Okay I WILL say it

Hat: Forever21, Top: from Bangkok, Jeans: Bershka, Bangles: Mango, Shoes: Steve Madden. Photos: Arif Feroze.

I have too many clothes. But WAIT! Before you get all judgy and say that's why I can dress well, let me finish that sentence- I have too many clothes and not enough days to wear them. 

It frustrates me so much that right now I have clothes and accessories that I haven't either worn yet, or not worn enough. I keep promising myself that I mustn't buy anything else before I've worn ALL my clothes and accessories at least once, but who can resist an absolutely gorgeous item at a great price? Sigh. Obviously not me.

For instance, just before going to Thailand I bought a couple of beautiful dresses and a top, and then, of course, I bought a few things in Thailand. But don't get me wrong! I'm not regretting buying anything. All I'm saying is I can't wait to wear everything.

And I'm only bringing this point up because sometimes it may feel like I'm always wearing new things on the blog and inadvertently sending a message to you to constantly get new stuff too, to stay well-dressed. But NO. That's absolutely wrong. I definitely don't spend ALL my money {or even a majority of it} on clothes nor do I buy clothes only to show them on this blog. {That would be completely contradictory to why I write this blog in the first place}. I have a wardrobe with the basics, and I occasionally add pieces to it, always making sure the new pieces go with everything else. That's also why you see me repeat many pieces.

For instance, in today's outfit, only my top is new. Everything else is years old. I needed loose t-shirts that I can throw over skinnies and just GO, so when I saw this top, I knew it would be a great addition to my wardrobe. And I don't buy something unless I love it. I'm absolutely in love with this t-shirt. And the jeans. And the hat. And the bangles. And the shoes. And I'm going to probably be wearing all those things until I get completely sick of them, or until they fall apart. Whichever comes first.

So don't go crazy trying to build your wardrobe. There's no need to hoard tons of clothes nor is there any joy in it. Buy pieces you love and then wear the hell out of them. As I plan to do with the beautiful things in my wardrobe. And if time and my photographer permits, wear and show them to you too.


Shabana Feroze

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  1. I do love that top...and the hat even more! Pretty Shabana!


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