Reasons for my happy

Dress; Own design, Bracelet: Gifted, Necklace: F21, Clutch: Zara, Shoes: New Look.
Photos: Arif Feroze.

So I'm happy for two reasons. One is that my brother Arif finally finished 2 extremely busy months of shooting a TV series, which makes him free to do my blog photoshoots. YAY! {Not to say that I don't love my other photogs, but since Arif is my brother, and a younger one at that, I can twist his arm the most for taking my pictures.}

Secondly, I bought new shoes! I've disciplined myself so much to reduce my shopping that it's been months since I bought new footwear. And now I feel like celebrating! I love the way these heels make my feet look like they're wearing little head bands. {Or turbans?! I can't decide.} Also I love that New Look has five inch heels available in my gigantic foot size. {That too gorgeous ones. Before New Look my life followed Murphy's Law of "If the shoe fits, it's ugly.".}

When I was designing this cotton shift dress I decided to embellish it with baby blue lace as the white is so pristine. The light color and intricacy of the lace keep the dress looking feminine and cool. Great for summer. I wore a magenta statement necklace and matched a bracelet and clutch with it, to add a few pops of color to the dress. Since these heels are nude in color, they were perfect to complete the outfit as I didn't want a third color nor did I want to wear magenta heels. Remember, when you're wearing a simple outfit, up the look with gorgeous heels.

Until next time, stay stylish! xoxox

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Shabana Feroze


  1. These photos look like they were taken during a snowy winter day. But it's not! O.O

    1. What can I say? I have some very talented photographers around me! :)


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