Blue Floral Pants and Building a Wardrobe Of Comfortable Style

Floral pants. I could stock my entire wardrobe with them. I have long legs so printed pants look good on me, and I try to get them whenever I can. And of course, floral is my favorite kind of print. Flowers splashed all over a drab item like trousers make them look feminine and cheerful, and add an exuberant touch to your work wardrobe. These pants from Oasis are a thick polyester mix, with a tapered leg, and they have my two favorite features- an elasticated waist at the back and pockets. {Which girl doesn't love pockets?!} The elasticated waist and tapered leg mean that they're very comfortable to move around in, while subtle pleats near in the front give them a formal look. I love the boldness of the floral print and the fact that it's in different shades of blue as it's a great neutral color that goes with most other colors. 

I picked out the red in the pants and matched this red top from Koton with it. I'm finding that this top is soon becoming my favorite because one, it's the perfect shade of red, and two, it looks so elegant because of the lace accents. I used to have a red top similar to this one and after wearing it a zillion times I gave it away. Ever since I've been looking for the same kind of top again and I found this one which is not only the exact same cut and color, but has lace. Woohoo! The lace accents give it a beautiful luxurious feel even though the cut is simple. The material is a soft cotton mix making it feel cool and light on the skin. I finished with metallic blue pumps and a few accessories of crystal tear drop earrings and a statement watch. This is a great outfit to run around doing meetings in, as it's cool and comfy. You can throw on a blazer or a smart jacket if you're sitting in a freezing office.

My good friend Nada's last blog post on wearing what you're comfortable in inspired me to write my next bit in this post. In her post Nada talks about having 'meh' days and just wanting to wear what you're comfortable on in those days. And it got me thinking about my wardrobe, and I realized I don't have anything that I'm not uncomfortable in! Yup! ALL my clothes are super duper comfy! If you've been following my posts for a while, {and reading what I write instead of just looking at the pictures, haha}, you'll notice that almost always I describe my clothes as a linen mix/ cotton mix, cool, comfy and easy to move around in. That's because I believe very strongly that first and foremost, your clothes should be comfortable. There's no need to sacrifice comfort for style. Once you know your style and what you like, look for the most comfortable variation/ cut/ material of those clothing items. Buy clothes according to your lifestyle {which means where you work, what your day involves, whether or not you have babies or young children to tend to which may mean having to wash your clothes frequently or having to get dressed in a hurry every morning, and other factors like that}, as well as the weather of the place you live in {no point in buying heavy and expensive winter wear if you live in Bahrain!}.

Same goes for shoes. If you like high heels, get them in your size or a size bigger so they don't hurt your feet. Some of my high heels are more comfortable than flats! If you prefer flats, make sure they don't rub against the corners of your feet and cause pain. There are many types of socks available which you can wear to protect your feet from painful friction in any kind of shoes. Yes I know that WHY CAN'T SHOE MAKERS JUST MAKE COMPLETELY COMFORTABLE SHOES but... c'est la vie. You can buy socks that cover the bottom and sides of your feet so they can't be seen, but they'll stop those painful angry red marks on the corners of your feet from rubbing against the shoe. I use these liner socks from New Look. They're cheap and they do the job nicely. I wear them with both flats and heels. And lastly, the same goes for accessories. Don't buy costume jewelry if it makes your skin itch. Or heavy jewelry when you know you'll get tired of wearing it all day. Buy bags and sunglasses that complement your lifestyle and your style.

There's always an area where your style and comfort intersect and that's the area you want to build a house on and live in forever. The MAIN reason you're going to do this, is because you'll be in a good mood when your clothes aren't causing you discomfort. Life is too short to be wearing uncomfortable things!

Once you have determined what kind of clothes, shoes and accessories go perfectly with your style AND are comfortable, fill up your wardrobe with them! And yes, that also means getting rid of anything and everything that feels horrible! Get rid of those too-tight shoes, that itchy dress, and that jacket that pulls across your back. Imagine having a closet full of things that are not only your style, but also super comfy and pleasant to wear. Each item should feel so good you wanna wear it all day, every day. So even on those days when you're not in the mood to get dressed and just want to wear what you're most comfortable in, you'll still end up looking great! 

Top: Koton, Pants: Oasis, Shoes: ASOS. Photos: Nada Qamber

Until next time

Shabana Feroze

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