Fortune favours the brave

All clothes: Zara, Shoes: Payless, Earrings: Vintage, Hairband: H&M, Bracelet: Gifted, Watch: Swatch

Last evening I spent some time talking to a very interesting lady. She was telling me about her life and the challenges she faced. And while talking, she made an interesting point. She said that it takes courage to be courageous.

It's true. It DOES take courage to be courageous. It's only when you're cornered and your back's against the wall, that the warrior in you wakes up. And once it does, Lady Luck becomes your best friend. Everything starts falling into place. 

But then again, there are those people who like being cornered. These people are victims of their own lives. They love always being in a tragic situation. They crave and savour the sympathy they get. 

Nobody, but nobody, respects victims.
So be brave. And watch how fortune favours you.
Shabana Feroze


  1. Hi Aunty Shabana! I like the shoes - are they new? The jacket is nice with the green cami.

    I think I will have to take Mom shopping soon - she gets excited when she sees all your pretty stuff!

    Emma xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo.

  2. Hi Emma!
    Nope, the shoes are old. I need to go shoe shopping!
    Yes, please take mom shopping and get her pretty stuff to feel prettier!

  3. Lovely outfit. Also, yes, couldn't agree more about the drama. While some are in genuine distress, most get a drama high! LOL! Have less patience for the type that I used to have.

  4. Hi Anne!
    Yes, I pity those who are dramatic just to get attention.


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