What Doth A Stylish Person Make?

Dress and belt: H&M, All jewelry: Gifted, Watch: Vintage, Shoes: Steve Madden.

It's never been about fashion for me. I find fashion boring. I don't follow runway fashion. I don't check out what's hot and trending in the new summer or fall line. I don't care much about high-end designers. Heck, I don't even go through fashion magazines! {They only make me feel ugly and poor.}

For me it's always been about style. I've always admired people who have their own distinct sense of it. Think about how you feel when you see someone who has a unique look all their own. You get the feeling that they know who they are, and the way they dress is an extension of that. And whether you like or hate the overall visual, you respect them just for the fact that they make the effort to look uniquely like themselves no matter what.

So what doth a stylish person make?
  1. They know what their body's 'assets' are , like broad shoulders, a tiny waist, long legs, etc, and they focus on wearing items that play those assets up.
  2. They like wearing things that hint at their personality. {Note: I said 'hint'. Nicki Minaj SCREAMS her personality through her clothes and that is not stylish. Plus I have no clue what she's trying to tell me about herself either.}
  3. They wear the dress, the dress never wears them.
  4. They don't apologize for what they like. {I love women who tell me that they hate wearing heels but love mine.}
  5. No matter what they're wearing, they're always well-groomed. Which in itself lends to their overall style.
  6. They have a 'signature' look. Either a color {it's not hard to guess which color is mine. Just scroll back up!}, or jewelry, or an obsession with certain piece of clothing. I know this guy who always has on the most interesting blazers. And he looks great in them.
  7. They are not brand victims. You'd never guess that that fabulous hat came from a flea market in Turkey or a shop in Goa. They know that they don't have to wear something expensive or designer to be deemed 'stylish'. They can rock the simplest outfits and look super-stylish.
  8. They know that sometimes it's not about what they're wearing, it's how they carry it off. Style goes hand-in-glove with confidence. If you don't have the confidence to carry it off, even a Dior gown will look like a sack of potatoes. {And if you have the confidence, even a sack of potatoes will look like a Dior gown.}
  9. They look extremely comfortable. Stylish people know that there's nothing 'cool' or attractive about wearing something uncomfortable and fidgeting with it all evening. 
  10. They're consistent. You won't see a style-maven wear a gorgeous outfit one day and then look haggard in sweats the other. Being stylish is in their blood.
  11. Lastly, they don't impose their style on anyone else. {People with the Nazi-like fashion rules who go about telling people what can and should be worn, calm down!} Truly stylish people know that style is very personal and that it has no rules. What works for you may not work for someone else. 

So, what does your style say about you? What are you advertising on the mini-billboard that is your body?

Coming soon: What doth an unstylish person make?

Shabana Feroze

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