how boring all that sounded. Hmmm. I'm more sleep-deprived than I thought.

Screw it. I'm just gonna continue my boring spiel about my new place. So, after the rearrangement of furniture, the whole place looks much more spacious and I feel so darn clever. There's just one thing worrying me- my clothes and shoes are still unpacked. I'm just not getting the time to take them out. I keep worrying that there's that one jacket or shoe that's kept in a wrong angle in a box, and is getting damaged and crying out to me for help and I'm ignoring it and when I finally unpack I'll be like nooooooooo!

Hmm... Yup, I need to sleep.

On another note, these shoes go really well with this dress, no?
Shabana Feroze


  1. I love the shrug/bolero. Reminds me to buy myself one, asap.

    I have only one golden rule for buying shoes; If the shoe fits -buy it, buy it, buy it!

    If I was in Bahrain right now, Shabana, we would be celebrating your new home in a Shoe Store!

    And you cook too....You are quite the genuine all-rounder!

  2. Hey Rubiaapa!
    Thanks! I love this shrug too, and a simple black one can be so versatile.
    Haha! I love that rule!
    Ooooh, I'd love to celebrate in a shoe store. I haven't bought a pair of shoes in SO long (translation- 2 months).
    Yes I cook. I love cooking in my own kitchen! Thank you for the compliment! MUAH!

  3. Moving is exhausting ~ so not surprised you are tired! Clothes are fascinating ~ very stylish ~ ^_^ and don't forget 'creative' ~ ^_^

  4. Those shoes are awesome. I probably couldn't walk in them but they look beautiful.

  5. Hi Carol!
    I know! I'm really exhausted. Phew.
    I love that you called me creative for my style as I believe creativity can be applied to anything.

  6. Thank you JavaChick. I'm sure you could with a little practice. Your cats are gorgeous, btw.

  7. yesss those shoes go marvelously with that dress. it's a great look overall! and ya know. and your content isn't boring, it's real. life can't be perfectly exhilarating every minute. i like moments of simplicity. <3

  8.'ve moved in and cooked there as well! You're truly established :-D

    The new place sounds like a happy, cozy space.

    Those shoes are awesome indeed!

  9. Hey Ruby Girl!
    Thanks! True, simple moments are really nice when you need them. Me likes your blog!


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