Slouchy Friday

Blouse and Skirt: Zara, Boots: Payless, Bangles: Various, Watch: Swatch

This is what I wore yesterday. I had an unplanned Friday ahead of me with one of my favourite people so I wanted to make sure I've got these boots on! I was in a slouchy mood (It's a real mood. Even though I just made it up.) so I paired this baggy blouse with my ruffled skirt. The outfit is so comfy and I can do a lot of walking in these boots. It was the perfect ensemble for a spontaneous Friday that involved a visit to the park at sunset, a long drive, going to a movie, falling asleep then leaving. It takes a lot of courage to walk out of a movie. I'm so proud of myself. Haha!
Hope you had a great Friday!

Shabana Feroze


  1. Not if you are watching a really shiity movie like killer elite ...... in that case its not called having the courage to walk out .... its called being the smart one..... :p

    Oh and btw...looking stunning as always

  2. Francco Ibenezio30 March 2012 at 19:36

    Been reading your posts... your fashion sense doesn't cut the edge. Your combos are tad boring and done to death by zillions out there. Your make up sense is below average. Frank opinion, I am a fashion designer from Italy and I do all these for a living and dress runway models.

  3. Thank you for your opinion Francco! To each his own!

  4. Shabana are you planning to become a stylist?

  5. You should then start reading the fashion magazines like Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire & Bazaar to know whats in, whats wearable and what to wear along with what.
    and goodluck ^_^ if you love something it will be easy for u to do good in it


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