New monster cupboard

I got a new cupboard made for my clothes! Woohoo! With my burgeoning collection, I needed one that would not only fit all my stuff but also one made to my specific requirements. {I'm kinda OCD about organizing my things. Plus I have an unhealthy love affair with my clothes.} So I hired carpenters to make one from scratch for me. They made the entire thing in their workshop and then assembled it in my room after adding a few finishing touches. 
And I took lots of photos while they did it!
The wood.
The frame assembled in my room.
Putting the sliding doors on.
Fixing the door handles. 
The completed cupboard. I love how ginormous it is!
Snarf found a new place to reign over me from. Don't ask how he gets up there. He begs me to put him on top of my shoe cupboard, then jumps onto this one. Then gives me I'm-the-lord-and-master looks from up there.
 And this is how I organized all my stuff!
I put glass shelves over the hanger rods so that my belts can be seen from below. 
In this shelf I've stored all my bangles in pretty baskets. There's another half glass shelf within this shelf to store knick-knacks. 
One shelf for all my bags. With another half glass shelf inside. 
This shelf is my pride and joy. All my jewelry except my bangles is here. I got hooks fixed into the sides and hung all my necklaces on them. My earrings are either hung on jewelry dolls or stored in a Ferrero Rocher tray. {Ladies I have just given you the perfect excuse to buy a big box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates and finish them as fast as you can!}
So that's my monster cupboard. I'm glad I got it made instead of buying one from Ikea. I'm using the smaller cupboard that came with my room to store underwear and gym clothes. But finally my gorgeous clothes can breathe!

Shabana Feroze


  1. A space after my own heart! The jewellery arrangement is perfection.

  2. Put a couple of lights in dude! ( twitter: kaneja70) unblock me from twitter.... its so mean :)


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