Not Hating Twin Sets Anymore + My Ramadan Update

This pure silk floral twin set is one of the new loves of my life. Up until this twin set, I actually didn't like twin sets. I find most of them boring. Why would you want to wear the same top and bottom? But this one changed my mind. It's probably because the top is so different from the bottom, and probably because the bottom is not pants. I think my prejudice is against pant twin sets. 

Also, I haven't seen twin sets that have such big blooming flowers on them. This twin set by Saji's Couture is made of pure silk, which is probably why I love it so much. Silk always extends elegance and sophistication to any piece. Especially when there's so much of it, the entire outfit looks classy and rich.

I love how the top is a crop top in a boxy, loose shape, but because of the handkerchief cut with its two ends pointing downwards, it doesn't look unflattering.  The loose shape makes it very comfortable to wear and the width of the kerchief hem makes the waist look smaller.

I like how the flower print has been included on the front of the top, the back, as well as the sleeves. The sleeves are mid-length and in a bell shape, adding an effortless and relaxed feel to the top. The entire top with its crop top cut is very effortless and casual, but because of the luxurious material it's made of, it looks tres chic and sophisticated. It's such great contrast.

The skirt is quite unique. It actually has a seam down the middle, so that the flower print is repeated in the front. It's the same at the back. The two panels are joined in such a way that it makes the skirt asymmetrical. I've recently started to realize my love for asymmetrical clothes and hems. It adds uniqueness and that je ne sais quoi that I love so much.

Because of the soft material, it's super comfortable and flows beautifully. The skirt's waist is elastic at the back so it adds to the comfort level. From a glance, you'd think I were wearing pants, but when I walk, you realize that it's actually a maxi skirt. So much mystique in one piece!

Apart from the material and the big bold blooms on this outfit, I love that it's in a deep, inky black. I don't have a lot of black in my wardrobe because I feel like it's a dead, soul-sucking colour. Yes I know, that's the exact reason why a lot of you love it, haha. I do like that black looks elegant and chic also, so I prefer it when there's more to it than just the shade. Like when a plain black material is used but interesting details are added to the stitching of the garment or the way there are blooming flowers in white and purple on this inky black background.

To accessorize this elegant ensemble, I wore long tassel earrings in white to bring out the white in the floral print, and to add the flow and richness of the outfit.

On my hands, I wore a watch and bracelets in rose gold, with rose patterns to match the print. Because the outfit has a bold print and an eye-catching cut, I kept the accessories to the minimum.

This silk twin set is great for a soiree or for a rendezvous at a beautiful restaurant. Because the top and bottom are separates, they can be worn with other clothes for a refreshing new look, and to get more cost per wear. It's always great when all the clothes in your wardrobe can be mixed and matched to create endless versatile looks. I'd love to wear this skirt with a white top for work or wear the top with jeans for an effortless weekend outfit.

In other news

Every year I think Ramadan will be a quiet year in terms of work. Every year I'm proven wrong. And I believe this year ranks the busiest of them all. We've been bustling so much at work at The Silver Kick Company this month, it's insane. Which is the reason why it has taken me so long to publish a post. But it has been a lot of fun because of my incredible team. Work is always fun when you have great people around you who bring out the best in you, and when you're churning out great work as a team. Although we've been crazy-busy, we've laughed our butts off in the office. And I think that's the most important thing.

On the home front, we're managing two cats who refuse to get along with each other {it's actually one cat and one tiny kitten}, because of which they need supervision 24/7. Kai, our rescue kitten is 9 weeks old and we're waiting for him to become bigger so our older cat Mili doesn't scare him so much. And of course, on top of everything, my fitness classes are on overdrive this month because a colleague had an accident and I'm covering his classes in addition to my own. It's amusing how Ramadan always makes me yearn for that long Eid break every single year. 

How has your Ramadan been so far? What do you love doing during the long Eid break? Do you like twin sets? Do you hate them?

Leave me a comment below.

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Until next time,

Shabana Feroze

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