Green, Cream and Back From Holiday

I'm a little tired of blazers with the classic folded lapels, and I'm always looking for work jackets or blazers that have a different collar or lapels. I love the high collar in this blazer. High collars always look classy and sassy. The clean lines of the break in the front make the jacket look sharp. The lines extend down in tails in the front but the back is shorter, hitting just above the waist. The material is soft and breathable, with 5% stretch and a satin lining inside. A well-structured blazer like this is everything because it pulls an entire outfit together. 

I wore the blazer with a cream coloured satin blouse. The blouse has short sleeves, so it's great to pair with full-sleeved jackets. I love the contrast in both the colours and the texture. The jacket is a soft cotton-like polyester, and the shine of the satin blouse complements it. The deep forest green of the jacket adds substance to the light cream top. These wide-leg pants are my favourite formal black trousers {I have quite a few black pants}. The material is stretchy, crepe-like, but super-soft, making the pants flow as you walk. Even though they're high-waist, they don't feel restrictive at all. I'm so glad that wide-leg pants are trending this year. I hope to see more of them in shops and in different designs. They're comfy, they look elegant and they flatter most body types. It's high-time they trended!

Having talked about the wide-leg trend, another trend I'm completely in love with are embroidered shoes. I've already got two pairs of them- one flat and one pair of heels, {seen here}, and I love them! Embroidery was always a big love of mine. I'm loving the strategically placed embroidery trend of a bit on sleeves/ collars/ yoke of shirts or tumbling asymmetrically down one shoulder {like this shirt with embroidery on just the sleeves}. But on footwear it looks especially gorgeous, adding that much more detail and soooo much more prettiness.

That's why when I saw these nude shoes with embroidery in pinks depicting Chinese trees and birds, I fell in love. Thankfully they had them in my size. They were perfect for this outfit as I'm wearing solid colours.The embroidered shoes add detail and interest. I matched tiered earrings in pink to the shoes and finished with a cut-out bag. The hue of the maroon matches the deep hue of the jacket. 

I wore this outfit on a work day when the weather was like it is now- hot in the morning and coller at night. So when it gets warm or you're inside a stuffy office, you can remove the jacket and still look smart in a simple blouse, pants and embroidered shoes outfit. I should have taken a photo without the jacket so you could have seen how it looks. Oh well. You live. You learn. 

You can see more about layering and putting together summer and winter outfits in my book, Loving Yourself In Style. The book is available online as well as in Jashanmal and Words Book Stores in Bahrain. {Get in touch with me if you'd like a signed copy.}.

Jacket: ASOS, Top: Own Design, Pants: Koton, Earrings, Bag: Gifted, Shoes: New Look

It's been one week since I've been back from my short and sweet trip to Kerala with my brother, to attend a friend's wedding. {I've been sharing photos of it on my Instagram. Still am.}. We hung around a few days after that and explored the place. I'll be doing a detailed blog post on where we went, what we saw, what we ate, and how you can do it too, soon. Hopefully this weekend I'll get the chance to sit down and transfer the thousands of photos of the backwaters, lakes and forests. Since I've been back I've been rushed off my feet with classes and work. I've literally had no time for myself. I'm finally feeling the dust settle this week and I'm so looking forward to a relaxing weekend.

Until next time

Shabana Feroze

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