Happy Birthday Moayyed!

My brother Moayyed and his gorgeous wife Sonia.
Today's post is dedicated to my older brother Moayyed as he celebrates his birthday. He's my role model, my calmer-downer (NOT an easy job), and hands-down the funniest guy in our crazy family. Happy Birthday Bhai
(This was my gift to him.)

Shabana Feroze


  1. Again Shabaash..ur sketch is really amazing..got real talent..but it would have enhanced the sketch, if that 'signature' half grin/half smile expression was also used..:)

  2. Thanks Jomy! Maybe the smile next time!

  3. I like your sketch, Sabanah.It´s a really good job and I´m not agree with the thing of smile.¿Why all the people want to see "shiny, lucky,happy people"(R.E.M tribute..: when this world is so hard and unpleasant sometimes?Usually the expression of our face is serious, exactly your brother´s mood in that sketch.I like it.Congratulations for your gift.I´d like to have a sister like you with that kind of gifts.It´s so emotive for me.

  4. Hi David! Thank you so much! I like what you said about his expression! Thank you so much for the last sentences! :D

  5. This is a great sketch. You really are talented. When I'm taking photos I don't ask everyone to smile. I would rather capture true personalities. You rock!

  6. Thank you Terri! Yes, this was a very natural photo of him. Thanks again Terri! :)


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