Maxi Skirts and Introducing the New Baby, Munna

My love for a good maxi skirt will never diminish. It's one of the most versatile items of clothing that you can dress up or down and it looks so elegant! A black maxi skirt, then, is a wardrobe staple. I used to have a gorgeous layered one when I was in college. It was an A-line full gypsy skirt and I loved it to bits and wore it until it fell apart. 

About the Outfit

This skirt is a lucky find from the outlet store of Next in Manama. It's a thin jersey material, but because it's thick and loose, it's not see through. My favourite parts about this skirt are that it's long, {always such a hard thing to find for a tall person like me} so it reaches all the way to the floor and would look good with heels too.

Top: Koton, Skirt: Next, Earrings, Bag: Gifted, Ring, Necklace: Gold Souk, Bangles: Forever21, Sunglasses: from Rome, Shoes: Aldo

And IT HAS POCKETS. Who doesn't love pockets?? I've said it before and I'll say it again- pockets in everything for girls! We like pockets, too!

The waist is elasticated with a drawstring. It has short slits on either side, just up to the knee. Or below it, actually. I love that the skirt is A-line, so it has some sort of flair to it. I hate maxi skirts that stick to the body or that fall straight down like a column. Ugh. Because of the slits and the wider cut, it's very easy to walk in. The soft jersey material and the elastic waist make it a very comfortable item to wear.

In winter, you could wear black leggings under it for warmth, and a nice thick cardigan or shawl on top. I love pairing jackets with these types of skirts too, for an effortlessly chic look.

In this look, I paired it with one of my favourite tops. This pink blouse from Koton with its rolled up sleeves and V neck was one of my most worn tops. I say was because just two days ago, it got stained by another top, in the wash. :(  Anyway. Gives me a reason to go shopping. :)  But yes, tops like these are so great because they go with almost any bottom. I've worn this it with jeans, midi skirts and trousers.

The combination of pink and black has always been a go-to for me. The contrast of the softness of the pink and the substance of black makes it a winner for me. 

Since the neckline is a bit wide, I wore a pretty round pendant necklace. I matched simple silver earrings to the necklace. On my hands, I wore a flower ring and a few thin silver bangles to add to the girly vibe.

I've had this backpack bag for quite some time, but didn't use it. I'm so used to my professional handbags that this was stepping out of the comfort zone for me. But the thing about backpack bags is that they're so practical! Especially if you're on your feet all day. I love that this one is in a neutral but vibrant tan and has a sleek leather finish. The shape is very simple and sleek, too, making it easy to pair with a professional outfit. The stripes at the bottom add interest and the black bottom makes the bag look smaller than it actually is. 

I tied my hair in one of my favourite ponytail styles. All you do is tie a low and slightly loose ponytail, create a hole above the hair tie, and pass your entire pony through it, so you get pretty twists at either side.

On my feet, I wore tan leather loafers that match with the bag. 

Ups & Downs

In my last post, I spoke about going through ups and downs in my personal life recently. And I said I'd talk about what they were in my next post. 

On 5th June, our beloved Snarf passed away. He was only 9 years old. He got a disease, and within 4 days, he was taken from us. We were left bewildered and in shock. All of us in the family were very attached to him. He was our regal king, who knew we were his mere slaves and would do anything for him. He was given to my brother Arif by our cousin, around 8 years back. He had been found on the road near my cousin's home. My cousin couldn't keep him. So we did. Snarf was the embodiment of the cartoon cat Garfield. He was arrogant, loved to eat, and knew we were mere peasants under his paw. 

Having him around was like having a comedy show running all the time. This was one cat who truly believed he was a human. He used to sit on his butt, sleep on our beds with his head on the pillow, and join us for every meal on the dining table by taking a place on a chair. Once Mili came into our lives, the both of them became great friends. Their fake wrestling matches were the most hilarious things to watch. And since Snarf went away, Mili was very lonely. She missed her brother. And we missed our handsome king.

To fill up the hole in our hearts, we decided to adopt a new kitten. Our vet, the same one who had treated Snarf, told us he had a kitten for adoption. We gave him to our father as a birthday present, as my dad was the most attached o Snarf. And vice versa. Snarf was like an obedient dog to my father.

And that's how Munna came into our life. I don't have much back story about him, but he's the cutest little biting machine. He's only 4 months old, purrs like a truck engine, and took to us the second we met him. He loves to play and run around the entire house and has the softest fur I've ever touched.

For now, we're just enjoying the new baby in the house and trying to make him friends with Mili. It hasn't happened yet, but it will, soon. At least we're all smiling in the house again.

Until next time,


Shabana Feroze

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