9 Reasons Why Winter Sucks

9 Reasons Why Winter Sucks

1.      You feel so lazy you don’t want to exercise. I hate this feeling. I’m an exercise addict and I feel abnormal when I don’t even feel like working out.
2.      It’s so cold you don’t want to get out of bed. You can’t get any work done, because all you want to do is sleep. Tell me, is that normal? I don’t think so. Waking up in the morning in winter is a PAIN. Who wants to leave their lovely, warm bed? Not me. All organizations should be shut for the winter. Or change their working hours to start in the afternoon.
3.      Winter Blues. Lack of the sun makes you feel depressed. Does anyone like feeling depressed for no good reason? Do they? Huh? HUH?!
4.      You eat more. Because it’s cold, your body wants more fuel to keep itself warm. What happens then? YOU PUT ON WEIGHT.
5.      You have to wear your entire wardrobe. A scarf on top of a coat on top of a sweater on top of a shirt on top of a vest. Try sashaying sexily like a lady when you've got all THAT on.
6.      You wanna pee all the time because it’s cold but it’s a chore because you've got so many clothes on. And cold toilet seats. What a delight!
7.      I can’t wear shorts. :=(
8.      Your skin becomes dry and flaky. You have to invest millions in skincare just to keep it moisturized. I may have exaggerated a bit there.
9.      Showers become a chore. First you have to adjust the hot water to the perfect temperature. Then take the shower. Turn the water off and the cold air hits you. Wear your robe/ wrap your towel around and go with teeth chattering all the way into your room. Slather on an entire bottle of lotion, still shivering because the lotion’s also cold. Wear warm clothes. Breathe a sigh of relief. See how evil winter is? It makes a simple and pleasant routine like a shower dreadful.

So there you go. My reasons for hating winter. Do you agree or disagree?

Shabana Feroze

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