Little Delights Tuesday


  1. A close male friend telling me I'm the strongest woman he knows.
  2. Getting a sparkly purple manicure.
  3. Bitching about someone who deserves to be bitched about.
  4. Watching my kitten hiss at my older brother. And my brother hissing back. 
  5. A cathartic conversation with a friend.
  6. A really good tweetup. 
  7. Fragrant, sweet, fresh, crispy caramel popcorn.
That's all. I really struggled to get these because I've had a tough week, but I'm happy to know I did have some delightful moments!

Put yours in the comment box. Think hard, you can do it!
Shabana Feroze


  1. 1. Getting all dressed up.

    2. Biting into a home-made chocolate cake.

    3. Building with Lego bricks.

    4. Painting my toenails bright pink.

    5. Reading a good book.

    6. Being grateful for a kind and caring extra-special cousin.

    6+1. Admiring my cousin for being such a fabulous fashionista.

  2. Hi Ruby Aapa!
    Thank you for sharing, and extra thank yous for the last two! :)

    I agree with ALL your delights. Biting into a home made choc cake...mmmmm.

    Where are Emma's comments? Please tell her I want her comments too!

  3. such a Great art which i love so much


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