The 6 Day Dubai Outfit Challenge. Day 1.

I was supposed to go back to Bahrain last night just to get more clothes and shoes. I missed my flight. I MISSED MY FLIGHT! For the first time in my life! I still feel like smacking my head about it. Anyhow, I'm gonna take that as a sign that I should spend another week in Dubai. Which means making do with the clothes, shoes and accessories I have. I was tempted to go shopping and get a few more clothes but then I thought, this blog is all about reusing what you have in your wardrobe and getting the most out of each gorgeous piece. So I'm setting myself  a 6 day challenge. I'm going to make 6 ensembles with only the clothes and shoes I have now. And to start with, here are pictures of all the clothes and shoes I have.
And here's outfit number one. (And the Boxster. I keep it around. Y'know, just in case I run out of photo backgrounds.)
Top: Mango, Skirt: Zara, Shoes: Dorothy Perkins, All jewelry: Gifted.

Since it's the weekend and we were just hanging out in the mall, (sounds so teenage-ish!) I decided to wear my ruffled skirt with this gorgeous Mango blouse today. And I wore my trusted old black pumps with it. (These babies have been repaired and been to the cobbler twice or thrice, I never want to let them go!) I was very tempted to wear my boots for this look, but I decided to keep it flirty and feminine. Plus I also hadn't worn these shoes since I've been here.

And after lunch, we saw these kimono-ed ladies in the Dubai Mall. OTT cuteness! 
Hope you had a great day!
Shabana Feroze


  1. You have to know it.You´ve just displaced Adriana Lima as my laptop wallpaper.Of course, the choosen pic is the one that you´re with the Boxter.The beauty and the beast (strictly in this order, please)

  2. Haha! Thank you so much David! This comment made my day!

  3. Loveee your look in this post. Good one.

  4. Wow that skirt and that blouse look great on you!!
    And I'm already excited with what combinations you'll come up these next days! :-)

  5. That outfit is so spunky and so cute. I'm loving that car.


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