I Wish...

Dress: H&M, Blazer: ??, Shoes: Marks & Spencer, Necklace: Jane Norman, Bangles: Mango, Watch: Swatch
Because I'm in a super dreamy mood today, I'm going to share the wishlist that I have in my head for what's left of this year. Some wishes are small, some huge. But whatever. A wish is a wish.
Here they are:
  1. A solo vacation to Greece or Scotland.
  2. A boyfriend. I have been single for too long!
  3. Lexus SC 430. I know this car is out of production, but I still want it. In red.
  4. A shop that sells affordable 6 inch heels in my size.
  5. More self-confidence.
  6. My brother and his girlf to get engaged so we can throw a huge party and I get to wear a gorgeous gown. (I know, I'm sooooo selfless.)
  7. Sunflowers in my house. (I'll make this happen soon.)
  8. The temperature to not rise above 40 degrees centigrade. (Dreams are free, so stop laughing)
  9. A few more good friends.
  10. To get fitter.
Ok, so most of them are big wishes, but so what. Just shows I think big.

On another note, I love this charm necklace. It is trés cuuuuute! It's got a four-leafed clover, a butterfly, a cupcake, a flower, a key, a dragonfly, a bow and many hearts. Yummy!
Shabana Feroze


  1. love your dress shabbu!! i want one just like it..and you look really nice in flats..should wear them more often!! :P :P

  2. Thanks Sabah! Though I still feel like a platypus in flats..

  3. Admire your self-confidence. You are already fit and fabulous. You have a really nice collection of belts.


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