Mind Your Own Business

Top: French Connection, Pants: Mango, Scarf, Earrings, Ring on right hand: Gifted, Ring on left hand: Manama Souk, Boots: Payless
A colleague of mine recently told me that a friend of a friend told her that some of the guys in my gym classes think it's weird that I wear make-up while working out. The first thought that popped in my head (after the thought that at least I'm being talked about, hehe) was: How is that any of their business?? Granted, I wear make-up to my gym classes. Because I don't have the time to remove it. I go straight from work to the gym, and I have about 10 minutes to change my clothes, put up my hair and run and secure a good spot in the class. My reason aside, again: How the heck does it affect anyone else if my facial pores get clogged?

Really, it exasperates me how people cannot mind their own business. I want to ask them- Are you perfect? Do you do everything right? Thought not. Then, shut up and mind your own business. And the next time you have a problem with me, grow a pair and come and say it to my make-upped face.
Shabana Feroze


  1. Love love love the rings! Were they expensive?

  2. hey there Size Zero! Thanks! The one on my right hand is a gift, the one on my left was pricey as it's white gold with zircons. It was my first gold 'investment' jewellery! :)

  3. hahaha!!looks like they really are concerned about those pores getting clogged!nice top..


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