How to Avoid Falling Sick

If you're wondering why I haven't put up a post in some time, it's because I've been down with a nasty, nasty cold. It's been more than a week now and finally the symptoms have subsided enough for me to function normally again. I can't believe that this was my second cold in a span of 2 months. Usually I get zero colds per year. The reason why I caught a cold is that I was stressed. Stress is a huge contributing factor to catching a cold and being prone to other diseases. Which made me think about all the other reasons we fall sick, and how to avoid them.

Don't overexercise
Exercise is great, but overexercising is not. When you overexercise, you make your immune system weaker instead of stronger, making you susceptible to infections and viruses. {I'm guilty of doing this time and again. I've noticed that I catch a cold when I give too many combat classes in a week.}

Don't stress

When you stress out, you kill your immune system. Your body can't fight off bacteria and viruses and you fall sick. The next time you start worrying or stressing out, remember that it will make you sick and proactively do things that relax you.

Eat fresh fruits and veggies
Fruits and vegetables have a plethora of nutrients, vitamins and anti-oxidants that help keep your immune system strong. Include more in your daily diet if you feel like you fall sick too often. A brilliant way of consuming more fruit and veg is to have them in the form of raw juices and smoothies.

Include turmeric in your food
Turmeric is a very powerful anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory spice. It will kill the bad guys in your body, and keep you healthy. Try adding more of it to the food you cook or even take a spoonful of turmeric powder with water daily.

Have hot water with lemon honey every morning
There are many, many benefits of this drink, but because it aids in digestion and helps to get rid of toxins from your body, it's what you need to drink regularly to not fall sick. To make it simply add honey and a few drops of lemon juice to hot or warm water. Adjust the honey and lemon quantities according to your taste, and drink this every morning as soon as you wake up. It's advisable to wait half an hour before you have breakfast.

Take the time to relax
Relaxing and doing things purely for leisure resets your mind and body. Stress levels go down and immune cells become stronger. So meet friends, watch a movie, read a book, get a massage or simply take a nap. Do whatever it takes to help you unwind and relax.

Do something you love
It's simple- when you're doing something you love, you're happy. And your health is strongest when you're happy.

Getting enough sleep has a positive effect on your heart, weight and mind. Your body repairs and rejuvenates itself when you get a good night's sleep. Research has shown a link between insufficient sleep and serious illnesses such as heart diseaseheart attacksdiabetes, and obesityTry to get at least 6-8 hours of good quality sleep every night.

Reduce sugar intake
Sugar destroys your immune system. It makes you lethargic, fatigued and prone to a host of health problems. If you find yourself catching a cold frequently or falling sick often, reduce sugar from your diet or remove it altogether. Don't forget to look for hidden sugars in processed foods such as ketchup, sauces, and even breads.

Eat more natural Vitamin C
Research has found that Vitamin C helps to avoid many diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, cancer and more. It also helps in combating free radicals that lead to the damage of cells and tissues in the body. And of course, it helps to keep the common cold away and reduces the symptoms. I like taking Vitamin C in its natural form through fruits and vegetables. This way I get more benefits and also fibre, which is essential for a healthy digestive system. Include more citrus fruits, bell peppers, dark leafy greenskiwi fruit, broccoli, berries, tomatoes, peas, and papaya in your daily diet

In addition to these points, don't forget to wash your hands often to avoid transferring germs to your mouth and nose, and drink plenty of water every day. Maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating well, exercising often, and resting enough.

Until next time, stay healthy.



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