Here's how to start the new year- get three Bourjois Smoky Story Palettes from me!

Aaaand it's time for a giveaway! Now isn't that a great way to start the new year? By getting something awesome from me for free? Haha!

Today I've got the Bourjois Smoky Story Palettes for you. These smoky-eye eyeshadow palettes come with a top coat shadow with highly concentrated faceted glitter and a cream-powder texture with integrated base shadow primer. They also have Light Touch, a new generation integrated top coat. This transparent veil, containing coordinated glitter, gives a subtle light touch to the smoky, and illuminates while preserving its colour. 

Bourjois tip: The top coat is applied as a solid layer over the eyelids for a finely glittery smoky eye, or in small touches on key areas: the inner corner of the eye for light, the arch to open the eyes, the centre of the eyelids to make the iris sparkle, at the roots of the lashes for a flash of shimmer.

Exceptionally easy to blend and apply, the formula contains an integrated eyelid base, for 12 hour hold! 

Steps to achieve the look:
  1. Apply the lighter shade just under the arch, to unify and enhance the eyelids.
  2. Apply the medium shade on the mobile eyelids to intensify the look.
  3. Apply the dark shade at the roots of the lashes to underline the look.
  4. Apply the Light Touch in a solid layer as a top coat for a delicate glittery smoky or in small touches, depending on my mood. 

And now, the best part. I'm giving away THREE of these. Yup. THREE! Which means three of you stand a chance to win these cool palettes. 


01 Grey & Night: the classic, ultra-stylish grey harmony, enhanced with an immaculate white Light Touch.

05 Good nude: a harmony of brown taupe shades, livened up by a silvery Light Touch: guaranteed enigmatic look.

07 In mauve again: three easy to wear soft purple shades twisted by the matching Light Touch in silver tones.

How to enter the giveaway:

3. Leave a comment under this post with your name, your age, what you do and why you like reading the blog. {I know, it's a bit more than what I usually ask for, but I want to get to know you, Gorgeous Reader!}

Giveaway closes on 15th Jan. Winners will be chosen through a lucky draw. Open to Bahrain readers only. 

P.S: There's a consolation prize for a 4th winner. Shhh...

Shabana Feroze


  1. Zaheera Akoob, 35 years, lawyer, love your style

  2. Hello :) Lavita here.
    I've reached the ripe ol' age of 25 :P
    I work as a legal assistant/KYC analyst
    I have been following your blog because its so very helpful (especially sincsinchave pretty much zero fashion sense) and the way you explain things is very unique and easy to follow :)
    keep up the amazing work :)

  3. Hey ! My name is Amanda Rodrigues.
    I'm 25 years old. I'm an interior designer currently specialising in designing high end bathrooms.
    The reason I love your blog is because you have your own unique sense of style & never afraid to express it. I love your use of bold colours.
    Your opinions on various topics are quite interesting and relatable.
    Your blog , in my interpretation sends a very strong message of being comfortable in your own skin & its something I hope to embody someday.
    Thanks :)

  4. I saw this post wayyy late! :( Hate it when I'm away from the blogging scene! I'm still going to give it a go if the 4th consolation prize is still up and if its not its okay I still want you to know about me! :D

    Syeda Areesha , 23, I'm an accounts executive kinda boring for now hoping to study further soon!
    As for why I like your blog love your fashion sense way as it's something new from the usual that I see and the way you post it feels like your a friend as your posts are detailed and that's what I must say I love and your topics are always something I can relate to! Last but not the least we've told you this in person as well you've inspired us to start up our own blog! :D

    1. Thank you sooooo much sweetheart! I've given the consolation prize away, but I'll be doing another giveaway soon, so watch out for that! xoxoxox


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