My beloved book, thou are finally mine to hold and love and cherish forever...

Top: TSKD Designs, Skirt: H&M, Boots: New Look, Bangle, Necklace and Stockings: Gifted, Emerald Ring: Vintage, Flower Ring: Oasis, Watch: Swatch. 
What a great day! I had all good things happen one after another! First of all, I woke up to find this book next to me on my bed.
My jaw dropped. It took a while for me to shut it, but then so would yours if you'd been searching for a book for the last 8 years and you woke up to find it in front of you. The joy! The feeling of finally being able to hold it in my hands! All my Christmasses came at once! {If by now you haven't been put off by how big a nerd I am, I love you.} This book is responsible for making being a loner cool way before it became cool. It also started the Quirkyalone movement of loving yourself, and established IQD, International Quirkyalone Day, celebrated on February 14. And because I fit into every definition of being a Quirkyalone, I had to, had to, have it. I searched for it everywhere. India, Bahrain, even in Italy! And then the production of the book stopped, making it even harder to find. I wanted it so bad that it was even on my 2010 Birthday Wish List and my sister-in-law who's an air hostess started looking for it in every country she traveled to. And then a few weeks ago my younger brother ordered a second-hand copy through Amazon. And surprised me by leaving it on my bed for me to find when I wake up. So one last time can I just say, YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Ok, I'm done. 

Happy Thursday! xxx
Shabana Feroze


  1. It's nice to see you looking so happy. We love your entire ensemble. It's very striking.

  2. Yaa mam, many times the best of us is discovered in solitude and along with books in hand u can conquer the world. I love it sitting on a rainy cloudy day in balcony sipping my cup of coffee and reading my book. In between the green top is really gorgeous but less than u ;)

  3. I love the color of your top! so special ;)

  4. Amazing blog :)

    Everything is great.

    Follow each other?

    xoxo , Azra


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