Fitness Fashion For The Newbie Gym Bunny

The long summer months have come to an end {yay!} and maybe you’re thinking about joining the gym now that you’re done with vacation and the kids are back to school. And it’s admirable if you want to get fit in September. Most people tend to leave it until the New Year to make their half-hearted resolutions to improve their health, change their diet and kickstart a new fitness regime.

You might be wanting to get fit for a specific event coming up or it might just be a general need to shift the pounds after one too many barbecues over the summer. Whatever the reason, taking charge of your health and wellbeing and choosing to get fit is life-affirming.

For some people, getting fit equates to signing up for a new gym membership and partaking in a few classes. You might opt for circuits, a few rounds of HIIT, a spin class or two or even some fun Zumba. Alternatively, you may prefer the hardcore equipment. If you enjoy the rowing machine, the treadmill or the bench press, it’ll be there down at your local gym. 

But heading to the gym isn’t all about getting fit, no matter how much we want this to be the case. Fitness is about looking and feeling good. It’s no place for someone who is intimidated easily by bronzed Amazonian goddess-like human beings. You need to hold your own, and not be put off when people glance over to see how you are doing on the exercise bike. A great way to do this is to have your own gym style that makes you look good and feel good. If you have stylish workout gear, you’ll feel even more motivated to go to the gym. Take a look at these fashion hits you can score when you venture down to the gym.

Neon Is Your Friend

Just like the catwalk, gym fashion tends to follow trends as well. If you want to show off your fashionista credentials in the gym as well as on the high street, you need to clue yourself up as to what is hot and what is not. This season, neon is in. If you like wearing jogging bottoms, shorts or mini tees, ensure that you add a touch of shocking pink, some fluorescent yellow or a stripe of neon orange. Don’t worry about sticking out like a sore thumb, because your entire ensemble won’t be neon. You are merely adding the odd touch here and there as an accent to your outfit. If you’re not too keen on showing off your neon flair on your clothes, look to your footwear. Nike, Reebok and Adidas all have more characterful running shoes and cross trainers with flecks of neon to make your outfit shine when you hit the treadmill.

Get A Watch

While you might have a bog-standard analogue or digital wristwatch to tell the time, it might be wise to get a little more gym specific. The latest Garmin watches are equipped with a ridiculous amount of features including step counters, heartbeat monitors and appointment reminders to help you become a little bit more tech-savvy as you enjoy your next round of circuits. This will help you analyse your fitness and see just how much you are progressing. If you can do twenty bench presses this week without your heart rate reaching the danger zone, but last week you couldn’t, your watch will tell you.

Go Metallic

The latest trend for sports clothing is the gunmetal grey metallic look. While black might seem the obvious choice for the fashionista who doesn’t want to draw attention to herself, flecks of grey and shimmery attire can add some glamour to your gym kit. Metallic hues also add a layer of detail onto your clothing without looking as garish as the neon look. Opt for either the metallic or the neon. Trying to cover all bases and going for both can result in a haphazard outfit that draws attention for all the wrong reasons.


Image by Pixabay - CC0 Licence
Vintage fashion has been inundating the high street for a good few years. More and more people are shunning fast fashion and picking up vintage pieces from thrift shops to then upcycle and make one-of-a-kind pieces for their wardrobe. Gym fashion is no different. You could choose to create your very own tops and shorts by picking up some 1970s tennis shorts and sports bras to customise. If this seems a little too much work, consider heading to the footwear giants and picking up a pair of their limited editions that hark back to the 1980s high top era or the 1960s sleek running shoe decade. Whatever era of fashion you adore, you can emulate this with a gym outfit to match.

Bold Prints

Bold prints on gym tops or leggings look bright, happy and attractive. They could be a geometric pattern, a colourful floral print or even a custom image like the image of this Buddha. The best part about a bold pattern is that you can use it to accentuate the part of your body you love the most. So if you have long legs, leggings in a bold print will make your legs stand out {sorry} and if you want to bring attention to your shoulders and top half, a printed racerback or tee will make sure you do.

Forget heading to the gym solely to get fit. Consider it an opportunity to motivate yourself and feel good about yourself through your fashion credentials. Hey, if you’re dressing up every day to love yourself then you have to do the same for when you go to the gym, right?

Until next time,

Shabana Feroze

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