Let's see how much pink you can find

One of my most popular boards on Pinterest is Pinkness. It's a collection of pictures of anything and everything that looks gorgeous in pink. It's amazing how this color looks beautiful in so many different applications. I absolutely love this board and scroll through it when I want to calm my mind or when I simply need some eye candy. 

Here is a small sample of what the pins on the board look like:

Inspired by this board, I looked around my room to see how many pink things I could find. I got my camera out and snapped away. Here's the result.

So... a bobby pin holder, my pink castle snow globe, a pink teddy bear pen-holder, a Chinese paper lantern, a pink crocheted basket, my pink tulip lady coin jar {yeah, that's actually a coin jar!}, and of course, pink candles and chick-lit books. 

Somehow, I'm not satisfied with the amount of pinkness in my room. I'm seriously considering painting my work table pink. 

Your homework for today: see how many pink things you can count around your room or your house. Can you find at least six? Let me know what you find by commenting below! And until the next post, stay pink. xoxox

For more color boards and just simply gorgeous images, follow me on pinterest HERE.

Shabana Feroze

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