Finally Moved In!

Top: Zara, Skirt:?, Belt: from Rome, Shoes: River Island, Earrings: H&M, Watch: Swatch

I'm finally completely moved into my new place! FINALLY! It took me 4 days of waiting around for the plumber, carpenter, furniture transport guys, then rushing around like a headless chicken and driving my car like a mad donkey (DO NOT picture that) but it's DONE. I am so grateful to my older brother and his fiancee who took a day off work, and came down from Dubai just to help me settle everything. Otherwise I'm preeeeetty sure I'd have a nervous breakdown.

But I have never shied away from challenges (most of the time I bring them upon myself) and this has been a sharp learning curve. I have had so many firsts the last few days:

Going to the secondhand furniture open air market and buying a cupboard.
Getting the carpenter to unassemble and reassemble the cupboard.
Assembling my bed.
Trying to get the most stubborn grease stains off the stove (I STILL haven't been able to get them off. What the f*** were the last tenants doing?).
Going up and down three floors with stuff, at least 50 times (at one point the building maintenance guy was laughing at me because I refused to let him do all the work. C'mon, I have legs and arms, and it makes up for me missing gym these last few days!)

I still have loads and loads to be done, all my clothes are in boxes, so are my shoes. I just pulled out this ensemble yesterday from a few boxes. Now got to wait for the weekend to completely have the place in order! Phew! But I am SO LOVING EEET!
Shabana Feroze


  1. Love the flirty skirt! Am I still new?? LOL And the images did turn out good. :-)

  2. Hey.. Yes you are, because I don't want to make any assumptions and jump to conclusions. Slow and steady... I wrote BFF then made it NBF. Haha!
    Noooo, they're so grainy! Gotta experiment more!

  3. The skirt rocks!

    Good going. I think I commented on your posts from top down. Got to this last :-)

    It surely is a big leap forward. Here's wishing you many more happy firsts...

  4. Thanks Anne! :-) I loved your drunk dialing post btw!

  5. Thanks Anne! :-) I loved your drunk dialing post btw!


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