Passing on the Stylish Blogger Award and 7 things about me.

Dress, Belt: Mango, Blazer: Zara, Boots: Piazza Italia, Earrings: Accessorize, Watch: Swatch

Passing this on!
Yesterday I received this Award from not one, but two of my favourite bloggers. Pascale from Scrapwedo and Anne from Poems, Stories and Humanness. I am honoured, and now according to bloggy tradition, I have to pass this Award to my favourite blogs as well as tell you 7 things about myself.

First, the Awardees. (I'm too big of a Narcissist to let you forget the 7 things about me. So those come after.)

And now, (drumroll please) the blogs I Award this Stylish Blogger Award to are:

Kat from Mama's Losin' It. She has THE most hilarious blog I have read till date. She's a mom of 3, runs a daycare and yet manages to find time to crack up the entire world with her writing. If you're too lazy to read, just looking at her photos will have you in stitches.

Terri from Terri's Little Haven. She is a 49 year old Grandma, who blogs about recipes, her adorable 3 year old grand daughter Abby (I really mean adorable, go check out the pics and read her antics, you'll agree) and many other things under the sun. But you need to check out her blog for her AMAZING photography.

The last, and I put this one last because you HAVE to check out what this amazing woman does with her blog:

Melinda Raleigh from My Year Of Hugs. Melinda (from the U.S) has started on a quest, 2 months ago, to hug as many people as she can every day and then blog about it. By doing this, she has started a movement where people read her blog and are now hugging others. The effect has also reached as far as Bahrain, influencing me to hug more people in my life (I hope they hug more people and it goes on). She is a great inspiration and just what the world needs at this time. Read her posts and you'll see how she uplifts people on a daily basis through the very basic act of hugging. Ok scratch that, read her posts just to feel her virtual hugs to you.

That's it for my Awardees. Now 7 things about me. These are all weird, whacko and wise-ass. Like me.
  1. My friend's 4 year old son insists I'm his wife. He is so obsessed that he throws a tantrum if his parents tease him about me getting married to someone else. (I know, I can't get married to someone else if I'm his wife, but you know what I mean.)
  2. I cannot light matchsticks. I'm too afraid. Recently a friend tried to get me to do it. I did it. Once. Never again. (I hope he's not reading this.)
  3. I don't like watching TV. I think it's a bloody waste of time. I'd rather read instead of watching TV.  
  4. I love my solitude and am quite brazen about being independent, so much that I have gone to Venice alone, taken a Gondola ride alone, and have had couples staring at me, with one guy actually pointing me out to his wife. Very amusing. They all probably thought- Oh the poor girl, she's been dumped. But why is she so happy about it?
  5. I'm an animal magnet. Cats, dogs, horses, they all gravitate towards me. Once, a buffalo left it's herd and started walking towards me scaring the hell out of my mom who was with me. (Oh btw, Thank You Universe. Couldn't make me a man magnet, no?)
  6. I cannot sleep at night unless I have 2 blankets on top of me, with the air conditioner turned on full.
  7. I sketch. One of my favourite ones is below.

Ok, I can't finish the post without writing about what I'm wearing, so... I've been dying to try the belt over blazer look, so here it is. And how I love these boots!

Shabana Feroze


  1. ROFL!!! You're hilarious! You're a man magnet I'm sure. You're not looking!
    I can't stand TV either! It's not right for me if I want to be a novelist. Have to keep up with contemporary culture.
    Tons of admiration from Panama for your independent spirit! Part of the reason that you must be an animal magnet too. No issues :-)
    Congrats on being doubly stylish. You deserve it, and we would have never read the seven things about you otherwise. Quite something - hugs-Anne

  2. I always miss writing the thing that comes first to my mind. I love your sketch. Her expression is totally readable!

  3. Haha! Thank you Anne! (((Hugs)))

  4. And thank you for the sketch compliment. Yeah, I do that too. Not the expression, missing writing the first thing that comes to my mind.

  5. Thank you, sugarpot. :D I know why you published such a seductive sketch. *rawr* <3

  6. Wow! Thank you for saying such nice things about me!! Makes me feel better about posting hideous photos of myself online. ;)

    And your sketching is AMAZING! So talented!!

  7. I do love me some Mama Kat too and those boots of yours! I totally want to come rip right off your feet! In a nice way. I so am not for like mugging people or violence and stuff. Swear!

  8. Shabana, you are fantastic! Your enthusiasm is so infectious, I feel 25 all over again.

    Your outfit is very elegant.

    Sending a big hug your way!

  9. You are so talented. That sketch is amazing! I have to check out those other blogs, because if you like them they have to be good. {{{HUGS}}} from the U.S.!

  10. Anceeta, what do I tell you? Haha! <3

  11. You deserve it Mama Kat! And those photos are really good!

    Thank you!

  12. Haha Dumb Mom! Thank you! I would go into Silver Kick mode if you did try to rip them off my feet, so no worries! ;)

  13. Thank you Rubiaapa! You definitely LOOK 25, so it's good to feel like that also!

  14. Hey Mel! Thank you! Yes do check out the other blogs! (((HUGS)))

  15. Thank you so so much for the award. I had to LOL about the buffalo. Too funny. I'm sure you have many admirers but may not know it. Love that sketch, you have so much talent. And the outfit... absolutely adorable.


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