Little Delights Tuesday

Top: Playlife, Skirt & Belt: Mango, Shoes: Payless, All accessories: Gifted, Watch: Swatch
  1. At the petrol station, a small girl grinning at me from the car next to me.
  2. My extremely boisterous and naughty kitten licking my face. 
  3. Passing by 2 guys at my gym and overhearing one of them saying to the other "Man, she's hot." (Haha!)
  4. A girlfriend from college asking me for some style suggestions, and reminding me that I had also given her some style tips when we were in college.
  5. Watching my plants grow.
  6. When my colleague says "Shabana, you're a rocker." whenever I listen to Highway to Hell at work. (He plays in a band himself so this compliment is extra-nice.)
On a style note, I love how the deep jewel tone of this top balances the neutral colour and heavy texture of the skirt. And this has got to be the most versatile belt I own. It goes with everything! I love the tan colour. Now all I need are boots in tan. I know it's summer but I covet boots all. the. time.

Add your little delights in the comments!
Shabana Feroze


  1. What a cute ensemble. Adorable! Hope all is going well, Miss Abby keeps me to busy to keep up these days. Looking forward to slowing down.

  2. Thank you! I have been reading her hilarious antics on your blog. I can only imagine!

  3. Do you know what I like about this blog? YOU !!!

  4. I follow your blog! Today no zara.. :P
    Anyways could you click a pic of all the heels you have. Please. I want to see. (:

  5. Awesome Shabana! Love that medallion/chain confection!
    A little delight today -
    Watching the Panama Canal's locks functioning perfectly, sending a ship across on it's way into the sea!
    Visiting five hundred year old ruins where the weathered rock countered the bright grass.

  6. Hey Emma!
    I love YOU, princess! Muah!!

  7. Hey there Anon!
    No Zara today. I have to give Zara a break sometimes. Glad you noticed though!
    I'm guessing you're following my blog privately. Could you puhleez follow publicly and let me know who you are? I won't get mad on knowing who you are. I'm a nice person, I promise.
    Here are my heels:

  8. Hey Anne

    Thanks! It was a gift from a cousin.
    Oh that's nice! It must be such an interesting place to live in. I love the contrast of grey/beige ruins and green grass too!


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