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Hi! I'm Shabana. I live in Bahrain. I'm a businesswoman by day and a fitness instructor by night. I believe that dressing up is the easiest way of loving yourself, and this blog is where I journal my outfits and my life. If you'd like to know more, click on the About Me tab on top. I hope you enjoy my blog!

5 Year Blog Anniversary and an Update on My Life

Photo: Arif Feroze

It's my blog's anniversary today. I started this blog 5 years ago today. {It's been FIVE years! Whew!} To celebrate it this year I'm doing nothing but reflecting on how far this blog has come and the way I want it to go in the future.

The intention of starting this blog was to help women with fashion advice by showing them what I'm wearing and breaking down the thought process on how I put an outfit together. It's also a place where I chronicle my journey, my thoughts, and the life lessons I learn. Over the past few weeks {or months} I've realized that I've just been doing one outfit post after another, and no other posts about life/style/beauty/tips and tricks, etc. I realize this was because I recently have a lot of new things in my closet and whenever I get new clothes/accessories, I feel like they lose their magic if I don't wear them on the blog. Haha!

And that, really, is not what my blog's about. It's about helping you mix and match and get the most out of everything you have in your closet. I shudder at the thought of becoming one of those bloggers who makes their readers feel like they're showing off their new clothes/jewelry constantly. And I know it can get boring for you, Gorgeous Reader, to see one outfit post after another. So I've decided to slow it down, and mix up my outfit posts with other interesting posts. You'll be seeing those, soon.

Getting caught up in just doing outfit posts and talking about the clothes and shoes yada yada yada, I realized I haven't spoken about my life or what's happening in it. So here's an update. My business of marketing consultancy is going beautifully. It has been almost a year since I started and I've learned soooo many things so far and met a lot of great people. I work with a lovely team made up of friends and family, I love meeting clients, working from home, and of course, being able to work on the go. I'm also giving fitness classes in a couple of gyms in town. Taking a class full of people to their fitness peak is such a high. Lastly, I'm also working on a very exciting project which you'll get to know about next year.

So that's that. 5 years of this blog, and an update on my life!

I'd love to hear from you- what you like the most about the blog and what kind of posts you'd like to see more of in the future. Let me know in the comments below, or drop me a line on shabana{dot}feroze{at}gmail{dot}com.

Until next time,



Shabana Feroze
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  1. Hi Shabana, am finally catching up on my blog reading...Congratulations! Your dedication is truly admirable and have watched you craft your own style, and indeed, your own life over the years. You're an inspiration! And no, I don't get tired of looking at outfit posts. I always look forward to learning how to mix colors especially...good luck on your journey forward. Love your posts...both on FB (aah those witticisms!!!) and here...hugs!


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