Sometimes you have to punish a dress

Dress: Own design, Necklace: Vintage, Watch: Gifted, Shoes: New Look, Handbag: Debenhams.

I love this dress.
No, wait. Let me put it better.
I LOVE this dress.
Nope. Let's try again.
I lurrrrrrrrrrrrrvvvvvve this dress!

Ok, now that we've got that cleared, we can.... talk about this dress a little more. Let's start with the cloth. My mom's had this cloth for aaaages now. She bought it when I was a child, in the hope that someday she'd make a dress for me because she loved the print and the spring-summery colors. Fast-forward to many years later and the material was still sitting in her ginormous materials cupboard. In one of my regular sessions of show-me-allllllll-the-materials-you-have-so-I-can-design-more-clothes-for-myself with my mom, finally I decided to use this cloth. So I designed a dress. And my mom stitched it.

And she didn't get it right. So she made some changes. Still not right. More changes. Still not right. Rinse, lather, repeat, for a few more months. STILL not right. At one point my mom and I got so fed up of the dress that we folded it and kept it inside a dark corner of a cupboard just to teach it a lesson. Then one day, out of the blue, my mom had a Eureka! moment, did a li'l something-something on the dress and voila! Perfection!

Now see, my mom is not a professional seamstress, nor am I a professional fashion designer. {Nor do I ever aspire to be. I'm a selfish scallywag who only enjoys designing for herself.} Which is why, through many trials and even more errors, this dress finally became wearable. Forget wearable it became magnifique. {Take that, Dior!}

Moral of the story- Try and try again, until you give up and then get hit by the solution.

So, for the dress' first outing, I accessorized it with a forest green vintage bead necklace, a baby pink thin belt at the waist and fuchsia summery sandals. A pulled-back ponytail finished the look.

Until next time,



Shabana Feroze

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