An Easy Way To Make Yourself Happy


Top: Koton, Skirt: Jane Norman, Bag: Aldo, Sunnies: Armani. Photos: Arif Feroze.

I had had a very full work week, last week, and was eagerly looking forward to relaxing on the weekend. But nooooo... the Universe had something else in store. It decided to cram all the people I never wanted to see again, within this weekend. In the span of just two days I met several people who I have in the 'Douchebag' category in my head. It was very unpleasant, I can tell you.

So you can imagine I woke up grumpy and annoyed this morning to start this new week. The Universe owed me a nice, relaxing, happy weekend, dammit! Anyway, as I soldiered on through the work day, during my lunch break I remembered I have to think of something nice for my Galaxy Note II's new cover as the old one's faded. And since I love words, I decided it has to be some sort of writing. And what better words to put on my phone than those that remind me of everything I love? So I started making a list.

After some time this is what it started to look like:

...Bangles. Pralines 'n' Cream. Long hair. Waterproof Mascara. Writing. Dressing up. Travel. Dance. Books. Drawing. Happiness. Laughing. Stilettos. Tea. Dreaming. Red lipstick. Silliness. Independence. Combat...

And so on. What I realized is this- I started feeling happy again. All the weariness and annoyance wore off and I was smiling to myself. My mind automatically stopped focusing on the bad experiences {and people!} and now all I could think about was all the gorgeous things I love and how they make me so happy.

So there you go- an easy way to make yourself happy. Write down the things you love.

Shabana Feroze


  1. Very beautiful n beautiful hair style... suits you... no shoes dis time?.

    1. Hi! I was wearing flats and they weren't as gorgeous as all my other heels!

  2. No wonder you look so happy in all your outfit posts :-) Cheers to happy beings !


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