How to Accessorize with Necklaces- Part II

Continuing from Part I (you can check it out HERE), this is Part II of the How to Accessorize with Necklaces.

So I'm going to show you a few more looks with different necklaces and necklines:

The Deep Square Neck
Depending on how deep the neck of the top/ dress is, I'd wear a chunky round necklace with it to fill the space. I've not matched the colour of the necklace to the top here, but it still works. So feel free to try on a colourful necklace with a neutral top. I like how this brings all the attention to the necklace.

Scooped Neck Plain Top

 Since this top is not too long, I wore this tiered beaded necklace with it to add sophistication. This is a good example of how the right necklace can take a casual look up a few notches.
Or you could even wear more than one thin chain to add glamour and keep it looking casual. I wouldn't wear the small, delicate necklace with a top like this.

Two tops I wouldn't wear any necklace with
 This Tee already has a lot going on with the stripes and the graphic print. Best left alone.
Although I'm wearing three chains with this, you can't really see them because of the busy paisley print on the top. I'd rather accessorize this kind of a top with big earrings.

 If I could convince you to get more necklaces, I'd suggest you get tiered ones. They're a lot of fun and so versatile. These two are my favourites and most worn:

And that's it for the tutorial on How to Accessorize with Necklaces. Until the next one, ciao!

Shabana Feroze


  1. I learned a lot just by taking your pictures!

    Divine Confessions

  2. I think I've got a case of Long-necklace-o-phobia! But after reading your post.. I think I need to try one.. :)


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