23 Things You Can Do To Lose Weight Faster

Losing weight can be hard. Especially during this time of year with all the temptation of holiday goodies as well as all the party food. But with a little self-control and with the help of some clever tips, you can exercise self-control and even lose some pounds.

1. Sip water with lemon juice or slices of lemon in it. Keep it on your work desk and near you all the time. You'll crave sugary and rich food lesser. I love my citrus zinger bottle and you'll find it near me at all times.

2. Anything that feels heavy and creamy on the tongue is full of fat and calories. Avoid.

3. When you're watching TV, every time a commercial break comes on, do push ups.

4. Whenever you feel hungry, eat a few raw nuts. They'll keep you full longer and they're full of goodness.

5. If you feel like you're eating healthy but still can't lose weight, keep a food diary- write down what you're eating or take pictures of your food.

6. Get enough sleep. If you haven't slept enough, your body craves high-carb, high-fat food.

7. Replace processed carbs like white bread and white rice with vegetables.

10. Lift weights. It builds muscles and increases the rate at which your body burns calories.

11. Forget about deep-frying. It does not exist anymore. And don't eat ANY deep-fried foods when you're outside.

12. Plan your meals in advance so you don't slip up.

13. Eat something filling and healthy, like a sandwich or an omelette before going to a party. You'll be too full to go crazy on the high-calorie party food.

14. At least once a week, try and go on a 'walking date' with a friend/ family. Walk around a mall if you can't walk outside.

15. Carry healthy snacks like whole-grain biscuits, raw nuts or bananas in your bag so you won't be tempted to buy something when you get hungry.

16. Every time you get a phone call walk around while talking.

17. Put up a photo of a model/ someone whose body you aspire to have, on your fridge. The visual motivation will deter you from indulging in bad food.

18. Store lots of fresh fruit and dry fruit like dates, apricots and figs at home and at work, and have those instead of sugary foods when you crave something sweet.

19. Get rid of all the processed and packaged food like biscuits, candy bars, sugary cereal, etc from your kitchen. If you don't have it you can't eat it.

20. Drink a lot of water. If you're full of water you'll eat less.

21. Be mindful of what you're eating. If you really must have chocolate cake, put it in front of you, give it all your attention and enjoy each bite. That way you won't scarf down half a cake while watching telly.

22. Mix up your workouts. Don't let your body get used to just one type of exercise.

23. Cook food at home. That way you know for certain what's going in it.

Hopefully these little tips help you lose weight faster, and keep you motivated to stay fit, this year and the next. 

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