29 Things Life Taught Me in 29 Years

I celebrated my 29th a couple of weeks back. I have never been one to be afraid of birthdays or increasing age. Why be afraid of something that's inevitable? And secondly, I cherish getting wiser every day, week, month and year that I go through life.

These are 29 things I have learnt so far in my crazy, beautiful, amusing, but fabulous 29 years:
  1. Being calm works wonders. It's a magic that if you master, brings peace to yourself and to everyone around. 
  2. Yield. You don't have to put up a fight to everything and to everyone just to show you're strong. Sometimes accepting another point of view or even a situation opens your eyes to something amazing.
  3. A few good friends and close family are a million times better than many who don't care as much.
  4. Keep the child in you alive. At the most difficult times, it reminds you that life is still beautiful.
  5. The happier you are with what you have, the more life rewards you with what you want.
  6. Nothing is more attractive than people who look like they're having fun being themselves.
  7. Amazing things happen when you show life that you can stand the pain.
  8. Even more amazing things happen when you truly, deeply, absolutely believe that you deserve to be happy.
  9. Don't fight change. Most times, change is not a positive, easy thing. But if you've got a good attitude towards it you'll make the best of it and come out shining.
  10. Do things that scare the hell out of you. Facing your fears and eliminating them once and for all is a glorious feeling unparalleled with any other.
  11. Ignore the petty stuff. As I've grown older I realized that the petty stuff and small worries don't bother me anymore. And that's blissful. 
  12. Make bad decisions. Make mistakes. Make a giant mess of your life. That's any day better than someone else controlling your life and making decisions for you. 
  13. Don't be a Drama Queen. Don't put up with people who are Drama Queens. Unless the drama is comedy.
  14. Let go of people that are not adding any value in your life. There are 7 billion other people on earth. 
  15. Peace is accepting your own insignificance to others. Power is accepting your own significance to yourself.
  16. Stop blaming society, the world, or your lack of time for all the problems in your life. Own your problems. Own your happiness.
  17. People will attack you for standing up for yourself. Ignore them. They're not living your life. You are.
  18. Silliness is one of life's most underrated qualities. Find people who you can be silly with and who are comfortable enough to be silly around you.
  19. If you're mad at someone, say it. Don't let it fester and then implode or explode.
  20. If there's one good habit to cultivate, it's to have fun in whatever you do. No matter how serious the job is, adding splashes of humor makes it so much easier.
  21. If there's anyone you have to constantly justify yourself to, stop. Walk away. Trust me, they're not worth it.
  22. Be crazy, be weird, be flirty, be moody, be boring. Be anything. Just don't be fake. 
  23. You don't have to read the best-seller, watch the best-rated series or go to the box office hit just because everyone is doing it. If you don't like it, you don't like it. Big deal.
  24. There will be times so stressful you'll wish you were born a millionaire, or were a house cat, or were a unicorn. You wish you'd be anywhere else but here and now, facing what you're facing. But realize that this is just a phase or a time period that will pass, and will inevitably make you grow as a person.
  25. Become comfortable with yourself. People come and go, but you'll be with you your entire life.
  26. Don't make unnecessary enemies. Life will give you plenty of reasons to make necessary enemies.
  27. Let people be themselves. Remember that the world would be a terribly boring place if everyone was similar.
  28. Learn to say no to what you don't want to do. If they get offended, it's not your problem, it's theirs.
And for my 29th point to end my long soliloquy, I leave you with this song. 

P.S: This is my 500th post! Woohoo!

Shabana Feroze

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