Ladies, Be A Lady.

There's so much said and written about Gentlemen. Women love men who are chivalrous, who hold open doors for them, who are considerate, kind and courteous. But have you ever thought about "Gentlewomen"? Or, what I think in my head; is a Lady?

A Lady. According to me, these are women who are really considerate and courteous. They not only have good manners, but show them where it counts. Now if you're picturing a 60 year old lady from the upper echelons of society, that's not what I mean. By the time you're 60 you've (hopefully) acquired class and sophistication and are already a Lady. That's why we don't usually say '60 year old woman', we say '60 year old lady'.

I'm talking about girls who are in their 20s and are Ladies. Like the 22 and 23 year olds I have met that always open doors for me and let me go first, or keep holding the door open if I'm walking behind them. These girls are just a couple of years younger than me (Yes, that's right, I'm only 25. I know, my wisdom is beyond my years.) and have impressed me with this small but immensely nice gesture.

Some MEN I know forget to just keep a door open when there's a lady coming in behind them. Seriously, guys, is the door that heavy or are you afraid you'll waste 4.48 precious seconds of your life by holding onto it a little longer?

Another friend I recently met after ages showed me she was a Lady by insisting on taking one of the two bags I was carrying, and instinctively put out her hand to steady me when I was trying on a shoe standing up.

All of these are such small gestures but they make so much of a difference. And they don't go unnoticed because these women didn't need to do any of these things for me.

Here are a few more characteristics of Ladies:
  • They honour their commitments and are punctual when meeting with girlfriends.
  • They don't tease men. Yes, you're probably wondering- which woman DOES that? But I know quite a few thirty-somethings who raucously tease their male friends. Then they can't take it if the man-friend makes fun of them. Don't dish it out if you can't take it. Simple.
  • They are there when their girlfriend needs them. But don't push this too far and become a constantly whiny/ needy woman or one who's constantly available for the whiny/needy one.
  • They text or call back if they see your missed call or get voice mail from you. They reply back to messages/ wall posts on facebook.
  • They are not afraid and are humble enough to compliment other women.
  • Lastly, and most importantly, they LISTEN when a girlfriend talks to them. Many women like blabbering on and on without realizing that they don't give a chance for their friend to share, or don't listen when the friend talks. But more on this subject later. 
I have seen my share of non-Ladies, so it's so refreshing and delightful to meet girls who behave beautifully towards their own friends, and towards women of their peer group. That's why I said showing manners WHERE it counts. You see, many youngsters are usually well-behaved and respectful towards elders. But it's being considerate and courteous towards your peers that counts.

Talking of non-Ladies, I hate women that see a beautiful Lady, eye her up and down, and then put on a huh-she-think-she's-better-than-me look on their face. Seriously, what's that about? Just accept the fact that there are women prettier/taller/fashionable/richer than you are. There's more to life than checking out whether the other girl has shinier hair than you do.
Shabana Feroze


  1. Amen to that post! Chivalry is a scarce commodity and Boy do I hate the top to bottom looks from women.. Though I've found if you get them talking, they come back and pleasantly focus on your face. :)

  2. Haha! Thanks! Yeah, get them talking or just smile really sweetly at them!


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