A special tour of Logos Hope

My family and I had visited Logos Hope, a ship which houses the largest floating book fair, when it came to Bahrain. We were given a special tour of the ship's many decks, and were told that it's run by over 400 crew members, hailing from 45 different countries. And the most astonishing part- they're all volunteers. From the workers in the engine room to the chefs to even the Captain, no one gets a salary! 

My mom and me.
My family and friends with the 2 crew members who showed us around.
In the Control Room
My dad pretending to be Captain

It was a most interesting experience knowing all about a ship that has a school, a theatre and a mini-hospital on board. I found myself yearning to be part of the crew because they get to travel and visit so many countries and cultures. Although I couldn't find any books for myself; my mom, dad and brother bought around 15. {My entire family is book-crazy}. And if you're wondering why there's not even one picture of the ship from outside, well, it wasn't allowed by the port. This world is mad.
Shabana Feroze


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