Guest Post: Ash Louise and her bad boy boyfriend shorts!

Ladies {and gentlemen}, meet Ash from AshLouise blog who's bringing you today's outfit post all the way from Europe! I met this gorgeous funny lady on the blogosphere and I instantly became a huge fan of her blog, style, photography and her writing. So, here she is! 

Hey ladies!

I'm Ash from the AshLouise blog and today I'm seriously trying to trick myself into thinking it's summer.
Note please the shorts and then the sweater... yes, in JULY! Lately it's been pretty stinkin' cold. Which makes
me resort to leggings and sweaters every time I want to even play around with the idea of wearing shorts outside.
I can't say it's been my favorite summer, but I'm definitely happy it's finally summer, cause I don't get strange looks as I walk around shivering in these bad boy boyfriend shorts (which I've been dying to wear all winter, but again, 
those evil looks, they get me every time, so I resisted until it's "ok" to wear them... Oh July)
But forgetting about the weather for second, a little tip for you ladies, from me to you, if you haven't gotten a pair of boyfriend shorts/jeans go out and buy some NOW! Cause seriously, soooo comfortable... sooooo much room! 
I can actually bend over in these things (OH c'mon, I know it's hard for all of us in those skin tight skinny jeans, haha). 
So I'm going to just keep on freezing in my baggy shorts, thank you. At least I'm freezing comfortable. ha!
I hope you all have a great and comfy day!

Ash is 25 years old, lives in Europe, but is originally from Southern California. She's a photographer and designs wedding invitations although her dream is to be a published author. She's written quite a few novels already. Check out her awesome fashion blog here and don't forget to connect with Google Friend Connect!
Follow her on twitter here.
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  1. Outfit is beatiful :)
    and photos are great :D
    Really pretty blog, can we follow each ? :D


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