A special tour of Logos Hope

My family and I had visited Logos Hope, a ship which houses the largest floating book fair, when it came to Bahrain. We were given a special tour of the ship's many decks, and were told that it's run by over 400 crew members, hailing from 45 different countries. And the most astonishing part- they're all volunteers. From the workers in the engine room to the chefs to even the Captain, no one gets a salary! 

My mom and me.
My family and friends with the 2 crew members who showed us around.
In the Control Room
My dad pretending to be Captain

It was a most interesting experience knowing all about a ship that has a school, a theatre and a mini-hospital on board. I found myself yearning to be part of the crew because they get to travel and visit so many countries and cultures. Although I couldn't find any books for myself; my mom, dad and brother bought around 15. {My entire family is book-crazy}. And if you're wondering why there's not even one picture of the ship from outside, well, it wasn't allowed by the port. This world is mad.
Shabana Feroze


  1. You look so much like your dad!! :)

    1. I know. Put a french beard on me and you can't tell the difference. ;)


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