This year I will...

Dress: Mango, Shoes: Payless, All jewelry: Gifted, Watch: Vintage.  
 Hype this look on here.
  • Stop thinking and over-analyzing things so much.
  • Take out more time to relax.
  • Try out as many new experiences as possible.
  • Take frequent short breaks from work.
  • Make more mistakes and make them with boldness.
  • Wear more red. 
  • Tell people when I'm angry/ annoyed with them as soon as possible.
  • Join a Tango Class.
  • Be more gentle with myself and stop berating myself so much.
  • Take the time out to read more.
  • Go to Canada to meet my cousin Ruby and her family.
  • Hug more.
  • Listen to my intuition rather than my brain.
  • Remember the things that make me happy and do them often.
  • Make new friends and spend more time with old ones.
P.S: I went to Maya La Chocolaterie in Seef Mall yesterday with some friends. I firmly believe that you MUST end the year with chocolate. I didn't take any pictures of us ladies, just the chocolate. I have my priorities straight.
Feel free to drool.
Dark Chocolate Fondant for me. D-E-C-A-D-E-N-T.

Rose Hot Chocolate. Delicate and lovely.
White Chocolate Fondue. A nice change for the palate from the dark chocolate.
And this year I vow to pay more visits to Maya!
So Ciao 2011 and Ciao to 2012. Ciao means both hello and goodbye. And that's your little nugget of knowledge right there. Don't you just love my blog? ;)
Have a good week! xoxo
Shabana Feroze


  1. Adorable dress and love the necklace.

  2. I love your shoes and that crazy bracelet...:)


  3. Happy New Year, Shabana of the sparkly heels - whose chocolate pictures are currently competing with the sparkly heel pictures. Glad you started out on a happy,shiny, chocolate-y note. Wish you a happy, insight and fun filled 2012. The Mayans were wrong. It's not some apocalypse that'll end us, it's the Aztecs' chocolate that'll send us into orbit.
    Love your blog and your way of sharing your life honestly with us. Keep rockin!

  4. Happy New Year to you too Anne! Thank you so much!! I'll continue being the same in 2012 .Or better!

  5. I love how you pick your shoes!
    Its a lovely shoe so pretty !
    Happy New Year :)

  6. Thank you Butterfly! Same to you! :)

  7. thum ek acchi kalakaar aur humey Dil Nashi lagrey ho , Bahar aur Andher ek dhum Khoob soorath ho ,:)

  8. your blog gonna be my home , better u don't try to kick me out , Fyi I got Claws as my friends Snarf & Cookie ,kabardar Meoooowww ...!

    btw thanks for the Marshmellows & hotchocolate it's yummy . hum tho bhoooligaye !

  9. Hello! Thank you so much! Your comments make my day! I won't try to kick you out, let my blog be your home!

  10. that means a Lot to me
    bohath shukriya :)


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